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Thanksgiving on Squalor Mountain
by Sue D'Nimm

"You're gonna love my ma and pa, I just know it."

Billy just loved the way Hattie Mae talked. Especially with her mouth full and her tongue swirling around his swollen manhood as she rhythmically squeezed his balls. It was a truly fine way to talk, with the vibrations of her vocal cords caressing the sensitive folds of his foreskin. Her accent was cute as well.

"You're gonna love the rest of my family too," Hattie Mae mumbled as she plunged Billy's tool even deeper into her talented mouth. "We're a real close family. We do absolutely everything together."

Absently, Billy wondered what comprised "everything" up on Squalor Mountain. Cow chip tossing and possum wrasslin,' he supposed. Maybe a little moonshine running. If they still did that sort of thing.

He really wasn't looking forward to asking Hattie Mae's hillbilly parents for their daughter's hand in marriage. Or for their blessings. Still, as he exploded in Hattie Mae's mouth for the seventh time that morning, he knew he was doing the right thing. This was the girl he had to marry.

* * * * *

They didn't arrive until 11:30 on Thursday morning. Billy noted the huge satellite dish on top of the ramshackle cabin. At least he wouldn't miss the last half hour of the always scintillating Macy Day's parade. Maybe he would even get to see the Detroit Lions take their traditional Thanksgiving Day pummeling. It seemed that the amenities of civilization weren't entirely lost to Squalor Mountain, although judging from the condition of the shack itself, it looked as though the Renfields had sunk their entire family fortune into that satellite dish.

The front door opened as soon as Billy and Hattie Mae got out of the Civic. The entire Renfield clan squeezed out onto the front porch, lining up to the left of the washing machine.

"Billy, I'd like you to meet my ma and pa, my sister Loretta Sue, and my brother Jimmy Ray Bob."

Mrs. Renfield was much younger than Billy had expected. She was little more than a girl herself, with breasts the size of cannonballs spilling out of her halter top. Billy should have remembered. She had only been fourteen when she gave birth to Hattie Mae.

Her husband looked much older. He sported the rugged Jed Clampett look, complete with moth-eaten tee shirt and a straw hat. His chin was covered with gray stubble. His face bore a family resemblance to his wife's, as though he might be her cousin. Or even her father. Billy didn't really want to think about it.

Jimmy Ray Bob, on the other hand, went all out in achieving that inbred, retarded look first made fashionable in the movie Deliverance. His teeth were an orthodontist's dream. His sister's weren't much better. In fact, Billy thought he could see a stream of drool emanating from the right corner of her mouth. Her breasts, however, were even more impressive than her mother's. And her body was in excellent shape indeed. The result of the Ten Minute Hillbilly Workout, Billy supposed.

"We're glad to meet you, Billy," Mrs. Hillbilly said. "We just need to see what kind of man wants to marry our daughter. We want her to be happy. Well, what are you all standing out there for? Come on in. Dinner's waiting. We've got a very busy day planned."

Billy looked around at the dying vegetation and wondered what there could possibly be to do in a busy data on Squalor Mountain.

He found himself seated next to Hattie Mae's sister. Somehow he had been expecting turkey, but the birds were in short supply this year, Mrs. Renfield informed him, what with all those city folks buying them up with their fancy credit cards and all. What the hell, Billy thought. He had never tried coon stew before, and he had tasted turkey a million times.

He was about to take his first bite of sweet potato when he felt Loretta Sue's hand on his crotch. She squeezed his balls as she ran her tongue over her sticky bun. He felt himself becoming erect as she pinched his organ between her thumb and index finger. She was staring straight ahead the whole time, presumably so as not to draw attention to her activities. The stream of drool continued unabated down her chin.

She unzipped him. The sound of the zipper was magnified in Billy's ears, as if the whole world could hear it. She pulled his organ out, squeezing it and stroking it underneath the table. Her touch was expert and Billy longed to run his hands over her huge breasts. His organ was on fire.

"Well look at that, Becky Lou, I do believe Lorettie's already got him out for us. At least judging from his eyes," old man Renfield said.. "I think I'll have me a gander."

Jimmy Ray Bob and Hattie Mae both got up from their chairs as their father slid the table to the right, exposing Billy's jutting organ to the entire family's gaze.

"Well, it's a sizable one all right. I guess that's a good thing. We want what's best for our little girl. We just want her to be happy. It looks like you got the equipment all right. Uncut even. That's good, you know. But can you use it, son?"

Mrs. Renfield got up from her chair and came around to kneel before Billy, taking possession of his throbbing organ away from her daughter.

"You do have a very nice one, Billy, but I need to see how you taste," she informed him. "Proper hygiene is very important to us Renfields, you know."

Billy glanced over at Jimmy Ray Bob. He somehow doubted that hygiene was of paramount importance to the Renfield clan. But he let Becky Lou take him in her mouth anyway. Anything to curry favor with Hattie Mae's folks.

Becky Lou's mouth was, if anything, even more talented than her daughter's. She hefted his balls as if weighing them, turned them as if examining them as she ran her tongue up and down the length of Billy's shaft.

Her boobs fell out of her halter top and she yanked down Billy's pants so that he could feel their softness against the bare skin of his legs. Hattie Mae came up behind him to remove his shirt and pull his tee shirt over his head. She took off his shoe and socks and then pulled off her mother's jeans as well.

Becky Lou released Billy's tool from her mouth and squeezed it in her hand as she told him, "You've got a nice long thick 'un there, son. But do you know how to use it? Can you last inside a woman? I have to know. I only want what's best for my daughter. Plus I need to know for myself. It's not like you ain't gonna be visitin' us from time to time. I want you to take me from behind now. Just for twenty minutes or so. I want to feel what you got."

Becky Lou climbed up on the Thanksgiving table, got on her hands and knees, and lowered her ass to meet Billy. Hattie Mae took her fiancé's stiff prick and guided it into her mother, licking his ear as she did so.

"I told you we were a very close family, Billy. When I told you we do most everything together, I wasn't kidding. And I do mean everything." Suddenly Billy had an inkling of what a very busy day on Squalor Mountain might entail. He pushed his way into Becky Lou's exquisite cunt while she in turn backed into him.

He licked Becky Lou's naked back as he thrust into her, feeling the pulsating walls of her cunt milking him for all he was worth. Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed Jimmy Ray Bob cornholing Loretta Sue in the doorway to the kitchen. If he was going to become a member of this family, he suspected that he would have to talk that lad into a vasectomy. The genetic future of mankind was at stake.

On the other hand, he had to admire Loretta's long brown hair, her tremendous breasts and her tight abs. No genetic problem there. If you discounted the glazed eyes and the drool. He saw that Hattie May was now sitting bottomless on the opposite end of the table from her mother, with her legs spread wide and her father's face buried deeply in her crotch.

She pressed her dad's head tighter against her mound and moaned as he ate her, her legs trembling each time she came. It was good to see such a close relationship between father and daughter in this age of declining family values, Billy thought. He gripped Becky Lou's shoulders and thrust even deeper into her willing cunt, feeling her whole body shudder in response.

Looking back, he was amused at how he had dreaded this Thanksgiving visit. Hell, now he couldn't wait till Christmas. It was definitely going to be the most magical time of the year.


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