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The Older Woman
by Ledge166

For the first time in 10 years I was making an attempt to get fit. Not that I was horribly out of shape, just not fit - at 34 yrs of age and married I had drifted way from Rugby and squash, preferring to slip into the more comfortable golf and walking circuit.

I entered the small gym with apprehension, imagining a gaggle of super fit, muscle-bound personages just waiting to chuckle at my wheezing efforts. But it was not so, a man in his forties was stretching gently in one corner - he was covered in sweat and I presumed he was warming down. That was it, just him and me. I broke into my own stretching routine, feeling tendons twanging with disgruntlement. I decided on a ten minute warm up on the treadmill and was just getting into my rhythm when I noticed the other man staring into what I had previously thought was space, I followed his gaze and there, in the opposite corner behind a complex 'multi-gym' was a woman. She was lying on her back on a bench, above her were the spread arms of a bench press machine. She was breathing hard with her head hanging back over the bench, her face hidden - her large breasts heaving against the stretched pink fabric of a leotard that looked too small for her flabby stomach and tits that hung over and to the side of her rib cage. I carried on jogging and my eyes were drawn down to the unsuspecting woman's crotch, even through her thigh length skin tight shorts, (which were worn under her lycra leotard), a huge damp patch had leaked through. The size of my hand at least, the stain had darkened the fabric and caused it to cling even more to her folds - a big fat pussy was in there and it was either immensely turned on or she had dribbled piss with the obvious effort that she had exerted.

I managed a glance at the other guy and he caught my eye, I grinned conspiratorially and he returned it, sheepishly. Obviously embarrassed at being caught he hurriedly gathered his towel and bag before heading for the shower. The woman jumped at the sound of the door slamming, her tits and belly wobbled with the jump and she slowly sat up. I carried on jogging, my eyes fixed on space before nonchalantly glancing her way and flashing her a smile. She was older than I had thought - in her fifties perhaps - her dark brown, shoulder length hair was damp with sweat and hung round a chubby face. She was a very pretty woman and her pale green eyes gave a hint of her stunning youth. A full mouth, with extraordinarily puffy lips, was painted a bright red - contrasting to her swarthy skin. She returned my smile before closing her eyes and gently rotating her head through a series of stretches. As she did so, her magnificent tits rose and fell, as she was still sitting I watched them intently - huge things that sagged down to her ample belly then rose up as she stretched. So intent was my lust at this point that I did not notice that her eyes were now open until I realised that she had stopped stretching. I caught her eye and she gave a puzzled frown before leaning forward, flat to the bench - her breasts pressed flat between her knees on the narrow bench. I heard her inhale sharply and, as I watched her wide back, she tensed briefly - I guessed that she had smelt her secretions (whatever they were) between her fattish thighs. I slowed on the treadmill and then gave her the opportunity to get herself straight as I fiddled with the controls of an exercise bike - my back to her as I struggled to hide my own embarrassment - a stubborn erection that would not go away!

The program set, I mounted the bike and began pedaling, she was sat directly opposite me; knees spread wide as she straddled another bench while reaching up and behind her for the bars of the 'military press' machine. She pulled down behind her neck - the strain showing in her face and neck. Again her eyes closed, my gaze returned to her crotch. Outlined clearly now was her pussy - as puffy and fat as I could imagine and increasingly wet. With another grunt she pulled down on the bar and the dark patch of moisture grew visibly. I was only 2 yards away from her and a whiff of her cut through the stale sweat of the gym. I could not identify the smell - piss or juice? I didn't care as I increased the speed and felt the head of my dick rubbing faster against the loose folds of my, thankfully, baggy shorts. I thought that I would come from the friction, sight and smell but, as I was beginning to work up to top speed, she abruptly stopped, snapped her eyes open and stared right at me. I let out an involuntary "Oh!" and barely stopped short of coming there and then. She smiled again, stood up, stretched and then headed for the showers.

I completed my hour long workout, showered and headed up to the bar - fitness program or not, I was going to have a beer. As I sat sipping and reading the newspaper, a movement caught my eye. A matronly woman in a dull, tweedy suit of skirt and jacket topping a plain white blouse walked behind the bar and spoke to the bar maid briefly before scanning the room and catching my eye. It was 'my' woman! She poured herself a glass of wine and came round the bar to join me. Small talk ensued, she asked about me and I returned the chat while fidgeting in my seat to relieve the pressure. Here was a woman, old enough to be my mother, and I was sporting a raging hard on. I learned that she was a 53 year old widow who had spent the 3 years since her husband's death trying to unravel his business affairs - one of which was this gym - a secret place where he came to shag a succession of secretaries and whores. She had found out about it 2 months ago and had settled nearby with the aim of running the health club while getting into shape. "You're already in great shape." I managed lamely. She laughed and touched my hand briefly before stretching her shoulders back and pointing out that, "I could do with losing a few pounds and toning up the rest a little don't you think?" This was a new turn, she was inviting me to comment on her body and I had to tread carefully, I could be thrown out if I said what I really thought. "Whatever makes you comfortable I suppose," I tentatively suggested, "But?" she enquired. "But, well I managed to sneak a look or two and I had difficulty concentrating, I would hate to see you wasting away." She laughed out loud, "No chance of that, come on let's have some lunch - I'm Cheryl."

