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The Mirror Pt. X
by Carl East

Camela had informed Sonia about her experience in the mirror, but Sonia thought she was making it up. But when Sonia found herself cleaning in the spare room, she couldn't help but be curious. She took a close look at the mirror, impressed by its appearance, but doubting that it was anything other than an ordinary mirror. She saw the words inscribed at the base, and after remembering what Camela had told her, was reluctant to speak them out loud.

Then being convinced that she was being silly, she uttered the words out loud, and suddenly found herself inside the mirror. She instantly realised that Camela had spoken the truth, then started to get excited about the things Camela had told her had happened. She picked up one of the books, knowing that she only had to utter one of the words, and she would experience what Camela had.

But having not had a college education like Camela, she didn't recognise the words she was looking at. In fact she'd only got inside the mirror, because Camela had told her what the inscription said. But although she didn't know what she was saying, she could read some of the words, even if it wasn't an accurate retelling of the Latin dialect. She picked a word that she was sure she could say, then spoke it out loud.

"Osoris." She said, having no way of knowing, it meant oral.

Three naked men suddenly appeared in front of her motionless, until she reached out to feel the erect cock of one of them. Then they were all over her, stripping her naked in the matter of moments. She was placed on the bed, with one of them getting between her legs, and starting to lick her pussy, while the other two held their cocks in front of her mouth.

She took hold of one, then put it in her mouth, the other one pressed up against her mouth, wanting to get in on the action too. She pulled back a little, allowing him to get the tip of his cock in her mouth, then started to lick and hold them both. Her pussy was by now getting a vigorous going over, as the tip of his tongue kept flicking her clitoris.

Deciding that she couldn't service both cocks in her mouth at once, she alternated between the two, sucking hard and deep. While jerking the other with her hand, and starting to get into a rhythm, her hips were bucking as she felt the first orgasm approaching. Then she came, with his tongue lapping up her juices, as she arched her back, wanting him to get deeper.

Then the cock in her mouth began to cum; most of it filling her mouth, with some dribbling down her chin. The other one coming with the jerking that hadn't stopped, her face now being bathed with both of them, as she tried to get them under control, by swallowing as much as she could. Then sucking up the remains of both, as they both stopped coming.

She knew she must have looked a mess, as they both then started to kiss their way down her body, only to be replaced by the one that had made her cum. His cock was larger than theirs, but she gamely tried to give him a deep throat as he pushed it in.

Her pussy was now receiving the kind of attention; she had never felt before, as one of them had his head buried between her legs, while the other stimulated her clitoris with his finger. She fondled her breasts with one hand while holding the one in her mouth with the other, her nipples becoming hard and erect.

She was now getting used to the size of the cock in her mouth, and was managing to get it most of the way down her throat. Her body was feeling used as her next climax started to develop, and her clitoris sore from the constant poking, but she was loved every second of this treatment.

Then, the cock in her mouth shot a wad of cream, into the back of her throat, followed closely by a second. She swallowed as much as she could, allowing some to escape, only to scoop it back up with her fingers, then lick them clean as he came to an end. Then they were gone, the experience was over, and she found herself alone, wondering how this was possible. It wasn't until she wanted to leave; that she realised she was in trouble, for she couldn't get out. After waiting for an hour, she saw Stephen enter the room, and cross over to the mirror, next thing she knew, she was back in the spare room, she checked her watch. It had only been five minutes since she entered the room, but she thought she must have been mistaken.

She left the room, thinking she would come back tomorrow.

Stephen had come up to get a massage, and was only there for half an hour, before leaving. Once down stairs, he heard Janet talking to the staff.

"Please stay away from the mirror in the spare room, it is a family heirloom, and I don't want anything happening to it." She lied, not wanting them to find out about its real purpose.

Stephen smiled, carrying on to the lounge, he knew Janet loved the mirror, and would be upset if others ruined things for them.

Once Janet had finished talking to them, she dismissed them again, but Sonia and Camela wanted a private word.

"I'm really sorry miss, but upon cleaning the mirror yesterday, I discovered its secret." Said Camela.

"I too, know what it is capable of, and am sorry." Said Sonia.

"Well, what's done is done, it's my fault, I should have told you before, but tell me, what did you think of it?" Janet replied suddenly glad that she could share in its secrets.

"Amazing." Said Sonia.

"Unbelievable." Said Camela.

"I know, it's quite astonishing how good it can be," replied Janet, "I'll take you both in there with me tomorrow, and show you exactly what it's capable of."

Then she joined Stephen in the lounge, and told him what had happened.

"I'm not surprised, we can have a bit more fun now we've got it to share with others." He said.

The next day Janet showed them how much fun it could be, by once again being taken by four men. They were soon having a go themselves, and coming out of the mirror looking forward to going back in.

To Be Continued...


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