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Theater of Taboo Adventure
by NewAnon

"Want to go out to a movie?"

I asked her this, not sure of what sort of reply I would get from my teenage nubile daughter. She had been sitting there opposite me, in the living room, scanning some risqué items I had left there on purpose while I myself was immersed in a definitely X-rated paperback novel. One item she seemed to linger over was a magazine containing a lot of full-colored photos of women in lingerie.

"Which movie?" Susie finally replied.

"I was planning to go over to the Northside to see a movie -- it's X-rated, pretty unusual imported film," I said casually.

She looked up and grinned, "Like in this magazine?"

"Hmm, yes, only more explicit...."

"Oh, what you and Mom call 'hot adult action'?" She was grinning even more broadly.

"That's it. Want to go?"

"Ok, sure, when? Now?"

"In a little while, but first we have to get you ready. You have to look and act like you are ... 21, say."

"I probably can manage that, I think."

"Well, here is how we'll do it. First take a shower. While you are doing that, I'll set out some of your Mom's clothes, the ones that will be pretty sexy. Don't be embarrassed. In fact the point it to make you look like a sexy lady who is not afraid to go out with her man to see an X-rated movie."

"Mom's sexy clothes! Wow! This is getting interesting!" With that, she arose and left the room. While she showered, I located the 'special' underwear, lacy and revealing in the right places. Then a tight-fitting summer blouse and short skirt, then high-heeled shoes. I set them out for her and went back downstairs, calling out, "The clothes are ready. And put on some lipstick but not too heavy."

A little while later, she came down. She was incredibly beautiful, with long brown hair and long elegant legs below the ultra-short skirt. Her bosom was attractively prominent under the tight blouse. I knew that she wore a shelf-bra underneath, lifting her breasts but leaving them free. And I loved the way she walked on her very high heels, too.

We drove out to the theater, found a parking space nearby, and walked over to the theater itself. Striding beside me, holding my hand, she looked like the mistress of an older, elegant man who would be attractive to such a young beauty. In the lobby of the theater, a man buying a ticket looked her up and down with appreciation, but when I moved to buy our tickets, the cashier just glanced at her indifferently.

We entered the extremely dark interior of the theater and waited for a while to get our eyes adjusted to it. Then I guided her to a back row and found seats. The place was nearly empty at midday, with only a few isolated couples here and there.

Now I turned to look at the huge screen. The picture was just starting, as I had planned the timing very well. The story concerned a divorced mother, her boyfriend and her teenage son. The theme, incest, was taboo for legitimate films, but this was an "adult theater," one of the last of its kind in the country. To draw in people, it avoided the standard made-for-video features made in America and favored imports from a filmmaker in New Zealand, hence in English (so far as words mattered). The tickets were expensive, but the films were worth it. They were just as "adult" as American XXX movies, but with women who had natural breasts, for one thing. And if these were not art films, they at least had some directorial style to them, with excellent production values and, above all, some very hot themes.

In the film, the mother and boyfriend had been drinking and were now getting horny. The man was kissing the young mother and rubbing her breasts under her dress. The son was in another room, apparently trying to read a book.

The mother was a large-breasted dark-haired and attractive woman. She put her fingers to her lips to warn her boyfriend to be quiet. Then, his foreplay made her more responsive as she rubbed his groin. "Oh, yes, yes," she whispered as his tongue probed her eager mouth. Abruptly, she took his hand and they tip-toed into the bedroom.

As they entered it, she pushed the door to shut it behind her, but it failed to close entirely. They were too absorbed in their lovemaking to notice it. The camera showed them groping each other on the bed, their clothes coming off. As the man began to finger-fuck her, the hot mother began to make passionate sounds.

I looked at Susie and noticed her flushed face. She was enthralled by the now emerging explicitness of the film as it moved to the boy's room.

The boy glanced up as the sounds from the bedroom penetrated the thin wall to his own room. He arose and put his ear to the wall. What he heard, I immediately knew, would shock Susie. The mother was saying, "Yes, yes, I want that prick, fuck me!" The boy looked startled and then he crept out of his room and approached the doorway of the bedroom where the lovemaking pair were now completely nude and then both the boy and we saw the mother sitting on the hard prick, her hand positioning it above her cunt.

"Yes, yes, lover, fuck me!" the hot mother cried out as she plunged down on the prick and then began a rhythmic fucking. The boy lifted his erect prick from his trousers and began to masturbate as he watched the erotic scene.

I glanced at Susie and saw her breathing rapidly. I reached around and pulled her a little closer to me, leaving my hand on her shoulder. She glanced at me and smiled weakly.

"Hot stuff?" I whispered. She nodded.

The boy came, his come shooting out over the partially open door, and then he ran back to his room.