I followed her Range Rover a couple of miles out of town before turning up a long drive to an old, secluded farmhouse. She ushered me into a kitchen which was like something from a museum - all oak blocks and ironmongery. "What would you like to eat?" Cheryl asked as she took off her ugly jacket and tied on a functional apron. Time to bite the bullet, "At risk of being corny, I want to eat you."

Her eyes flashed up to mine - the green iris seeming to glint - "I'm old enough to be" but she faltered. "You saw me in skin tight and you saw me leaking. And you still want to eat me?"

She sounded genuinely surprised but was so 'upfront' that I replied equally. "Because I saw you in skin tight, I want to eat you. Because I saw you leaking, I want to drink you as well." I stepped forward and put my arms around her width before gently kissing her lips, then licking them with as faint a touch as possible. She stood motionless with eyes closed and arms hanging limp. I forced my tongue into her mouth and she came alive. Greedily sucking my tongue and chewing my lips, her hands squeezed me with surprising power, one hand on my arse the other behind my head. I ran my hands all over her back - taking time to stroke, caress and squeeze the magnificent arse that was so tightly enclosed in rough tweed. She was groaning and her huge tits were pressed against me - I had to bend my knees a little to kiss her and as I did so my right hand fumbled for the zip to her skirt. It was on the side and the encased flesh was pressing against her waist band. With a pop, her button came undone and I yanked the zip down. Her belly still held the skirt up but I worked my hand in to feel her arse cheeks. Clad in soft cotton, her arse was truly magnificent - big, firm and built to be squeezed. She whimpered on my shoulder and started to nuzzle my neck. I untucked her blouse and undid a couple of buttons. Starting at the waistband of her knickers I worked my hand up over the expanse of belly before hitting paydirt - tits encased in a bra that was a miracle of engineering - all wire, straps and heavy duty cloth. My cock needed to be freed. "Cheryl, let's go and get comfy love, I need to spend time over this." She grabbed my cock through my trousers, "Likewise." and she lead me upstairs to a bedroom that was plain, but for a kingsize bed and dressing table with mirror at its foot. Quickly I undressed before turning my attentions to Cheryl who was laying on the bed with a hand down the front of her already unbuttoned skirt, sawing back and forth at her pussy. She lifted her hips as I pulled the skirt free -her belly was big, her thighs were fat and her sopping wet knickers were unflattering in their cut, big and plain cotton. On anyone else they would have looked most unsexy.

But on Cheryl they were perfect, I told her so and dropped to sniff the wet patch, gently nuzzling. She made to pull me closer but I broke free and helped her out of her blouse - the aforementioned bra was indeed a 'passion killer' and I counted 6 clasps at the back as I undid them. Freed at last, her superb tits flopped either side of her as she laid on her back - dressed only in her knickers which were cutting into her lower belly. Her nipples were black on her olive skin, over 3 inches across with the nubs as big as my thumb and sticking straight out. Immediately I dropped to them and gently sucked. "Harder," she gasped "bite me, please, chew me." I complied and dropped my left hand to her twat and rubbed through her knickers. They were drenched and I could feel her lips slopping back and forth, they felt huge. As I rubbed, she went into spasm, clenching my hair with one hand and her ignored left breast with the other. I continued to rub as she came and fluid gushed out of her, soaking my hand.

Her smell filled the room as she lay back gasping, recovering. Tickling her belly softly, I followed down with my mouth, licking nipping and sucking the fat. Her stretchmarks seemed to glow white against the darkish skin, and as I got down to her pussy the sweet smell became overpowering -it was indeed a mixture of piss and come - far from turning me off, I couldn't wait to lap it up. I wrenched her knickers down causing her to grunt, the sight which met my eyes almost finished me. The biggest gaping pussy I ever saw was just 2 inches in front of my face. The slit was some 4 inches long and the outer lips were as fat as liver, and protruded some 2 inches. Her pussy lips were almost black, her insides, bright pink - suggesting to me that this woman had some afro-Caribbean in her make up. Topping and surrounding this monumental gash was a forest of dark hair - creeping up her cellulite covered thigh with my tongue towards the most beautiful prize imaginable, I stroked softly over her pubic hair. I gently covered her mound with my hand before teasing her forest between my fingers, pulling it slightly until the root pulled against the gargantuan mound of flesh that was her mons.

