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Thoughts of You
by Amor ad Vincula

I lie here awake from a restless night. Unable to sleep, my mind drifts to thoughts of you and us. My love for you so strong and powerful, so deep and intense that mere words can not express it. I smile to myself as I hear your slow rhythmic breathing, so peaceful and relaxed as you sleep soundly next to me.

My mind wanders, my body warming with desire as I begin to long for your touch. I fantasize of you, of pleasing you. My hand slides gently from your chest as I turn slowly onto my back. You stir slightly but your quiet contented sleeping is not disturbed. I lie next to you and dream of your touch, recalling it's tenderness upon my skin and the intensity with which it inflicts the pain I've grown to crave. My mind races to the last time I felt the soft leather strands against my flesh, biting, stinging as you repeatedly reminded me of my submission to you. Your gentle loving touch enhanced by the power of your blows telling me that you own my heart and soul. All that I am belongs to you, body and mind satisfied and contented by your loving gentle strength.

My hands move slowly across my belly to my breasts. My nipples become firm as my fingers lightly dance over them. I smile as I recall the last caress of the leather upon them. I gently tug them coaxing them to grow harder. I imagine you standing before me, looking down at me with expectation and pleasure. Your desire becoming obvious as you grow harder. Your soft smile melts me as my body aches with the desire to please you. I slowly reach for the clamps and gently secure them to my hard nipples. The chain connecting them feels so cold against my warm flesh. I slip a finger beneath the chain and gently tug it, pulling it to my mouth. My nipples stretch as I part my lips and gently guide the chain to between my teeth, I hold the chain in place as my engorged nipples darken. I manage a smile from around the chain as I slide my hands lower being careful to avoid the clamps that hold my tender buds.

My hands gently move over my tummy, caressing the soft skin as my body begins to burn with desire. Slowly I bend my knees slightly, my legs instinctively part as I watch you begin to stroke your hardness. My hands helplessly move to my smoothly shaved mound, my fingers trace the soft sensitive skin as you watch my body grow with lust. My eyes focused on yours, speaking to you of my love and desire for you. I inhale slowly as a finger traces along my wet slit, my lips swollen and puffy as my sex burns for you. I try so hard to resist probing deeper but I weaken with desire as my fingers find my hard swollen nub. My body responds, a soft moan escapes my lips.

You stroke harder and continue your gaze upon me, your look loving yet firm as its conveys the command of my discipline in resisting my own pleasure. I know it is you I must please, it is your pleasure that satisfies me and that personal pleasure beyond that is empty and unfulfilling, unless the Man, the Master I love and have given my life to is pleased and content. My eyes look to you pleading, my nipples strained and stretched clutched tightly within the clamps. I move my hands to my smooth heat and slowly part the swollen folds for you. You see my desire, my want for you as I offer myself for your pleasure. The pink folds gently part and glisten with my desire for you. I tilt my hips slightly as my legs part a bit wider, my juices ooze from my hole to my tight puckered ring. You know I offer both to you, to use as you wish for your pleasure. You whisper your command for me to touch myself and I do so without hesitation.

Instinctively my fingers move to caress and circle my hard swollen clit. Moaning again, I unwittingly tug on the chain I still hold in my teeth. The gentle pain in my nipples sparks a surge of pleasure to my clit as I rub it firmly. You move closer tracing my tight puckered hole pressing gently against it before sliding a finger inside. I clench tightly being too distracted by pleasure to relax its grip upon you. You move it slowly and deliberating stretching me as your cock grows even larger beneath your grip upon it. You ease your finger from my tight ass and I wait in curious anticipation. You smile again as you thrust 2 fingers deep inside my sex, you slip them in and out easily in rhythm with my own fingers upon my clit. You slip another finger inside me as your stroke your hard cock faster moving slowly to between my opened legs. I moan again, my movements tugging the chain. My nipples scream with pain as my body responds to pleasure. I feel my body tense as pleasure builds. My eyes never leave yours as you smile and nod, permitting me to cum. My heart races and my breath becomes ragged as my orgasm builds. Your fingers move skillfully and quickly as I rub my clit. My eyes close as my orgasm approaches, you stroke harder.

You whisper to me that you want my cum and with that I moan loudly, my body begins to shudder. My body shakes with pleasure as I whisper your name, telling you I love you. My body relaxes into contentment and I smile looking up at you. Your face now reddened and intense as you stroke your hardness firmly. You close your eyes and I feel your pleasure explode, splashing against my skin, covering my hand as my finger still slowly works my clit. I moan as I feel your warmth spray my breasts and my face. I slowly release the chain and lick a drop from my lip. I smile and moan quietly, loving your taste. You look down at me and smile. You slip your fingers from me and move them to my mouth.

You trace my lips before slipping your fingers wet with my juices into my mouth. I suck them eagerly devouring my taste as it mingles with your own pleasure. You lean and kiss me deeply, a kiss of contented pleasure that I have been so lucky to bring you. You crawl next to me and gently remove my clamps. My nipples so painful and dark, you take each tenderly into your mouth and suckled them, caressing them with your tongue. You kiss me again and roll onto your back. I turn and resume my position curled up next to you, head in the crook of your arm, my hand placed upon your chest over your heart.

I smile as I drift off to slumber once again, happy and content to have pleased you. I think happily to myself, "Sono una ragazza fortunata!"

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