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The Overall
by Rich

The maid stood framed in the doorway. The thin, white cotton overall showing her slim body in silhouette as the sun blazed somewhere behind her. I hadn't planned to get out of bed for several hours. I had a vague idea that sometime after lunch I'd walk the ten paces to the beach and relax in a deck-chair until supper time. I was on holiday, it was stinking hot --- what else would I do?

Her questioning face glistened with a faint veneer of sweat. "I make up room?"

I pushed myself up on one elbow and squinted at her. Her legs were planted slightly apart and the harsh light made a perfect translucent vee between slender thighs. "Shut the damn door."

The overall had probably been too big for her once. Now washed a hundred times it stopped three inches above her knees. It lifted six more teasing inches as she stepped inside and held up a sad red bucket and tattered rag. "I clean?"

She scratched at an ankle with the coral-pink sole of her bare foot, and waited.

I shrugged and lay back. "Go ahead."

The $25 dollar a day room a stones throw from the water's edge was the best the hotel had, but tiny. The rough plaster walls had been freshly white-washed. The bed, small table and single chair were painted the same cobalt blue as the frame of the solitary window whose view was somewhat obscured by the overhanging branches of an avocado tree heavy with purple fruit.

She nudged the door shut with her hip. I watched her bend from the waist in that curious way of dancers and Africans to pick up the empty vodka bottle that had slipped off the bed in the early hours. The cheap cotton of the overall strained over her haunches. She straightened up and set about flapping the rag around what little there was in the room. I paid careful attention. As she moved and turned the front of the overall gaped and closed. First a hip then a buttock, then a breast threatening to burst free from the cotton. I decided she was probably no more than a eighteen. My cock stirred and stretched with nonchalant interest.

In five minutes the room was as clean as it would ever be, and I'd confirmed the overall was all she had on. She moved towards the closed bathroom door.

"My wife is in the bath," I said. And she was because this was how we spent our mornings. I slept my hangover away and she soaked hers.

She stepped back, propped herself insolently against the small table and looked at me. Her ebony face gave no indication of what was in her mind. The room was already sweltering and the single sheet that covered me damp and heavy. "I make bed?" She said after a few seconds.

I sat up a little to make myself comfortable, but made no move to get up. A shiver of nervous expectance moved through my stomach and beneath it a part of me stood alert and waiting. "Sure, go ahead," I said.

She reached for the corner of the sheet and began to drag it slowly off me. Her eyes remained on my face as it crept across my naked body; the rough fabric scraping my cock exquisitely as it went. A few seconds later I lay exposed. She dropped the sheet on the floor and let her gaze drift down. The corners of her lips rose in a faint smile.

I pointed at the overall. "That must be hot?"

She glanced at the bathroom door then reached up and slowly undid the top two buttons, her fingers deft and elegant against the white material.

"Finish the bed," I whispered.

She began to move slowly around me, tugging at the bottom sheet, straightening and tucking. Her eyes strayed to my erection every few seconds and each time she bent forward her face came close and warm cinnamon breath brushed my bare skin. And each time I could see her breasts as hard, firm and black as the rest of her body almost freed from the open overall,. She finished the sheet and looked at me.

I had the next idea ready and pointed at the light above the bed. "Dusty."

She brought the chair over, stood it close, and lifted one foot onto it. The overall slid up. She understood the game now and waited. I feasted on the view of sleek ebony thighs.

"More," I said and took the hem of the overall between my fingers. I moved it higher.

Slowly she eased her knee sideways until I could see the folds of her delicate pink and purple labia. It was topped by a modest glistening fuzz of black curls. My cock stiffened even more and the foreskin slid back with anticipation.

I took my hand away and she climbed onto the chair. She paused to gain her balance before reaching to dust the single bulb and plastic shade. The overall rose again as if compliant in the game and eager to reveal as much as possible. She stretched on her toes, and for a while I examined the perfect bowed hamstrings topped by a taut round ass.

