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The Night I Came Home Early
by Kip Carson

It was just an average day. I kissed my wife and kids goodbye, and left for work. I had been at work for a couple of hours when some of the machinery malfunctioned. They sent us all home early. I decided to hurry home, so I didn't bother to call or anything. When I arrived at my house, I quietly opened the front door. My bedroom door was closed, so I figured my wife, Stef, must be asleep.

I wandered back towards my kids rooms, they were empty. Maybe Stef and the kids had gone somewhere. I undressed in the laundry room, and got a clean pair of boxers from the dryer. I put them on and figured I might just take a nap until they got home. I headed toward my bedroom and opened the door. Wow, there was Stef lying on her back. Our young neighbor Amy had her face buried in Stef's hot snatch.

They both looked up, Stef smiled at me. She whispered something to Amy, and Amy resumed her pussy eating. Amy was totally naked. She had her firm, tanned ass raised high in the air. I moved closer and to get a good view of Amy eating my wife. Amy's wet tongue was moving rapidly across my wife's swollen clit. It looked really hot. Her shaved pussy gave me a perfect view.

"Why don't you taste Amy" Stef told me. "She has such a sweet pussy" she added. I buried my face between Amy's butt cheeks. I thrust my tongue deep into her wet pussy. Amy wiggled her firm little butt, as my tongue flicked across her swollen clit. I could hear Stef's heavy breathing and knew that Amy was making her cum. Stef began moaning and her] hot pussy juices gushed into Amy's hot mouth.

I continued eating Amy's pussy. My cock was now fully erect. All 10 inches were sticking through the slit in my boxers. "Fuck her" Stef yelled to me. I removed my boxers, and began to rub my stiff cock against Amy's hot, moist pussy. Amy grunted as I began sliding deep inside of her. As I fucked Amy, she continued eating my wife's pussy.

Amy began thrusting her hips wildly against me. I plunged deeply inside of her tight, wet pussy. Stef pushed Amy's head away as she climaxed again. Stef climbed off the bed, and stood beside me. She began watching as I thrust my large cock deeply into our young neighbor's tight pussy. "Fuck her harder" Stef ordered me. I obeyed my wife, and you could hear my balls slap against Amy's firm buttcheeks as I slammed my cock in and out of her wonderful pussy.

Amy moaned loudly as she climaxed. I could feel her pussy juices as they flowed freely. I could feel her tight pussy holding my cock in it's firm grip. "Oh, yes, it is so tight" I moaned, as I began shooting my hot cum inside of her. Stef began french kissing Amy as we came. It was really hot as I watched my wife's light skin next to Amy's dark skin. Amy's young body was totally tanned. She almost looked hispanic she was so dark. Stef began squeezing Amy's medium sized breasts. Stef began sucking on Amy's small, erect nipples. I withdrew my cock from Amy's wonderful cunt.

Stef began sucking my cock. She is one of the best cock suckers I have ever been with. Amy joined her, and they both began licking my fully erect 10 inch cock. Stef knelt onto the bed doggy style, and begged me to fuck her. I obliged my wife, and I slammed my hard cock deep into her hot wet pussy. Amy maneuvered herself so Stef could eat her pussy.

I watched my wife lick my cum from Amy's hot, young pussy. It was an incredible turn on. I plunged my cock in my wife's tight pussy. Watching her eat Amy's pussy was more than I could stand. I began shooting my cum into my wife's hot pussy. Amy was thrusting her hips up and down, holding my wife by her golden brown hair. Amy moaned loudly as she came in my wife's mouth.

Stef made loud slurping noises as she licked up Amy's hot pussy juices. I continued to pump away in my wife's pussy. As I shot the last of my cum into my wife, my wife climaxed. She came hard. I could feel her tight pussy tighten around me. She was milking the last drops of my hot cum with her pussy muscles. She ate Amy's hot pussy furiously. Amy moaned as my wife tongue fucked her.

I removed my cock from my wife, and lit a cigarette. I watched as my wife opened her nightstand drawer and took out a huge double headed dildo. She lay on her back across from Amy. She began pushing one end of the huge dildo into Amy's tight pussy. Amy moaned loudly. Stef then began inserting the other end into herself.

The 2 ladies began fucking each other. I watched with total fascination, as they began sliding more and more of the long dildo into themselves. Finally you could no longer see any of the dong. They had met in the middle. Their pussies were lightly touching each other. They both began thrusting their hips wildly, fucking each other with the huge dong. My cock became fully erect again. I knelt on the bed beside Amy and pushed the swollen head of my cock against her pretty mouth.

Amy opened her mouth, and accepted my cock. I began fucking her soft wet mouth. She accepted every inch of my cock. I thrust into her mouth with fast strokes. Her eager tongue darted playfully around my throbbing cock. I watched as her and my wife fucked each other with animalistic abandon. It was so hot. Stef came first, her body shook wildly as her and Amy fucked each other mercilessly with that large dildo. Stef removed the dildo from her pussy.

She took the open end of the dong into her hand. She began pushing it deeply into Amy's tight pussy. Stef began sucking on Amy's clit, as she plunged that long dong very deep into her. Amy's body began shaking as she climaxed. She sucked me even harder as her orgasm rocked her entire body. I came in her hot mouth. Amy hungrily swallowed all of my sweet cum. We then all 3 lay there side by side worn out from our wild menage a tois. "How did you 2 manage to get together?" I asked.

"Well, said Stef, I was outside hanging up clothes on the line" ."I looked next door and saw Amy sunbathing" . "We began talking, and Amy sat up in her reclining chair". she continued. "Her beautiful breasts were right there in my face". "It made me so hot, she added, I couldn't help but stare at them". "Amy noticed me staring, and gave me a big smile, she then took my hand and placed it on one of her erect nipples." "Well, then, I suggested that we come in our house". "One thing led to another, and Amy seduced me she said."

I looked at Amy and she smiled. "Thank you so much" I told her. "You just fulfilled a fantasy for both of us". Stef looked at Amy, she then grabbed her, and began french kissing her. I watched as they 69'd. They were so hot. It was incredible. My wife asked me if Amy could come over and have a little fun with us more often. I told her that would be fine, as long as I could join in once in a while. Amy visits us on a regular basis. She visits my wife when I am at work. My wife video taped one of their sessions for me.

I watch it all of the time. It really pays to be good friends with your neighbors. You never know, you could go borrow a cup of sugar, and wind up with a hot blowjob sometime.

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