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The 9:13
by Silver Sea

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Have you ever experienced an improbable event? You know, one of those incidents that is the culmination of a most improbable sequence of events. Events that individually are not unordinary, but when strung together would create betting odds so extreme as to be virtually incalculable. I have participated in events of this nature on several occasions, as I'm sure we all have, and here is one of my more memorable occurrences.

We won our ball game and headed for the bar. Charlene decided to ride with me in my Fiat X1/9. She had arrived at the game in Pat's car with a few other people. Pat's boyfriend appeared at the game unexpectedly. Charlene gave up her seat in Pat's car and chose to ride to the bar with me. One of the advantages of a two-seater is that when the best looking girl on the team decides to ride with you, you have her all to yourself. We removed the targa top and sprinted off to the bar. Of course an advantage of a car with a removable top is that everyone wants to ride with you in the nice weather, everyone of course includes very attractive women. It was a gorgeous evening. Warm, a soft glow from the sun as it was making its descent, a slight breeze. We arrived at the bar just after everyone else. As we jumped out of the car, I popped the trunk then locked the trunk release that was beside my seat. I was not going to put the top back on the car, there was no chance of rain and I would probably give Charlene a ride home and she enjoyed the top off (don't we all).

So I've told you some advantages, now for some critical disadvantages I experienced this night. A disadvantage of work-out type shorts, which I wore during our ballgame, is a lack of pockets. A disadvantage of top down cars is a lack of secure places to leave valuables when you're not around. So the top's off, I have one pocket, I lock the trunk latch after opening the trunk. Yep, you got it. As I open my equipment bag to extract my wallet and my money I place my car keys in the trunk. Charlene captures my attention with a question and that great body she possesses and I close the trunk. It's one of those moments in time that seems to last many times longer than it actually does. As the trunk lid is closing I see my keys sitting inside. In my mind I should have had lots of time to stop it from closing, but nope... THUD!!! And my keys are now locked in my trunk. Charlene is more panicked than I am.

"Let's go and drink with everyone."

"But your keys."

"My place is a twenty minute walk from here. When we're done drinking I'll walk home, get my extra set, and walk back. No problem. And besides, it means I can have a few more drinks and after the walk to get my keys, still be sober when I drive. Let's go in, have a few drinks and find you a ride home."

"You're so calm about it," replied Charlene as we turned and headed to the bar.

Let's face it, there was nothing to fret about. What was done was done. And it's amazing how quickly following Charlene in a t-shirt and shorts up a flight of stairs can make you forget about all your problems. Nature has the ability to create such amazing packages and Charlene was one of the best collections nature had put together. As I followed her up the stairs there was so much to take in. The tautness of her legs. The perfect flow from her luscious hips to her delicate waist. The bounce of her hair mirrored by the gentle bobbing of her breasts as she bounded towards the bar. And her white cotton underwear peaking at me from under her shorts as it hugged that magnificent butt they clung to. I imagined the delicate scent of her sex that lingered behind her cotton covering. The taste of a woman's honey appeared in my mouth, my mind working its own type of magic. I hoped everyone was too busy to notice the bit of firmness growing between my own legs as we entered the bar. They were.

We had our usual good time at the bar. My key incident gave everyone something to tease me about and that was OK with me. It was good for many laughs and a few stories for all of us to tell that night. It turns out Pat's boyfriend had his car in for repairs otherwise he would have been in his own car and Charlene likely would not have rode with me.

Charlene was a good friend. I loved her company but we never have been romantically involved. She was really attractive and I loved watching her move, and admiring all her attributes. as much as I enjoyed her company at movies and many other social gatherings we had attended together. We were proof a guy and a girl could be just friends.

As luck would have it no one was going near Charlene's neighborhood from the bar. As we left the bar she said "C.mon then, let's start that twenty minute stroll to your place. I will keep you company on your walk in return for a ride home."

"Deal" I said, and off we went.

I weaved through several residential streets on our way to the railway tracks. The fastest way home was to follow the tracks most of the way, so that was what we did.

Back to the original theme of this story, coincidences. OK, Pat's boyfriend took his car in for repairs. He dropped by our game unexpectedly, Charlene (the delicious one) decides to ride with me, it's the first really warm night of the spring, I lock my keys in my trunk (a first and a last) oh yeah, Dennis, who normally rides with me was sick so I had a vacant seat for Charlene, and the ballpark and the bar are in my neighborhood for the first and only time that season. And Marilyn, who lives near Charlene was not going straight home that night so there were no rides for Charlene.

Now let's continue with the good stuff...

While we walked we talked about movies, and politics and sports and our team, the approaching weekend and before we realized it we leaving the tracks and heading down the street towards my home. What we didn't talk about was how much I desired Charlene's body. She had fantastic legs. They had soft contours yet the firmness that reflected her athleticism and at the top... man an ass that distracted me whenever it caught any portion of my attention. A flat tummy... heading south from there her body followed the most seductive curve that disappeared between her legs where I can only imagine the most perfect pussy was nestled. North from her navel were perched glorious tits, those that from any angle look spectacular without being overwhelming, when she would lift her arm she would reveal how her t-shirt followed the fullness of her breast with neither straining to cling to or push at the other. The rest of her.. her shoulders and neck and hair and face, well if you were an artist who had drawn the rest of her from your imagination, well the beauty she was given is the only way you would have chosen to top off such a perfect package.