The movie's next scene was apparently the following evening, with mother and son alone. They were watching TV together and the boy was eyeing his mother's voluptuous breasts with large nipples, partially revealed through her nightgown. As she moved her legs, the gown fell away to reveal beautiful, smooth and naked thighs.

"These cable movies can get pretty explicit, honey -- do you mind?" The mother asked her son.

The young son was so absorbed in the movie he said nothing. The scene on the R-rated cable movie showed a young couple in bed, the young man fucking the passionate girl under the covers, her heaving breasts visible. The camera shifted to another lovemaking position with the girl on top, her lovely breasts shaking as she fucked up and down on her man. Their organs were not visible, but everything else was.

The eroticism of the film brought the mother into a horny state. She began to fidget, shifting her legs, and her gown opened in front so that her boy's eager eyes could now his mother's creamy breasts with their lovely nipples just showing.

He was sitting next to his mom on the couch, wearing only his underwear. His erection showed clearly under the thin material and the mother's eyes darted from the screen to her boy's lap and back again. She was breathing hard. Then she moved again, so that the nightgown fell open entirely. The boy's hungry eyes caught a glimpse of his mother's bare belly.

Beside me, I could feel the tension in Susie's body, and the heat of her sexual excitement as she stared at the incestuous scene displayed for us in the theater. I let my hand run across her neck, lightly lifting her hair as she turned toward me. I smiled and she smiled weakly in return. Then she turned again to watch the unfolding, inevitable taboo action arising as boy and mother in the film turned toward each other.

The boy moved closer to his Mom and put his head on her shoulder and looked up to her. She turned and patted his cheek, then let her hand move down to his chest and slowly ran her fingers across him and then down further. She took his hand and moved it to her belly and then gently moved it up to her breast, as she exposed it to him. She moved his head into a suckling position and she cupped her breast and moved the nipple to his waiting mouth. He sucked greedily. She sighed in pleasure.

In the film, mother and boy were sitting on the couch in front of the TV with its own sexual display, the R-rated film that had incited their lust. As she watched the couple on the TV screen fucking, the mother let her hand now enter her boy's shorts. On the TV screen, the young woman was panting and then the couple was coming together. The boy paused in his sucking and looked from the screen to his mother. She seemed to come to some decision as her entire body seemed to be throbbing in sexual heat ... then she bent down to envelope her boy's prick in her mouth.

"Oh, mom!" the boy cried in shocked delight.

The mother sucked long and hard on her boy's organ, her hands moving around his legs and chest, his ass, his feet, caressing him everywhere with her roving hands as her mouth sucked slowly up and down on the boy-prick. Then she stood up, removing her nightgown so that she was totally naked to the boy's taboo-staring eyes.

She whispered: "Honey, I can't help it, I need it, I need it. I want you, I've always wanted you in me."

"Mom," he boy swooned as she positioned herself above him and his cock sank into his mother's hot taboo cunt.

"Oh, honey, I always wanted us to fuck," the passionate mother said softly as she slowly moved up and down, her cunt becoming hotter and hotter as it engulfed his prick.

Beside me, Susie's face was red and her bosom rising and falling. I reached over and moved her face toward me, then kissed her lips gently, but lingered.

"Exciting, isn't it?" I whispered.

She nodded and did not turn away as I found her lips again and, now with open mouth, darted my tongue toward them repeatedly until she opened a little and I probed and darted into her mouth. In a moment, her own tongue shot back at me and our tongues intertwined. I opened my mouth wide and she did the same and we tongued each other in forbidden passion.

"Oh, baby," I whispered, "this is fantastic!"

As we kissed, we could hear the screen-lovers and the boy calling out, "Oh mom, yes, yes, I love it."

I opened the two top buttons of her blouse and reached inside to massage a bare breast, sitting nakedly above the black shelf-bra. I rubbed the nipple and then leaned down and began to lick and suck.

"Oh, dad, oh, oh!" she whispered.

"Baby, this is what I always wanted. You too?" I asked urgently.

"Yes, yes, dad, yes."

As I laved her breasts, opening the remainder of the blouse buttons, I also watched the screen, knowing Susie was now watching it too, where the incestuous lovers were now in an oral embrace. The mother was spread wide open and her boy was slowly and lovingly licking her cunt, then tracing his lips down to her naked anus and licking that too, then up again to suck her clitoris. The swooning mother urged her boy on, until her body shivered to a climax.

I lifted my mouth from Susie's breasts and kissed her lips again, as I let my hand find her thighs. I lovingly massaged them for a while, opening them and then pulled at her panties. She lifted a little and they came down, first over her knees, then down to her ankles, as I reached down to pull them off entirely. Then she spread her legs as I tongued my way up a creamy smooth thigh. I lifted the skirt and then found her clitoris and sucked it.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh ...," she almost sobbed.

My daughter was in a sexual frenzy and swooning under the taboo loving by her father. I plunged in and out, tongue-fucking her slowly but relentlessly. I felt her shudder and knew that she had reached an orgasm.

