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Trick or Treat, Daddy?
by Deborah

( "Trick or Treat Daddy?" is Part Five of the sexual story of my life. "Hit and Run" which was posted on 10/20 was Part Four. I am purging my soul. Telling of my past sins is part of my repentance. )

My dad's birthday is October 31st. Right, Halloween. I never, ever have missed his birthday and always give him a very special present. My mother passed away several years before and now I was the only girl in my dad's life.

In my junior year of college, Halloween unfortunately fell during the middle of the week. I knew I would have to pull some strings to shake loose from my classes without being penalized.

I went to see Dean Robertson. "Dean, I simply have to go home for a few days and I don't want this to adversely affect my grades. I like making the Dean's List. Am I not number one on your list? I'm willing to negotiate."

Oh, well, I really didn't mind playing the role of Elvira's sister Lilith all that much. It got me in the mood for Halloween. According to some, the historical Lilith was the first vampire and invented fellatio.

I met the dean in his office very late the night before I left, wearing a long black cape with nothing underneath but a skimpy black bra and garter belt with the mesh stockings and lace. I was not wearing panties but I was wearing shoes, black spiked high heels.

My long painted red fingernails looked like claws I was sure. The fangs I made myself with Fimo baked polymer clay and tooth dye. With a little dental adhesive to hold them in place, I could even bite apples and other hard objects.

I was also wearing my black leather fur lined bondage cuffs around my wrists. Quite the attention getting fashion accessory. I had a larger pair for ankles in my purse.

"Dean Robertson, would you like to try these cuffs on?" I asked seductively.

Five minutes later he was clad only in his boxer shorts and spread-eagled on the oriental rug on the floor. I fastened the wrist cuffs to the legs of his heavy wooden chairs and the ankle cuffs to the legs of the large wooden and metal computer desk.

I kicked off my high heels and walked on him in my stocking feet very gently, knowing from previous experience he had a real fetish for tootsies. I let him lick and suck mine and then I gave him a foot job, massaging his cock over his shorts with my feet.

My claws raked over the dean's chest and legs until I drew blood. I nibbled his neck with my fangs. "Oh my, what is your wife going to say about these sucker bites?" I cackled.

Pulling on his boxer shorts, I got them down to his knees. "This isn't so frigging easy when somebody is spread-eagled, you know," I responded when he appeared amused at my struggling.

I sucked his cock playfully. Not serious sucking. "And just how would you like it tonight, Dean Robertson?" He told me what he wanted. No, he begged me.

The dean's computer desk was quite accommodating for bondage cuffs. How odd that the dean did not have a computer. The desk had metal tubing for legs and to support the shelves on the top rear corners. You can not imagine how perfect this desk was for proper restraint.

"OK," I instructed as I released the wrist cuffs temporarily, "stand up" and I helped him up. "Bend over and place your hands on the top of the desk." I re-cuffed his wrists to the metal tubes that supported the shelves.

Dean Robertson had a paddle sitting one corner. "For bad little girls?" I asked the dean and laughed. "I know what it's for!" and I smacked him hard on the ass.

I gave him ten good whacks. Before each one, I would ask questions like, "And just how many coeds have you screwed? " and "Just how many young ladies at this institution of higher learning have sucked your cock?" Before the tenth and final smack I asked, "And how many football players have fucked you up the ass?"

The harness I now wore had adjustable straps which allowed me to get it real snug and had a big red latex dong bolted on the front. I mean, you could do some big-time butt bumping with this apparatus and it never got loose or anything.

I had the dean screaming after the first couple thrusts; screaming for more. This was hard work. Geez, I was starting to work up a sweat.

Well, I didn't want the poor old dean to suffer a heart attack or something so I put an end to his pleasant suffering. I moved under the desk and gave him a real special blow job.

I left the dean cuffed to the desk. Oh, I knew he could get loose if he really tried. "I'll pick up my cuffs next week, Deano, when I get back from my trip home."

As soon as I arrived home my brother, Danny, started bugging me. He was a few month's away from getting his Learner's Permit and light years away from getting any pussy, as far as I could tell.

Danny and his best friend Ryan wanted me to drive them trick-or-treating. "Don't you think you guys are a little old for this?" I chastised.

"No, Sis, c'mon, drive us down to those subdivisions by the lake. We'll have some fun and get lots of candy, and those old widow ladies, they always give a handful of money."

"Maybe, Danny, what do I get in return? How about you two dudes go wash and wax my car. Deal?"

"Sure Sis. Will you trick or treat with us? Please?"

The idea of playing dress up again in my vamp costume did sort of appeal to me. "You guys vacuum the interior of my car spotless and I'll think about it. And fix my notebook computer that's sitting on the passenger seat. It locked up and I can't get Windows back or anything."

Well, I simply could not believe the job these two did on my little white convertible. They even rubbed off the tar spots and splattered bugs. My notebook was up and running again and they even installed a bunch of cool games and stuff.

"Ok, dudes, get your costumes on and I'll get mine on and we'll get an early start. I know some places we can hit this afternoon. Danny, we'll stop at your uncle Jack's tavern and scare him into giving me some free Bloody Marys and you guys some free Cokes."

I was in my bedroom getting ready, standing there almost naked when the two of them burst in.

"Holy shit!" Ryan exclaimed. "Look at those hooters! Those are better than the ones in our magazines, Danny."

"No kidding," my brother responded. "Like I haven't seen that pair before." Danny had walked in on me in the shower on more than one occasion, quite intentionally I assume.