On the way back we were less talkative but managed to make small talk about things that didn't really matter to either of us. Charlene decided to walk along a rail, placing a hand on my shoulder for balance. We walked slowly as she teetered along the rail and the sun set in front of us.

All at once I stepped on some loose gravel and slipped. Charlene teetered then fell towards me. I grabbed her and pulled her against me so she wouldn't fall. It happened so fast and there we were, eye-to-eye, my arms firmly around her, pressing her against my body, her arms around my neck. There was only one thing to do.... We kissed. WOW, unexpected, unplanned, completely spontaneous. An instant later we were kissing passionately. Our tongues darting in and out of each other mouths and dancing around each other. My hand found her breast, she moaned and slid a hand onto my crotch. "Make love to me" she panted.

I tugged her t-shirt out of her shorts giving me access to those soft firm mounds and her hardening nipples. I felt the cool evening air on my cock as my shorts and underwear were being slid down my legs far enough to expose my ass, balls and cock. Her bra snapped undone. Our lips still melding together. Our breathing quickened. She stroked and held my cock as I caressed her nipples to their fully erect state. I slid my hand between her legs as she ran hers up and under my shirt. A tug to undo the draw string and a tug towards her knees and her shorts fell to the ground. I pulled the crotch of her panties aside and let my fingers roam through her dripping wet labia. They were compact, but swollen with anticipation and desire. My hand was soaked the instant it arrived at her love canal. I explored her delicately, sliding through her inner expanse and stimulating her sensitive bud. We were both moaning and panting. " I want you inside me. But how are we going to do this?" she asked. I looked around. "I want to be inside you," I replied. Coarse gravel, oiled railway ties. "You get on top", I gasped as I laid down on the steel rail, my cock pointing to the clouds glowing red in the sunset. Charlene straddled me, there was no wasting time with more foreplay. I balanced myself on the narrow steel beam as she lowered herself, pulling her panties to one side and impaling her heated pussy on my steely pole. More moans emanated from both of us as my shaft slid deeper and deeper into her tight cunt. Her marvelous physical form did not deceive. She worked the muscles of her ass and pussy in ways I can't describe and in a way that I'm sure was all too natural to her. I would later learn that she couldn't help but move her cunt the ways she did when anything was probing it. And what marvelous ways they were, giving great pleasure to both of us. She would have to do the work. She knew that and she knew how. Charlene leaned forward placing her hands on my chest. I held her hips as she did squats, slowly bouncing up and down on my cock. The steel rail pressed into my back. My butt cheeks hugged the cold steel. But there no discomfort as I was completely consumed by Charlene and the episode we were creating. Her breasts peering out from under her t-shirt... her hair waving in the gentle breeze... pleasure everywhere on her face... her thighs tensing and relaxing as she moved up and down... my cock sliding in and out of her satiny pussy... created a vision I could never have imagined and now will never forget. "A train is coming" she said with disappointment, excitement and fear all showing in her voice. She started to get off.

"No" I demanded, "This is an auxiliary track, we'll be fine. She pushed down again just as my penis was about to leave its new slippery warm home. We moaned in unison, both of us filled with ecstasy and the releasing of months of confined sexual tension. She pumped some more as the train, the 9:13, rumbled past us on the adjacent track. I'm sure there were a few commuters on that train that caught a glimpse of our balancing act. "This is great!!!" Charlene yelled over the train's roar. "I've never done it in public before and now a passing audience too. I didn't realize I was an exhibitionist. I'm loving this" She fucked so well. I envy whoever she is with today. I was in heaven and I was completely at her mercy and in her control as I was unable to contribute to the motion required in our act. I was providing the base, the balance and being ridden by a goddess with dazzling talents.

My balls released a blast into her. Charlene pumped harder milking my cock and finally releasing her own orgasm in a series of gripping convulsions around my throbbing cock. She laid on top of me as we regained our breath together. "I loved this," she echoed. "Ooooo" She squealed as she wiggled her hips and pussy around my cock. "Me too. This was fantastic, indescribable. I never would have believed you and I, never mind you and I in public, in daylight." We kissed and hugged. We recognized darkness was falling. We got up, and dressed. Stealing kisses and caresses as we collected our clothes. We walked back to the car holding hands and arm in arm at times. On the ride home she couldn't resist pulling my cock out of my shorts and playing with it. Though it was dark I'm sure there was enough light on the city streets for some pedestrians and drivers to notice Charlene's play thing.

There are some advantages and some disadvantages to top down driving. Charlene rode with me often after that day and enjoyed showing off, so to speak, our attributes to anyone who might catch a glimpse.

Needless to say, I didn't make it home that night, nor did either of us get much sleep. Remind me, and sometime I will tell you about some of the other public places Charlene and I made love.

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