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The Necrophiles Have Your Wife
Pt. II: What Friends Are For
by Willailla

That evening when he came home, Allison's husband, Barry, found her naked, on the sofa, with a half empty bottle of scotch resting between her thighs. He carried her to bed; found the receiver on the floor and put it back on the cradle.

He stripped off his clothes. Nature had blessed him with a rock hard body with well defined muscles and a large, uncircumcised cock. They had been married three years, and he had never seen her drunk before. The sight turned him on. More than that, seeing her unconscious and helpless gave him a sudden, tantalizing inspiration.

He picked up the receiver and dialed a number he knew by heart. Then slipped on a pair of trunks.

Twenty minutes later a car pulled up in the driveway.

Rick Matthews had been Barry's buddy since their college days and throughout law school. They'd shared a lot of good times together, including their women.

Rick sipped the whiskey neat Barry gave him. He was bigger than Barry, but soft. In a few more years he would be fat.

"Are you serious?" Rick asked, when Barry had explained what he had in mind.

"Damn straight. She's out of it. She'll never know what happened."

"I don't know, man. If Barbara ever found out, my ass would be grass."

"Who's going to tell her, old buddy? Not me."

"It would be rape," Rick said absently, staring down at his drink.

Barry grinned as Rick glanced up. "Yeah, but you and I both know you'd like to do her. I've seen the way you've looked at her, old buddy. You can't fool me."

Rick raised the corner of his mouth in a half smile of concession.

"All right, amigo!" Barry whooped as they high-fived each other.

Rick's prick was already hard by the time he had his clothes off. He couldn't believe how pretty, how sexy Allison looked, lying there naked. Her thick, gorgeous, reddish brown hair was fanned out on the pillow. Her lips were slightly parted, revealing smooth white teeth. The tits were large and round with thimble shaped nipples. Her whole body was deeply tanned to perfection, no doubt she spent a lot of time in the tanning bed at her health club.

He feasted his eyes on her firm flesh, the narrow waist, the womanly hips, the triangle of cunt hair and the long, shapely legs. His heart was racing. His cock tingling with anticipation. He touched the swollen head. It was so sensitive that he almost came.

Nervous, that she might come to, he climbed cautiously onto the bed and slowly spread her legs. He was so excited, his hands were shaking. Gingerly, he touched a breast, then softly palmed it, kneading the supple flesh between his fingers. God, he was actually going to fuck his best friend's wife. And she would never know it. Every time they met from now on, he would remember knowing the most intimate look and feel and taste of her, and she would be totally unaware of it. He rolled a pink nipple between his thumb and forefinger and was surprised to feel it begin to swell.

Was she conscious enough to get turned on? he wondered.

He lowered his face to her, detecting that primeval smell of womanness, covered over by a faint, bath-scented smell of talc. He could smell the whiskey on her breath. Her lower lip was swollen. Her upper lip was a perfect bow shape with its delicate twin peaks. There was still the faint trace of pink lipstick on them. He slid the tip of his tongue between their furrow gliding over the milky white teeth beneath. Her body stirred slightly, almost quivering. She moaned faintly.

Her legs moved farther apart, and she arched her back as if inviting him to take her. For a moment, he wondered if she really was unconscious. Maybe she and Barry had planned out a kinky scenario for their own amusement. But, then, if true, so what? He was still going to get to fuck her, and that was all that really mattered.

He leaned forward and spread the lips of her cunt and began tonguing her, inhaling the pungent, musky odor, lapping like a dog up to the clit and nipping it gently between his teeth. Her body gave off a series of tiny, electric shudders. And she mumbled something incoherently. Her fingers became lost in his hair. Her ass began rotating up off the mattress.

He moved up on her and positioned his cock at the hole of her cunt. Her eyes were still closed, but her face was grimaced. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly, her belly sucking in and out.

Conscious or not, this bitch wants it, Rick thought. And I intend giving it to her. As she brought her hips up, he shoved his cock in. She was wet. And it was a good thing, for she was really tight. It was as if the whole depth of her cunt was a huge fist gripping him. Had he wanted to, he couldn't have pulled out of her. Then, her cunt muscles relaxed and he withdrew, leaving only the head in. Her hips continued to rotate hungrily as she moved upward meeting his thrust with her own. It was too good to endure. He felt a tremendous surge of excitement coarse through his body, and cum began spurting from his cock greasing the insides of her tube. He worked furiously up and down on her. Sweat formed and dripped from his body. Her moans and cries filled the bedroom. Her fingers gripped his ass, the long nails sunk into the tender flesh. And somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered what Barry must be thinking, feeling, for he had to be able to hear them. What would any man think knowing another man is fucking his wife--and pleasing her?

Suddenly, he heard hands clapping behind him, and glancing over his shoulder, he saw Barry standing in the doorway naked, his huge cock fully extended up at a forty-five degree angle.

"That was really great, old buddy. I got it all on tape." he said, grinning.

"Tape?" Rick grunted, still slightly confused from the rush of hormones he had just experienced.

"That's right." He pointed to a digital clock sitting on a chest of drawers. "Hidden camera. The monitor's downstairs in the basement. I've been thinking about something like this for several months. I was planning on drugging her, but her getting drunk has made everything much easier."

"Yeah, really great." Rick answered sarcastically. What if she sees the tape sometime? I'll be doing twenty-to-life for rape."

"Relax, amigo; you worry too much. I watched the whole thing on the monitor. There's no way anyone viewing that tape would believe she wasn't loving it. Man, she was all over you."

"Yeah, well, maybe so, but I just as soon not put it to the test, if it's all the same to you."

Barry rubbed at the patch of brown hair on his chest. "Maybe someday we can do this again...only with Barbara."

"Uh, uh. No way I'd take that kind of chance."

"Well, just a suggestion. Think about it."

As Rick drove home that evening, he did think about it, and, as he kissed his beautiful, blonde wife goodnight, he pictured her naked under Barry as he rammed that huge cock of his in her for the first time.

To Be Continued...


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