I raised myself and we kissed gently, and then relaxed. We could hear some sounds from some of the other couples as we watched the remainder of the "hot adult action" on screen. Finally, the film ended and we left the theater.

When we arrived home, we were both still hot. We left the lights out and went immediately to the large couch in the den. She had left her panties off so that now I quickly spread her legs and lapped at her soaking cunt juices. Then I sat up and we hugged and petted each other, as I removed my clothes.

"Talk to me, lover-girl. I think you are like me: intellectual-type who needs and likes the words, not just the action. Now is the time for the words, sweetheart, all the dirty forbidden words coming out to make us delirious."

"I don't know ..." she said.

"Try it, after, when you're hotter. I'll start if off soon and then you improvise too."

"Okay," she whispered as I began petting her bare bosom.

She had on only the half-bra and her high-heeled shoes. It was an exciting scene and I wanted her to know that.

"Oh, Susie baby, I love your body, your hot belly, your sweet tits, your lovely ass," I whispered, "and after I want to use my tongue on you all over ... I want my tongue in every part of you. I want to tongue-love you, baby. We will have beautiful oral love-making, our mouths making hot love each other."

"Oh, dad, oh," she whispered, her body shivering in forbidden sexual thrill. And now she began to cooperate in the talk.

"Oh, dad, yes, I want you to tongue me ... tongue-love me."

Her asking for it threw me into higher frenzy.

"Oh baby, yes, I love how you talk," I cried. "Yes, Susie baby, your daddy is going to love your body with his tongue, making oral-fucking-love to you. Did you dream about this sucking, as I did?"

"Oh yes, I used to dream of it."

She opened wide and I let my tongue travel along each white slick thigh, drooling along and then licking, and then arriving at her wide-open cunt and asshole. I blew cool air toward her and then crouched down and settled into some ass-eating loving, probing her little anus with my tongue, darting in and out.

"Oh, Susie baby, your dad loves to tongue-love your ass this way, do you like this tongue-loving, this ass-loving tongue?"

"Hmmm, nice, yes, do me that way, Dad...."

So by now she had lost her inhibitions and her words coaxed me on even more as I whispered, "And now, do you want my mouth-love me? To suck?"

She nodded, trembling with excitement.

"Baby, baby," I cried and moved to enter her waiting mouth, my hard prick plunging in and out. My skin was tingling with the thrill of it.

"Suck me, lover-girl, suck your Dad. You always wanted it, didn't you, you always wanted to suck me, didn't you?"

She paused and looked at me, whispering as she licked it, "I used to watch you and Mom, the way she made love to you this way. Did you know that?"

"Baby, I knew it and it really turned me on. I loved it, when I knew you were watching and I wondered if you wanted me."

"I used to masturbate as I watched and then go to my room and completely strip and spread and finger myself wildly thinking about you. Sometimes I would call out, "Suck me, Dad, suck me!" and wonder if I had been heard."

"I would have loved to hear it, sweetheart."

As she licked and sucked my prick I was probing her cunt with my fingers, gently.

"Oh, Susie baby, you know how to suck! Lover-sucking baby, suck your hot dad's prick like you always wanted to as you watched your Mom suck and lick it until I came on her face."

Now I was about to come and I wanted to spew her face with it, to come all over my daughter's loving mouth and breasts. My incestuous excitement was mounting and my words thrilled me as I uttered them.

"You used to sometimes walk around nearly naked to show me your ass and tits, didn't you?" I trembled with sexual frenzy as I whispered the question to her.

She paused and looked up at me. I could almost feel the steam from her, so hot had she become, her whole body filled now with goosebumps as she spoke of things never said before.

"Oh, Dad, yes, yes, I wanted you to see me, to see my ... tits. I wanted you to do to me what you had done with Mom. I loved it when you saw me like that. I loved to think about how hot you might get. How you might want me. How you would take me, make love to me."

"Oh, Susie baby," I cried out, "this is wonderful, but I'm going to come sweetheart, coming...."

I came over her, my gobs of come falling on her chin, her shoulders, her breasts and belly. Then I turned and licked her chin and she licked back. We swapped the gooey stuff as we twirled our tongues into each other. I leaned down and spooned more from her shoulder and brought it to her mouth, then repeated with the come on her breasts, then on her belly, bringing it all to her open mouth and dropping it in, while she waited patiently. Then I kissed her and she shot the load into my mouth and I shot it back as we fucked each other's hot mouths with our tongues.

At last we were done.

We had played out our own sex movie, one as taboo as the that in the theater, just as in that film, the taboo loving had played itself out before a more innocent and mundane sex scene on TV. Frame within frame within frame. Barriers erected, barriers torn down. Mother and son. Father and daughter. Fantasy and reality. Taboo. Taboo. It happened and now .... But that is for another story.

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