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The Ol' Swimming Hole
by palmer

Now, I ain't much of a storyteller, but, I'm a-gonna give a go, da tell y'all 'bout my excitin' youthful years. Them was the days, back when I was a shaver, I tell ya! Me 'n' m' two bes' buddies, Jeb 'n' Zeke, we use'ta spen' jus' 'bout all day, ever' blesset day, in the summertime, down 't the ol' swimmin' hole. We would strip down, buck nekkid, by golly, an' jus' splash aroun' the livelong day!

I 'mimber, wunst, when, ol' Zeke, he was floatin' on 'is back, an' 'e says, ya know, 'e hollered, "Hey, looky, y'all, I'm a WHALE!" An', we looked, an', wouldn'cha know, he was holdin' 'is li'l pecker up, jus' out a the water, just a-peein', straight up! Ol' Zeke, he was funny 'at way. He was REAL funny! I hollert back, "Hey, Zeke, ya stoopid muther fucker, yer pissin' all over yersailf!" Me 'n' Jeb busted out laffin' an' guffawin' so hard, an' slappin' one 'nother on the back, 'til we broke out inda a slap fight. He was slappin' me so bad, I fin'ly had da dive inda the water da get away from 'im. Jeb didn' know 'is own strenf, an' he could hit SOME hard, lemme tell ya!

One time, at the beginnin' a summer, when we was, I reckon, 'bout eighteen, or so, we was layin' out on the pier just a-sunnin' our nekkid selfs, an' stoopid ol' Zeke, he ast us, he says, "Hey! Y'all ever beat'cher meat?" He was hol'in' 'is fis' at 'is crotch, jus' a-pumpin' away. I says, "Whut're

ya, some kinda faiggit er sump'm?" I pushed 'im so hard, 'e fell right smack in the water, 'cuz, he was layin', like, right on the edge a the pier, ya know? An', he was SOME mad! When 'e come up, 'e hollers at me, "Hey!

Fuckhead! I jus' wonted da know if ya DID it; I diddn' wonna do it TO ya, y' basterd!" I jus' hollert right back, "QUEER! FAIGGIT! QUEER! FAIGGIT!"

This jus' made 'im madder an' madder, which wuddn' hard da do, wit' Zeke, lemme tell ya. So, he tries da splash water up on me, but 'e cain't reach, an' 'e's hollerin', "SHUDDUP... SHUDDUP... SHUDDUP!" He goes back underwater an', 'e comes up wid' a big, ol' fuckin' hunk a mud an', he hurls it at me, but he missed by a mile. 'At boy never could th'ow worth a shit. I said, "YOU shuddup,' haul yer crybaby ass back up here. When he got back up on the pier, he's sulkin', ya know, an' he commences to pickin' at 'is thigh an' sayin', "You made me get a splinner, ya bast'd!" I said, "Oh, ...I'm sorry." I really was sorry. I was jus' pickin' on the li'l fucker; I wudd'n tryin' da hurt 'im none. He says, "You SHOULD be sorry!" I said, "Shuddup."

Jus' 'bout then, ol' Jeb, who could be even stoopider'n Zeke sometime, pipes up with: "I do." Me 'n' Zeke bofe said 't the same time, "You do WHUT?"

"Beat m' meat," he says. On top a that, he says, "I do it two, three times a day, sometime." Zeke says t' me, "SEE? HE admits it, too. It feels GOOD, don' it, Jeb?" I said da Jeb, I says, "Goddamn, boy, you a meat-beatin' FOOL!" Then, stoopid ol' Zeke says, "Is 'at why yer dick is so big? 'Cuz a ya stretch it out all a time?" I said, "Zeke, you so stoopid." He says, "Well... it COULD be why." I said, "Then, maybe YOU oughta do it more often." He said, "Shuddup." I said, "Hey, I'm just tryin' da he'p ya out, li'l buddy." He says, "YOU ain't got nuttin' da write home 'bout."