I didn't even bother to cover up. "I hope you two got a damn good reason for busting in like this or I am going to kick both your scrawny little asses."

"Sis, Dad got in an accident! He wants you come pick him up at the mall. His car is being towed away."

"Ok, you two, I'll let you slide this time. Here, you want a closer look?" and I stuck my boobs in their faces. They looked like they were going to faint.

I threw on my clothes and rushed out.

"Daddy, what happened?" I cried as I rushed up to him as he stood talking to the police. He had a couple scratches but otherwise looked OK.

"Oh, no big deal. Accidents happen. That's why we have insurance. Run me down to that car rental place on 10th Street and I'll get something to drive while mine is in the shop."

At the rental place Daddy said he'd see me later. He still had some business matters to take care of and now he was running late.

I went back home and looked for Danny to tell him everything was fine. He and Ryan were up in his room. They didn't hear me. The door was slightly ajar and I pushed it open. I was shocked! They were both sitting on the floor against the wall, listening to the CD player blasting, their faces in girlie magazines with their hands stroking their dicks.

"Just what the fuck are you assholes doing?" I screamed and scared them shitless.

"Uh, umm, well, uh" they both stammered as they put their dicks back in their pants.

"Have either of you two ever had sex with girls?"

"No," they mumbled in unison somewhat sheepishly.

"What girls would have sex with us, Sis? We are geeks. Girls talk to us when they have computer problems, but other than that we don't exist. The jock types get all the pussy."

Well about this time I am really feeling bad for my brother and his buddy.

"Ok, I'll tell you guys what. You have to learn sometime. I'll teach you about the birds and the bees."

"First rule, you please the girl first. If you do, she'll always reciprocate enthusiastically and come back for more."

"Now, I want you to pay attention very closely." I removed my jeans and my panties. I thought four eyes were about to pop out of two stupid little heads. "Oh, what the hell, you already saw these," I laughed as I removed my blouse and bra.

I sat on Danny's bed and spread my legs. "This is a clitoris," I lectured as I put my finger on mine. "Very important. This to a girl is what your sorry little dicks are to you. Get it?"

"Danny, you go first. I want you to lick my clitoris. Ryan, you can kiss my breasts and nibble on my nipples while he is doing that. But keep your dicks in your pants, for now."

"Shit! Not like that Danny! You are not wolfing down a cheeseburger. Lick slowly, gently."

"Ok, that's better, that's good." Yeow, better than good. I really started squirming with the eagerness of his virgin tongue.

"Danny, I knew you had to have talent for something!" I stammered as I came for the first time.

"Ryan, you try it." This kid was smart. He paid attention and didn't make the same mistakes Danny did.

This went on until their tongues were swollen and they were having difficulty speaking intelligibly. That was nothing new but you could tell the difference between stupidity and overdosing on cunt juice.

"Sis," Danny finally got up the courage to ask, "Will you do it for us, I mean, what we did for you?"

"That's exactly what I had in mind, Danny, because if I don't, you two will squirt all over me before you ever get it in, once we get around to that."

"Stand up and drop your pants boys!"

I kneeled between them and did them both at the same time, going from one to the other. At times they were both in my mouth together. It took all of two minutes for both of them to shoot their loads in my mouth, down my throat and all over my face. Talk about yelling! You would have thought their favorite teams just won the Super Bowl. Well, they just won the Super Blow, no doubt about that.

They both collapsed on the bed, gasping, but I didn't let them rest for long.

For the next few hours I taught these two dudes how to make love to a woman. I taught them every position in the "Kama Sutra" and much more.

Just as I was about finished with their private lessons, we heard Daddy come home, and we all scrambled to get our clothes on. These two dudes followed me around like puppy dogs. I felt like a goddess. Unfortunately, being worshipped by a man doesn't seem to last long. And then you have to fuck and suck him again.

I drove them to the subdivisions and they got their bags filled with candy and money. One door was answered by several teen angels, teenage girls dressed as angels. They appeared to be a little older than Danny and Ryan.

"Hey, you guys, we are having a party," one said as she grabbed Danny by the arm and brushed her tits and wings up against him. "C'mon in and join the fun!"

I interrupted, "They have to run home with me and get the groceries out of the trunk. I have a bad back. They'll be back in half an hour and then I'll pick them up when the party is over."

"No, no need to pick them up, I have a car. I'll take them home," said the teen angel with the biggest boobs and I thought Danny and Ryan just might keel over in shock.

As we walked back to the car, Danny asked, very confused, "Sis, what are you talking about? You don't have any groceries in the trunk."

"No shit, Danny. I want to talk to you two assholes."

"Now look," I continued as we began driving, "when you go back there, act confident. You are no longer dweebs. Do you really think those jock types with their steroid shrunken heads can compete with you? If those girls come on to you, go right for the goodies, and act like you know what you're doing, because now you do, right? Now get it up! And here, take these condoms."

I dropped them off back at the scene of the party and went home. It was already after 11:00 and Daddy was in bed.

He heard me tiptoeing up to his bedroom. "Honey, is that you?"

"No Daddy, it's Lilith, queen of the vampires. I want to give you your birthday present before the clock strikes midnight."

"Honey, whaaa?" was all he could say as I opened the cape. I had removed my bra and was wearing just the garter belt and mesh stockings.

"Daddy, trick or treat?"

Daddy was up long after his birthday was over at midnight.

( Postscript: More about Daddy and me in my forthcoming Thanksgiving story "Gobble Gobble." )

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