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Taken on Valentine's Day
by Polo

It was Valentines Day when He "raped" you. We were out drinking. We came back late and stumbled into the apartment. You disappeared into the bathroom. After a while, I went in to see if you were ok. You were passed out on the floor. I decided to move you to the bed.

I grabbed you under the arms and started to drag you. I had trouble getting you on the bed, so I had to pull up your dress to get a better grasp. As I pulled it up past your hips, I noticed that your pussy was fully exposed. I reached down and began rubbing my cock through my pants. Before I knew it, I was spreading your legs.

I kept looking at you to see if you were waking up. I wanted to see your breasts, so I lowered the straps and removed your bra. I laid down beside you and began rubbing my cock against your skin, running it up and down your wet pussy. I couldn't help it. I steadied myself and eased into you. Ohhhhhh.

I reached for a stocking and put it over my head. I removed my shirt and turned the light out. And then you woke up. I didn't really notice as I was lying on top of you, staring down at my cock going in and out of your pussy. Your breasts bounced up and down as I fucked you.

"Whaaa?", you asked. "WHAT?? GET OFF OF ME!!! WHO ARE YOU??? TOMMY, HELP!!! Oh no!!! No! Get off me", you cried. You tried to push me off, but I grabbed your wrists. I was too turned on to stop. "Please, God", you said, "please don't hurt me".

You struggled, trying to regain your arms, but I had them pinned down. You tried to wrestle me off of you by pushing up with your hips and twisting, but I just pressed harder. You kept trying, so I slapped you. You continued to struggle, so I slapped you again. Then, finally, you just laid there and let me fuck you.

Your 42DD's bounced as I fucked you. I couldn't hold out. I came inside you; no condom. I got off and stood there. I looked at your pussy; my cum was dripping out onto the floor. Finally, you closed your eyes and passed out.

It was over a week before I fucked you again - before you let me. I was the one coming home late. You stopped me at the door and demanded to know where I'd been. "Quiet!", I said. "You're such a fucking whore!" "You want me to fuck you this soon after knowing that He was there - that some other guy's cock was inside you?". I could see that you remembered. "No, stay away from me, Tommy!", you said as you backed away. I leaped at you and slapped you, causing you fall to your knees.

I grabbed a handful of your hair and made you look at me. "You know what I did tonight? I got hard thinking of him fucking you!". I started to undo my pants. "Imagining you sucking his dick. Did you like that? You are such a whore" My dick was sticking right out into your face. "Here, take this in your mouth!!!", I shouted.

You shook your head and said "No, stop it!". I slapped you. "SUCK IT!", I demanded. "No...". I slapped you again. Then I just took the head of my cock and pressed it to your lips, slapping your face again until you opened your mouth.

I stuffed my dick down your throat. You gagged and I slapped you. "Give me the blow job I know you gave him!", I said, as I pumped in and out of your mouth. You kept gagging on it as I pushed it down your throat. I knew I was about to cum. I grabbed at your hair and pulled your head back. "Open your mouth!". You did and I shot load after load of my hot cum into your mouth, splashing your face. You tried to swallow, but some of it dribbled down the sides of your mouth.

I told you to get on your hands and knees. I put some K-Y on my finger and slipped it into your ass to lube it up, then I eased my dick into your ass. You tried to wiggle out, but I had a good grip on your hair with my left hand. My other was pushing and pulling my cock, getting it deeper and deeper. You were screaming in pain. Tears were streaming down your face. I came again, then pulled my dick out of your ass to a nice popping sound. "Next time, Sophia, I come in when I want". You just nodded as you lay on the floor sobbing, tears pouring down your cheek.

"One thing", you said. I turned to see you knock me to the floor. As I tried to look up, I saw you standing over me, your heel digging into my chest. "This shit goes both ways, bitch". You reached down and grabbed me by my hair and told me to kneel in front of you. "You are my bitch, isn't that right?", you asked, licking my lips with the softest kiss. I nodded.

"I thought so". You tied me to the chair, then disappeared for a minute or two. When you came back, you were wearing a strap-on. My jaw dropped to the floor. I knew what was coming. "You're not really going to...", I stammered. SMACK, your hand slapped at my face. You leaned in and whispered in my ear... "Ohhhh, come on. Are you denying that you can't wait to be fucked by this hard cock?". "I'm going to fuck you until you cum, bitch", you threatened.

"Damn. Ok, Ok" I said, "but please, untie me first". You rejected my request. You stood in front of me, your brand new toy pressed to my lips. You put your hands to the back of my head and pulled me to you. My mouth opened and I did as I was told. I became a blowjob queen, for you.

"Come on, please... Untie me?", I asked. This time, you agreed. You reached down and untied the straps. I rose to kiss you full on the lips, then pulled your arm behind your back. "Bad idea", I said. I grabbed a handful of your hair and guided you to the front door. I tied your hands and ankles together and left you there for a moment. I put my jeans on and walked you out into the hallway. I led you down to the elevator. I told you to kneel. You wouldn't, so I forced you down. I put a dog collar around your neck. The doors opened and we got inside.

33 floors to the lobby. Would any of the doors open this night? Would anyone see you, us? Where was I going to take you? What was I going to do with you? The doors closed and I sat you down on the railing, your feet on my shoulders. I sucked your clit into my mouth, teasing and massaging and driving you mad with pleasure.

I put you down. 20 floors to go...

"Any man that gets on this elevator gets a blow job from you, understood?". I slapped your ass to make sure you were paying attention. I reached to tie my shoes and you managed to untie yourself. You pushed my head into the floor of the elevator and stepped on me.

10 floors to go....

You got behind me and pulled my jeans to my ankles. You took the strap-on and guided it to my ass. "Any man that gets on this elevator gets to see what a bitch you are, is THAT understood?". I felt it push inside. You weren't using any lubricant. I screamed out. You pounded in and out, in and out, fucking me harder and harder with each passing floor.

2 floors to go....

The doors opened. No one was there. You reached over and pushed the "Emergency Stop" button. The doors kept from closing. You kept fucking my ass. Anyone could have walked by and saw us. When you were done, you told me to stand up. I looked at you. You looked at me. And then we smiled.

"Holy shit!", we laughed.

"So", you said, your arms reaching around to hug me. "When are we going to have an interesting experience?". We laughed, hit the button and closed the door for the night.

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