Now, I hafta admit, ol' Jeb DID have a honker of a pecker 'twixt 'is legs.

An', him, bein' so tall an' skinny an' all, made 'is "package" look all 'at much bigger. 'Spesh'ly on them hot, hot days-his dick an' balls hung down from 'is patch a blon' hair like a smallmouth bass an' a couple a persimmons in a Crown Royal pouch. I said to 'im, I says, "I tell you what-as big as 'at sucker is SOF', I'd hate ta see ya wit' a ragin' hard-on! I'd be downright scaredt if you pointed 'at muther fucker at me!" I helt m' han's up, like folks in movies do, when 'ey got a gun pointed at 'em. So, Zeke says ta Jeb, "Jus' how big DOES 'at thang git?" I said, "Goddamn, Zeke, you queer." He says, "Shuddup. I AM not." But, I hafta admit, I was thinkin' the same goddamn thang. So Jeb says, "Maybe I could show ya." An', he lays down on the pier wit' 'is legs danglin' at the knees over the side, an', wit' one hand on 'is pubes an' the other on 'is dick, he commences ta poundin' 'is pud, right there in front a God an' ever'body! I MEAN, I couldn' fuckin' b'lieve it! But, I, sure's hell, wuddn' goin' nowheres-THIS, I had da SEE! An', by golly, I'm tellin' ya, that sucker grew an' grew 'til it was jus' 'bout the size of a ripe, goddamn cucumber!

An', I ain't talkin' gherkins, neither, buddy!

So, I'm sittin' 'ere in the hot sun, 'twixt Jeb an' Zeke, tryin' da hol' m' dick 'tween m' legs, 'cuz, I hafta admit, it was kinda springin' da life 'ere, watchin' ol' Jeb stroke 'is honker. Fin'ly, he quits 'is strokin', an' 'e says, "'Ere 'diz!" He's holdin' 'is cucumber at the root, pointin' it straight up at the sky, an' stretchin' it taut. I can see he's clenchin' 'is butt cheeks d'gether, an' I'm a-thankin' 'e's just pridef'ly tryin' ta make it look as long an' as fat as 'e kin, which wuddn' nes'ary, lemme tell ya, 'cuz it was plen'y goddamn big. So, I glanced over 't Zeke, ta see what's his re-action, an' I see 'is li'l pecker is all a way hard, 'n' stickin' straight up, TOO! He's leanin' back on 'is elbows, wid 'is eyes jus' a-glued da Jeb, like a dirty ol' man at a girly show. I'm lookin' back an' forfh 'twixt Jeb an' Zeke, an' Zeke starts a-goin' da town, beatin' 'is meat, like 'e cain't he'p hisself. So, Jeb sees 'iss, an' he commences ta beatin' HIS meat again! B' this time, 'tween 'ese two masterbatin' muther fuckers, I cain't hardly hol' m' dick down no more, an' I thought 'bout jumpin' inda the water da hide m' hard-on, but I figgered, "hey, what the hell"? So, I open m' legs, lettin' m' dick slap me hard on m' belly, an' I joint in on the fun!

So, we, all three of us're just a-sittin' there on the edge a the pier, watchin' one 'nother beat off, three dicks t' the sky, an' Jeb says, "Y'all ever cornhole anybody? My big bruther use'ta cornhole me, whenever we took a baf d'gether, when I was little." So, stoopid ol' Zeke, he says, "What's 'cornhole'?" I said, "You idjit. 'At's when a guy fucks another guy up the ass." So, Zeke says, "Oooh! ...Didn' 'at hurt?" An', Jeb says, "Yeah, it kinda hurt at firs', but, wuddn' nuttin' I could do 'bout it. After awhile, I sorta got use't of it." Then 'e says, "You won' try't on me?" Zeke says, "I... don' know. I tell ya, I wouldn' wont nuttin' up MY ass." I said, "I wonna try't!" I don' know why them words come out a my mouth-maybe, 'cuz a all 'at beatin' off, I reckon I was jus' "thankin' wit' m' dick", as some folk say.

