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Thursday Night Fun
by Darrin and Beth

Thursday night, 5:30 pm, a soft smile crosses my face as I see Master pull into the lot at work to pick me up. I still think, how did I get so lucky, so blessed with such a good man, a great Master, my best friend, the One chance so many don't ever see in a life's time.

When I get in the car and see that certain wicked grin I know He has something planned. That demon's horn in His eyebrow stands straight up, just signaling that something wicked is coming.

After planting happy kisses all over His face, I ask Him, "so what's that grin for tonight, Sir?" He just grins even bigger and purrs, "you will see my pet."

Soon I realize we aren't heading home but in a totally different direction. He refuse to tell me where we are going, That ever maddening grin that chews my patience right up and gets me so excited.

A long half hour later we pull into the lot at our favorite toy store. Now I am really excited and grinning myself as He escorts me in, always proud that I hold my head high and am not ashamed to be seen with Him there. His chest puffs out and He struts when I go right up to the toys and talk about them, comparing this point or that one, often times other guys will leave, embarrassed that I can talk so freely about the toys while they are sneaking around like thieves in the night. However I am soon pouting because He only gets a new flogger for Himself. I have to admit its a nice one, heavy, well made, 8 thick, braided, leather tails streaming from a sizeable, well balanced handle. But still, He HAD promised me some new toys too.

As we begin the long drive home, I still pout even though all it does is make Him laugh that infuriating chuckle. He says just wait my pet, you don't know what I have in store for you tonight.

We soon arrive home and He sends me into the bath, WITHOUT HIM??? Now I am really wondering what is going on. He so much loves to be bathed by me that He will rarely take a bath alone. But now I hear rustling in the outer room. I ask Him "what are You doing out there?" He just chuckles some more and instead of answering I hear a loud "whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrr".

"What was that?" I ask rather excitedly.

"Never you mind what that was, wash up my pet and get in bed!"

"IN BED?" I exclaim, "but, but..."

"NOW" He commands, but softer He adds, "you may pick a toy out of the toy box to amuse yourself while I shower." (Now things are definitely improving) So I pick out my favorite vibe and when I turn back the covers I see the huge new cat waiting and know that He truly has something planned for me tonight, As I play and amuse myself I am so excited I can hardly refrain from exploding but I must for He has not giving permission yet, (Damn that's a long shower)

Suddenly He is there, taking the toy from me and saying "roll over my precious" and I do, feeling His loving strokes of the cat, He knows how much I crave this from Him. But its a short flogging, He has more in store for me, pulling out that rustling bag, maniacally laughing as He whips out not one but TWO new vibe toys,, a huge new vibrator, and a dual control double toy one egg, one probe. All I can do is gasp in surprise and pleasure.

After removing the new toys from the bag, He lays beside me on the bed, stroking my back and turning the toys off and on, knowing just the sound drives me insane, deeper and deeper into the zone. Just when I think I cant handle anymore torture, the real torture begins...

Its all I can do to lay there, squirming and moaning as He strokes my thighs with the little probe , teasing at the wet, throbbing opening, and the other egg being held right on my swollen clit, I am begging Him "please Master please" He just chuckles and purrs "Please what, my pet???" all the while driving me deeper into the zone with His awesome pleasure. Then, I gasp as I hear a new sound, I know what He wants to hear but I am not sure if I can say it yet... I want that release so badly but I want to endure the pleasure/pain.

Off in the distance I hear so softly, "roll over my precious." I quickly get settled on my back but there is no chance to catch my breath as He plunges the big one deep inside, I scream in ecstasy, and beg Him finally, "Master please let me come, please I cant take it anymore!!" He laughs wildly, nothing pleases Him more than that giving me the ultimate pleasure.

But still He makes me wait a little while longer, till I hear Him whisper in my ear, "now my pet, now you may release," moaning as wave after wave of pleasure wracks my body,, exploding in my belly and washing over me, like waves of the ocean, carrying me on a pool of pleasure so intense I cry, tears of release flowing gently down as Master gathers me in His arms, stroking my hair and caressing my body, still tingling with His pleasure and then I hear Him once more whispering softly in my ear, "and now my pet, you may pleasure Me.."


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