The Best Erotic Stories.

The Necrophiles Have Your Wife
Pt. IV: An Easy Lay
by Willailla

Sid saw her when she came into the club. He waited for Roy, the doorman to give him the OK. Then he watched her as she stood, indecisive, looking around, no doubt, for him.

She was a real looker. The light wasn't good, but he could see she had copper-colored hair rolled up into a bun. Unloosened, he'd bet it hung to her jutting ass. Her face was classic: the rounded forehead, the slightly concaved nose, the delicate chin. If she'd followed his instructions, she would be naked underneath the red raincoat. He could see the round thrust of her tits against the fabric. He'd had many years handling women in his business. He guessed she was a 38D. He couldn't be sure of the waist because of the straight line of the coat, but judging by the way her hips filled it, he guessed them to be 34 inches. He had no doubt the waist would prove to be nice and narrow.

He lit a smoke, holding it Turkish fashion in his right hand with thumb and forefinger, the butt pointed to his left. He watched her walk over to the bartender, and when the bartender glanced at him, he gave a faint nod.

She came to the corner booth, in back, where he was seated. She kept her head bowed to avoid the frank stares of the men sitting at the tables.

"Are you Sid?" she asked, looking down at him.

He didn't answer right away. He gave her the once over, slowly, with his eyes, letting her know what he was thinking, what he'd like to do to her.

He couldn't exactly tell in the dim light if she blushed, but he would bank on it, the way her eyes suddenly darted away from his.

"Yeah, I'm Sid, baby." She recognized the raspy voice. "Sit down."

He patted the area of the seat next to him.

"Slide over here next to me. We don't want people to hear what we're talking about, do we?"

When she was next to him, a naked woman wearing nothing but a yellow-glow G-string came over to their booth.

"Whadayah want to drink?" he asked her, blowing smoke from his nostrils.

"Nothing," Allison said.

"Give us two Easy Lays," Sid said, ignoring her request, "and make hers a real easy lay." He chuckled.

The naked woman smiled at Sid, then gave Allison a smug, put down look.

"She thinks you're competition, " Sid explained, after the waitress left.

He crushed his cigarette out in the ashtray. "Did you do what I told you to?" he asked, after a pause. This time he was certain she blushed. Up close, he could see her cheeks darken slightly.


"OK, let's see. Take your coat off."

He watched her freeze. A thrill raced through him, stirring his cock to life.


"No?" he mocked her.

"Why?" The tone of her voice was that of a child not wanting to do something its parent has ordered but knowing it will have to anyway. Petulant.

"Because I have to make sure you're not wired." That was the truth, in part, but he also wanted to see her naked.

"I can't," she pleaded. "Not with other men watching."

But you would if we were alone wouldn't you, you little slut? he was thinking.

"Relax they've seen plenty of naked women before. You're nothing special. They'll just think you're one of the strippers or somebody auditioning."

At that moment, the yellow-glow returned with their drinks.

"Here drink some of this." he said, pushing a glass over to her. "It'll make things easier."

She took a couple of sips, then, waiting until the waitress was gone, slowly began unbuttoning her coat.

"OK," she said, when she had it unbuttoned.

"No. No. Take it all the way off. I have to make sure you aren't hiding anything."

She hesitated, then reached up with her hands and pulled the coat off her shoulders, letting it slide down her naked back, then leaned forward, her nipples touching the cool, plastic surface of the table, as she shrugged her arms out of the sleeves.

She had suddenly become the center of attention. The few men sitting at the tables focused their gaze upon her. The waitress, was grinning snidely.

She took a large gulp of her drink. Anything to kill the humiliation she was feeling. It seemed to help. Feeling a momentary need for defiance, she stared at Sid. In the blue, neon glow, the skin of his face seem cadaverous. He was wearing a dark gray suit with a black tie. She estimated that he was in his late fifties. There were heavy bags under his dark eyes. He was stocky, with broad, powerful-looking shoulders. His hair, which he probably dyed, was coal black, combed straight back into a short pony tail. The hands were thick and the stubby fingers were decorated with flashy diamond rings.

Hands and fingers to make a woman...what? she wondered fleetingly. Oddly, the word 'beg' came to mind, but for exactly what she wasn't sure.

The palms of his hands moved over her tits. They were hard as if he had walked on them for years. The fingers expertly tweaked and kneaded her nipples, making them swell.

"Nice." he said. "You like that don't you?"

She looked away.

Across the room, she could see yellow-glow feed the jukebox and began swinging her naked body from side to side, arms over her head, as the thumping beat of Venus filled the room:

...summit of beauty and love, and Venus was her name. She's got it. Yes, baby, she's got it.

The leathery palm moved slowly down to her stomach and began making warm circular motions, fingers gripping the firm flesh gently, then releasing it. He leaned to her and kissed her on the neck, just below her earlobe. She could feel the moist heat of his tongue and breath. She turned her mouth to him, and he filled it with his tongue. She gasped softly, quivering.

He lowered his hand farther.

It warmly cupped her newly shaved cunt. "You follow orders well." he said. His thick fingers spread the tight labia. He felt her whole body shiver then go lax. He pushed his fuckfinger up inside her to the knuckle. He held his ear to her throat, listening to the faint murmuring sounds she made, like a small, wounded animal.

His hand moved around behind her neck and pushed her head down while with his other hand he unzipped his pants.

The cock was thick and stubby, like the man. The foreskin slid back revealing a glistening head. There was a faint scent of ammonia in her nostrils. She felt his hand nudge the cheek of her ass. She raised her hips, off the leatherette seat and felt his finger slowly sink into her asshole. With his other hand he stroked her clit. She had never felt so hot in her life. Like the drink's name, she was proving to be an easy lay. She was humiliated, ashamed, but she was powerless to resist. With a sense of breathless awe, she realized she would, probably, do anything he asked. Anything.

And then he was cumming. She swallowed the hot spurts as fast as they came, gurgling the viscous fluid around in her throat, gulping, sucking it down, choking, feeling it dribble, too quick, from the edges of her lips, onto his slacks.

His fingers popped out of her, leaving her wet in a hot, unsatisfied void. He pulled her bun loose and wiped his dick off with the long reddish strands.

How? she wondered, could she have allowed herself to go off in this totally uninhibited manner? She had never done anything like this in her entire life. How?

Just as the word 'drugged' came to mind, she passed out.

To Be Continued...


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