So, I stood up wit' m' dick pointin' straight out, an' Jeb stood up leanin' over wid 'is han's on 'is knees, an' 'e backs 'is butt up 'ginst m' dick. I pushed my hard-ass pecker up 'twixt 'is cheeks, but, it wouldn' quite go inda 'is asshole. So, 'e squeezes some a the juice what's a-comin' out a 'is dick on da 'is pointin' finger, an' 'e rubs it on 'is asshole. Then, 'e gits down on 'is han's an' knees, right there on the pier, wit' 'is big ol' dick a-swangin' under 'im, an' 'e says, "Now try it," him, jus' a-waitin' fer me da shove it TO 'im.

Now, I don't reckon, at that time, none of us'd had no pussy, else we woulda tolt each other, so we didn' have no "fuckin'" exper'ence, but, I'm here da tell ya, I got down on m' knees, real natural-like, right there an' then, a-grabbin' Jeb's hips wit' bofe m' han's, an' shovin' m' dick all a way up inda 'is asshole, an' commenced da fuckin' 'im like nobody's bidniss. An', he didn' flinch, one iota. His asshole was all slickt up f'om the pecker juice he put on it, an' it was real tight an' slick, an' it grip m' dick like a half inch nut on a 5/8 inch bolt. Zeke stood ta the side of us, watchin' my dick a-pluggin' Jeb's asshole, him, beatin' hisself off the whole time, with 'is dick jus' a mite too close t' m' face, so I pushed 'im away. I tell ya, I longpoled Jeb's ass 'til I couldn' hardly hol' back no more. I didn' reckon he would wont me da shoot off in side of 'im, so I pullt out, an' stepped over d' the edge a the pier. I shot my jizz, pr'tty hard, inda the water, so's they couldn' see, 'cuz I was kinda embar'sed, since I hadn' never cummed in front a nobody. I 'mimber, when my cum hit the water, I seen some lil' minners dart away from it, like they was scaredt of it, an' it sank to the bottom.

When I turnt back around, I seen Jeb was still restin' 'is head on 'is forearms. An', there was Zeke, sidlin' up behind 'im. His li'l pecker was stickin' straight out, an' it was all red from 'im whippin' it so hard. I reckon ol' Zeke must a changed 'is mind, 'cuz he knelt down, spread Jeb's ass cheeks open, stuffed 'is li'l pecker in 'at lubed-up asshole, an' commenced ta buckin' like all get-out, wit' bofe 'is han's on 'is own ass, like 'e was pushin' hisself inda Jeb wid 'is han's. Jeb helt hisself up wit' one han' an' jackt hisself off wit' the other. I tell ya, My sof'nin' dick got rock-hard again, watchin' them two a-goin' at it. I commenced t' beatin' myself off, even tho' I knew I wuddn' gonna cum again, since I done shot my wad.

Zeke was slappin' so hard up aginst Jeb's ass, I had da say, "Hey, man, yer gonna HURT 'im!" But he wuddn' hearin' me. His eyes was kinda glazed over, rollt back up in 'is head, an' he jus' kep' on a-reamin' Jeb's asshole in an' out, wit' that slappin' sound echoin' out over the water.

Then, whilst Zeke was fuckin' 'im, I seen Jeb screw up 'is face real tight fer a few seconds, then he relaxt an' looked down at 'is monster cock, an' commenced t' squirtin' 'is load, down onda the pier. His first couple a shots come out a 'is dick so hard, that 'is cum rickashay'd up off a the pier, onda 'is belly! Fer real! He couldn' hold 'isself up no more, an' wit' bofe han's on the pier, he kep' on sprayin' 'is cum in a line underneaf 'im, wit' 'is cock jerkin' up ever' time 'e spewed. Zeke quit pumpin', an' set still whilst Jeb was shootin' 'is wad, an' 'ey was bofe gruntin' like pigs. I KNEW why Jeb was gruntin'; I reckon Zeke was gruntin' 'cuz a he was feelin' Jeb's ass-chute squeezin' on 'is dick whilst he was cummin'. The big river a cum Jeb made oozed down b'twixt the slats a the pier, an' dripped inda the water.

