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Three's Not A Crowd
by Carl East

I was down at the local club doing some dancing, playing pool, and generally having a good night out. I'd only been there for a couple of hours when a gorgeous hunk came over to challenge me to a game.

Setting the balls up I asked him to break; he smashed into the balls sending two down the holes. From that point on he cleared the table, 'damn' I thought, wish I could play like that. I had enjoyed watching his performance though, each time he'd taken a shot I couldn't help admiring his butt. Being dressed in a short skirt and tight low cut top I had wanted to show him my wares. But he hadn't given me a chance, so I watched while he racked the balls for a second game. He told me to break next; he stood behind me as I bent forward. Hitting the balls around the table and watching one-drop, I started to put on a show going for the shots that were more difficult. Stretching one leg up knowing full well he was getting an eyeful, I cued up my next shot, the exhibitionism that I was displaying must have been the reason I missed the shot.

He put his hands onto my butt lightly moving me to one side, which sent a feeling of longing to my pussy. We played a couple more, then he asked if I wanted a drink. I found out that his name was Barry, and that he was here on business with a friend. His friend Jonathan turned up as if on cue, he had been dancing in the other room. He was another drop dead gorgeous hunk of beef cake. I couldn't help thinking, 'if I don't get laid tonight, there is something seriously wrong with me.' We must have talked for three hours after that, and not once did I get bored of listening to their voices. Jonathan broke up the conversation by stating he would meet Barry back at the hotel. Barry asked me if I would like a lift, to which I responded with a definite yes. We'd only traveled about a mile when we saw Jonathan at the side of the road; he was waving us to stop which we did.

"I've got a flat tyre," he said, as Barry rolled down the window.

"Haven't you got a spare?" Replied Barry.

"I haven't got around to fixing it yet, from my last puncture," he said.

Barry told him to put his spare in his trunk, and they would come back for it tomorrow. So there I was, once again in the presence of two gorgeous looking men. Barry asked me if I wanted a night-cap before going home, to which I replied yes. We were soon in the hotel room that they were sharing, and Barry poured me a drink of whiskey. I think I had had one too many at that point, because I was saying things that I would not normally say. Before long Barry and I were kissing passionately, Jonathan just sat and watched.

Barry's hand went up my skirt resting on my panties, his tongue was hungrily moving around my own. Then his hand moved just above my pussy, he started to stroke my panties making me feel wet with anticipation. His other hand moving up the inside of my top, upon reaching my bra he pushed it up and out of the way cupping my breast. I didn't care that Jonathan was watching all this, I just wanted to get a good fucking. By now my panties were getting wet, he must have known for he suddenly slipped a finger around the elastic and rubbed my clitoris.

My legs seemed to open on there own allowing him more access. He plunged a finger in as deeply as it would go, making me squirm with excitement. Then he let go of my breast, and putting his hand down to my legs, proceeded to take my panties off. Once they were on the floor he opened my legs up, then bent down, placing his tongue onto my vulva, brushing against my clit he started to enter my very wet pussy. Jonathan must have started to get aroused, for he was in the process of removing his shirt. 'Oh my god' I thought, I was about to get the attention of two men at the same time. I started to have an orgasm just thinking about it; Barry licked faster making me cum with an intensity that I had never felt before.

I looked over at Jonathan to find he was removing his pants, his cock was huge, at least nine inches and fully erect. I found myself licking my lips, wanting to taste his cock in my mouth. He walked over, his cock sticking out, and just at the right height. I placed my mouth over it and started to suck for all I was worth. Barry spotted the action and suggested I got on the bed. Jonathan lay down on his back inviting me to carry on sucking, then when I complied, Barry placed his cock at the entrance to my moist pussy. I hadn't yet seen his cock, but when he entered me I felt every last inch, he must have been even bigger than Jonathan. I was in ecstasy, his cock was making me cum again, and so intense was the feeling, that I had trouble concentrating on Jonathan's cock. Seeing him play with his self made me feel guilty, so I renewed my efforts taking in as much of his cock as possible. Barry then started to pound faster and faster, making me cry out with the orgasm's he was giving me.

I sucked Jonathan's cock harder and faster making him moan, as much as I was, he suddenly bucked. I knew that he was about to cum, but I still carried on sucking. The first stream hit the back of my throat making me gag a little, I allowed some of it to run down his penis then I lapped it back up which made him squirm. I sucked him dry, while all the time Barry was still fucking me like there was no tomorrow. Jonathan asked me if I had ever had it up my arse, to which I replied yes, he then suggested that we try that position. Barry was agreeable as long as he could carry on fucking my pussy. We all got into position with me on top of Barry, while Jonathan placed some gel over his cock.

When he entered me it was an experience that I will never forget, they both stretched me to the limit making me cum again and again. I must have screamed with the feelings I was having, my juices were almost pouring out of my pussy. Barry was giving short fast jerks making sure that his entire cock was buried in my cunt. Jonathan was only managing to get his half way, but it was enough to make me light headed and at one point I thought I was going to pass out. At last I started to feel Barry was coming, I could feel the first jet of sperm hit the wall of my pussy, then a second and third, he was filling me up. I kissed him hard making him kiss back in a lustful way.

Then I felt Jonathan was coming too, he with drew and spent his load on my back. I pushed my way down the bed, and took Barry's cock into my mouth tasting both his and my own juices. It wasn't long before he was fully hard again; he wanted to fuck me again, as did Jonathan. So I lay on the bed telling them to take me. Barry picked up my legs while standing at the foot of the bed, pulling me slightly down the bed he placed his cock at the entrance and thrust it into me. I gasped as his weapon sank all the way in, a feeling of being a slut soon passed as I thought how women who heard this story would wish it would happen to them. Jonathan started to jerk himself off while watching this carnal lust. My pussy at this stage was feeling used like never before or since, but I was enjoying it immensely.

All this must have turned Jonathan on, for he started to cum over my face. I tried to lick it all up, but some of his cum went over my head landing on the floor. Barry started to moan out loud, his pounding coming to an end; he came just as I was having the last orgasm of the night. We all lay down after that and talked about the evenings events, as we talked I could feel the sperm running out into the panties I had put back on. I think I was still coming an hour later when Barry dropped me off, my panties were soaked. I walked up to the house which my parents had left me, looking back at the car driving off in the distance, I wondered if I would ever have an orgasm that rivaled the one I had had tonight.


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