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The New Job
by Molly Malloy

A few weeks ago I got a new job in sales and marketing. Last week I was assigned to a district manager for training. We got together and hit it off fast. We were joking about how I was to be "trained" he said he could think of lots of jokes but he didn't want to be sued for sexual harassment. I let him know I was very liberal and liked jokes and sex. So the jokes began and the subject turned to the internet and what's out there and sites and pictures and the stories. Talk about your small world he'd been here and read my stories and really liked them, he thought the name was a coincidence.

He said he also liked to expose himself and to take and have pictures taken of him. We talked all day and got horny so we agreed the next day we'd have more fun at this training. As I got in his car the next morning he had his dick out and it was at full attention too. I slid in and raised myself to lower my pants to my knees for our ride.

We did not touch ourselves or each other just rode around like that for a while.

After a stop for business he suggested that he pull my pants down and I take his dick out this time - he just happened to run his hands all over my ass doing it and across my wet crotch and of course it took me a few minutes to get him out and properly situated as a matter of fact it took the next 20 minutes. We had to get to an appointment and he couldn't fit back in his pants soo...I helped.

He says I can make lots of money easily at this job but he'll need to work closely with me, I agreed as long as he starts between my legs.

I can't wait for more training and we agree that we should tell you all how it goes.

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