"Its enough."

She climbed down with elaborate care.

"Now go and clean the bathroom."

She frowned.


She reached for the buttons on the overall and began to close them.

"No, leave it."

At the bathroom door she hesitated and looked back.

"Go on." I grasped my cock and ran my thumb over the straining purple head. "And leave the door open."

I lay back on the bed.

After five minutes I got up, walked quietly to the bathroom door and looked inside. The overall was on the floor. My wife was kneeling in the bath and the maid was bent over towards me. My wife's face creased in concentration as she eased my long glass cologne bottle in and out of the maid's cunt. The maids eyes were wide and unfocused and her mouth hung open as she breathed loudly in time to the thrusts. I stood up close to her, my cock inches from her face. She blinked and reached for it.

I slapped her hand away. "No touching yet."

She frowned up at me and I eased the tip against her lips. Her head darted forward and her mouth opened, but I moved back. She frowned more and I moved it towards her lips again. She tentatively licked at the tip.

"Good," I said.

Her pink tongue circled the swollen head.

"Greedy little thing isn't she?" My wife said, and keeping the rhythm going stood up in the bath. Her blonde hair was tied back, her newly tanned skin scrubbed clean. She leaned over the back of the maid and kissed me. I slid my tongue deep into her mouth and reached for her breasts. Always too heavy for pertness, they hung a little. I took each nipple between my fingers and teased them to attention.

She gasped. "Jesus, I knew we should have bought the fucking nipple clamps." She breathed into my mouth.

I squeezed harder and pushed my cock an inch further into the maids mouth. My wife straightened up and smiled that half smile of hers. She licked her fingers and gave me the full smile as she moved them towards the perfect black cheeks of the maids ass. Her hand disappeared, but I knew what was happening as the mouth on my cock froze for a second.

I waited.

The maid let out a high thin moan grabbed my hips and pulled me towards her. Her mouth sucked at me and her breath came faster. I reached beneath her and latched onto her hard, young tits.

I twisted her nipples hard as she began to convulse. The rhythm of my wife's hand increased. The maid bucked and twisted and squealed each time she came and each time we kept at her. Every so often her mouth would slip away from me and her eyes plead with me. Then a haze would come over them and she would lunge for my cock again, and close her eyes like a baby as her mouth found the succor it desired.

She may have come a dozen times when my wife straightened up. "I don't know about her, but I'm sore." She pulled back and flexed her arms.

The maid let me slip from her mouth and let out a sigh.

I pointed. "Lay down."

She scrabbled down onto the floor. Her eyes were eager, her black skin was slick with sweat. I dropped to my knees and lifted her legs wide and high. Her cunt was swollen and even pinker now. I set my cock against it.

My wife climbed out of the bath and stood in front of me. My face was level with her shaven mound. "You better save me some," She said and I watched as her fingers parted the lips of her own cunt and searched out her clit.

Without taking my eyes off those exploring fingers I thrust forward. I felt the maids hot little miracle tighten around me and I wondered just how young she was. I eased in and out a few times. We were the perfect couple. I was too big and she was too tight, but there was no way I could keep this up for long.

"I'm going to come."

"Don't you dare."

I pulled out and stood up.

My wife still straddling the maid knelt and took me into her mouth. I felt at home. She knew me better than she knew herself. I felt her fingers slide behind my balls. I looked down and saw the maids face lapping between my wife's ass. The maids eyes were closed.

My cock began to pulse and I felt the thin white-hot wire of ecstasy being pulled down through my spine. My wife's cheeks hollowed. My eyes shut and I reached for the wall for support.

My wife and I lay side by side on the bed. The sound of cleaning came from the open bathroom door.

"I knew it when I saw her yesterday," I said.

"Didn't take a genius." She sucked on her cigarette then blew out a thin stream of smoke. "You see the boy raking the beach?"

"Of course."

"My turn tomorrow?"



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