Halfway up to her deeply hidden belly button crept her pubes and then down her thighs, way below her knicker line. Pushing her legs wider I went to work with my tongue; I parted her thick curls and gently lapped up the length of her sloppy right lip. The taste of her was out of this world, she shuddered and I could see, in her depths, the muscle contraction as further mingled juices spurted all over my face - I would have gladly die of this and I said as much. Cheryl gasped in reply; "My husband would never suck me, he said it was disgusting the way that I pissed when I came." Fucking idiot didn't know what he was missing. I lapped and pulled her apart even further with my fingers, she was clawing at my head and pinching her nipples so hard that her tits were pulled up, obscuring her face at times. At the top of this feast lay her, surprisingly small, clitoris - maybe it was an optical illusion caused by the size of her twat, but she went mad when I took it, hood and all, between my teeth. Screams of joy mingled with obscenities were thrown out, wracked by grunts as she squirted more 'mother's milk' into my waiting mouth.

Again I let her subside, laying quietly beside her, I covered her tits with her own juice, softly touching as I went. Her twat so huge that I knew my five and a half incher (don't forget the half please...) would barely touch the sides but an alternative presented itself as she roused up. She maneuvered her bulk around the big bed and squatted over me in a 69, drops of her come/piss glistened in her long pubes, some dripping onto my face - they were much colder than before... Bending down along me, she engulfed my cock in her power suction mouth - no teasing, no play, just straight down to the root with her tongue flicking like a cobra all the way down. It felt delicious and I strained up to lick her again. Her twat was so engorged with blood, so immensely aroused and wet that it looked like a wound with puffy flaps splayed outwards, displaying her insides in all their glory. As she licked around my tightly stretched foreskin she wanked me roughly before sucking me straight down again. She established a rhythm and rested down on her elbows, thus spreading her legs further. Her massive tits and big belly pressed against the entire length of my body, Pausing in my licking, I looked at the forested crevice of her arse, coated my finger with pussy juice and burrowed through to her arsehole. She froze and released my cock from her mouth saying "No. No not there, I've" she faltered, I've never done that, my husband was, well, too big."

I stopped and looked down at her face - craned round to look at me - "Have you only ever had sex with your husband?"

"Yes." She looked away and continued with her sucking, but half heartedly. I managed to wriggle from under her and we laid on our sides, looking at each other.

I said nothing, but started kissing her madly, tweaking her nipples with hard pinches - she loved it. She pulled me on top of her, grabbing me by the cock and feeding it into her cavernous twat. It felt great - although so loose, the folds and flaps were so long that I was engulfed in a hot, slippery glove. A couple of minutes and I managed to flip her over onto her front, Cheryl got the message and adopted the position. I buried into her, gripping her by the beautiful arse that was upturned. I could just about reach round to her tits and clit, rested across her back and rubbed her towards oblivion. Back onto my knees I carried on ramming while lubricating my right hand with her gushing juices. As the first signs of approaching orgasm showed themselves - hunching over, arching back - I teased her puckered, brown hole with my little finger. She grunted but showed no sign of resentment! I forced the first knuckle in and marveled at the heat from her. Cheryl reached forward to her dressing table, I saw what she was after and reached for it. Massage oil. Bingo! Coating my knob liberally and squirting some oil up inside her arse, I inserted my thumb and wiggled it around a bit, she moaned with a mixture of pleasure and, I believe, a little pain.

I spread her cheeks as wide as they would go and pressed my dick against her shit hole. I didn't think it was going in, the resistance was immense, but then I slid in past what felt like a barrier and two inches were in. Cheryl screamed then purred like a cat. "Fuck me up there, please - push it in, gently." Every little push resulted in a ripple of pleasure through Cheryl's fantastic body, until I was buried as far as I could go. The furnace that was Cheryl's arse, gripped me as I slowly pulled out before pushing firmly back in. It became easier and we worked to a beautiful timing getting rougher until I was slapping into her brown hole. I was too far gone to know what Cheryl was doing, and I didn't care. I screamed "I'm coming!" as loud as I could and erupted wads of semen into her arse before collapsing across her broad back, completely spent.

I came round about half an hour later, aware that there was something dripping on my face. I opened my eyes and there, just above my nose, was Cheryl's glorious twat. My come was running out of her arse hole and mixing with the controlled dribble of piss across my face. Grinning, I said "Let it go gorgeous, all over me." A torrent of piss, scalding hot, cascaded over my face and I nearly choked as I lay there laughing. Having wiped herself on my nose and tongue, she lay beside me, I had to ask the question - "If you haven't had sex with any man but your husband, who massages you with oil?"

"Oh," she almost blushed, "that would be my girlfriend." I lay looking at her with clear amazement, I kissed her. This was going to be great fun!


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