The Best Erotic Stories.

The Opening Tease
by Eros4Play

The crowd seemed to part as I saw you enter the club. The obnoxious man next to me seemingly drifting out of the window with his cancer stick smoke; the woman in the red dress with her two advertisements for plastic surgery shifted to the back of my subconscious; and the gay man who I was just about to give a very aggressive reply to after he tried to grope my ass was saved a trip to the were priority 1 now, and I KNOW how to prioritize.

"Hello," I said, conveying as much lust through my eyes as I could.

"Hi," you replied, totally uninterested in yet another broke ass pussy hungry scrub attempting to woo you with nothing. "Do you know how a man is supposed to get a woman nowadays?" I asked.

"Excuse me?"

"I mean, as soon as you say hi to a woman nowadays she automatically assumes that all you want is sex. So what's a man to do, go sodomize??"

The comment brought a smile to your face...

"For example, I bet you thought my saying hello to you was my way of initiating some sort of arcane 4play, right?"

"What makes you think that I'm like ...."

"Every other woman? The way you shrugged me off with that "hi" earlier. Believe you me, if I wanted to have sex with you, I wouldn't waste time with "hi"!

"Oh really, you think you could get me that easily?"

"Easy? I....don't know. I'll show you, then you let me know ok? What I'd do is walk straight up to you like this.." I walk away, turnaround, then walk slowly towards you, my eyes fixed on yours, a kind smile on my face.

"Then I'd...."

My voice faded into the background as you let me lift your hand to my lips, which caresses and lingers a moment on the warm flesh. I could see by your stare that you were trying hard not to blink, trying to pretend that my gentle caress of your palm by my fingers as I released your hand had no effect. But frankly, at that point, I did not care. Afterall, I do like a challenge.

"May I whisper something in your ear?" I asked.

"If you want.."

I leaned close enough for my scented oil fragrance to reach your nostrils, my lips barely brushing your cheek on their way to deliver my message.

"I am the only man you will ever meet that will take you away from the valleys of copulation, and show you the multiorgasmic peaks of sunset mountains in the land of toecurlinglyintense lovemaking without ever entering your body..."

I then pulled back, looked you square in the eyes, and walked away, leaving you totally and utterly confused........

So tell me ladies, what would you do if I did that? Would you come after me? Attempt to take my clothes off on the dance floor? Or wimp out, go home and relieve your frustrations with your ever ready fingers....

emailme... Making love one woman at a time...eros....

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