Then, after a long time a slappin' ass, Zeke commenced da pumpin' REAL slow, an' then 'e helt 'is breath fer a long time. Fin'ly, he pulls 'is li'l pecker outa Jeb's asshole, real quick-like, an' it's all shiny, 'n' dark red, an' he's beatin' 'isself off real hard an' fas' 'til 'e commences ta buckin' 'is hips. He rubs 'is li'l pecker 'twizt 'is han' an' Jeb's ass, an' 'e shoots 'bout a half a pint a boy-cream all over Jeb's backside. It was downright amazin' how much jizz come outta that li'l pecker! It was a sight ta see, lemme tell ya. We, all three of us, dove inda the water after that, washin' all the cum offa us.

The three of us played d'gether 'attaway, 'bout ever' blesset day, 'at summer. Sometime we would jus' beat off, tryin' da outdo one 'nother in shootin' distance, wit' Jeb always winnin', 'cuz he cummed almos' like pissin', an' me 'n' Zeke baddlin' it out fer second place. We'd say, "Let's have a 'shoot out'!" An' we'd sit on the edge a the pier, just a-beatin' our meat, an' shootin' our wads off inda the water. I got pr'tty good at it, 'cuz I learnt t' squeeze my ass an' hol' back m' jizz fer awhile, then buck m' hips for'ard, an' shoot as hard as I could, all 't once.

Me 'n' Zeke kep' on fuckin' Jeb's ass, sometime shootin' off inside a him, 'cuz he said we could, sometime pullin' out so's we could watch our load shoot out. I fin'ly got ta feel 'at pulsatin' feelin' on my dick, when Jeb cum wit' m' pecker inside of 'im. I learnt t' pull m' cock out, wit' jus' the head o'my cock inside a 'is asshole, t' git the full effect of 'is contractions on m' dick. Jeb kinda seemed da like us fuckin' 'im, an' 'e would always cum durin' it, an' now I know why! I tried fer ever da get Zeke ta let me fuck 'im; I wonted ta fuck 'at narrow, li'l puckered ass sump'm fierce, but, wuddn' no way he was gonna let me. He says, "Lemme fuck YOU, first." I figgered, HIS skinny, lil' ol' pecker woudn' hurt me none, an' I fin'ly let 'im fuck me. It didn' feel none too good, in an' of itself, but, lemme TELL ya, shootin' yer wad with a assfull is sump'm ELSE!

So, I kep' on lettin' Zeke fuck me in the ass, ever' now an' then, feelin' like a dick-whore, when I wonted da get a big nut. A couple a times, I even let 'im fuck me whilst I was fuckin' Jeb. An', lemme tell ya, 'AT was the bes', goddamn, blesset nut I EVER got! But 'e never DID lemme fuck HIM, the li'l, chickenshit basterd. O' course, I wouldn' NEVER let Jeb fuck me-he'd a tore my ass apart!

Now, I can tell ya, we wuddn' no queers-we never sucked one 'nother's dicks'r nuthin', but, now I kin see how a guy could go in fer that kinda stuff-an', that fall, we all commenced to fuckin' all kinds a pussy. I kinda felt fer Jeb's girlfriends, 'cuz I knew what they was gettin'.

In the follerin' years, our trips t' the swimmin' hole got less an' less, an' since we was fuckin' so many girls, it got t' be, beatin' off d'gether wuddn' so much fun, no more. Fin'ly, jus' after I gradgiated f'om high school, my fam'ly moved t' da big city, an' I didn' see Jeb 'n' Zeke no more, but, I'll never fergit that one, everlovin' summer down 't the ol' swimmin' hole!


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