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Thinking of You
by Maqueuse

You're gone, of course, by the time I wake up. I reach my hand over to the empty pillow beside me and feel that it is cold. You left a while ago. I hug the pillow to my chest, and pretend it's you for a while. I don't want to get up, and I don't have to go to work. I want you with me as I wake up, and I close my eyes and think of last night.

A smile forms on my lips, and my pussy twinges thinking of your cock driving into me, and your lips on my nipples sucking and biting. You aren't here and I'm getting so hot. I cuddle closer to the pillow trying to think of it as your chest, and pull the blanket around my shoulders as if it was your arms. I can smell your scent on the pillows and on me. We fell asleep together. You were still inside me and your cum has dried on my thighs.

I get out of bed to go take a shower, and as I pass the mirror I see the marks you left on my neck, breasts and stomach. I turn on the hot water and grab a towel and wash cloth from the closet. I step under the spray and as the hot water hits my body I notice that my nipples are hard. I begin to wash starting on the inside of my thighs. As I run the cloth on the upper part of my thighs I notice that there is another wet heat down there that has nothing to do with my shower.

I continue to wash, taking my time and running the cloth slowly over the outside of my pussy. I don't shave it anymore. You love to see my bush wet from wanting you. I open my legs a little more and rub the cloth between my pussy lips, moaning a little when it rubs my clit. It feels so good it reminds me of your tongue, it's rough, warm, and wet. It felt so good I do it again, and again. Stopping when I'm short of breath.

I take the cloth and bring it up to my neck, shuddering when it touches the back of my neck, one of your favorite places to kiss me. I rub the sides of my neck and down to my breasts. I rub the cloth around both of them, stopping occasionally to pinch and rub my nipples. The cloth again feels remarkably like your tongue on me. I moan a little as my nipple draws up even more.

I've dropped the cloth, the pretense of showering is gone. I turn so the hot water pounds the front of my body, then drop my head onto the tile. It feels so cold on my forehead. I wish you were here. Some of our best times were in the shower, with you kneeling behind me as I'm on my knees. Pushing into me from behind, and squeezing my breasts. You reach one of your hands down to my clit and begin to rub it even as you pound into me.

I'm so hot for you by now that I am moaning out load. I pull the shower head down off the wall and lay down on my back in the tub. I slowly put my hand between my legs and feel my clit. I start to rub it even as I spread my legs wide in the bath tub. It feels so good. Not as good as you, though. I take the shower head and turn it to a message setting. It begins to spurt hard forceful drops of water out of it in little streams. I run it over my breasts and begin to message them harder. Running my hands down my stomach to my pussy. I start teasing myself. Rubbing one finger on the outside of my pussy, and then use one hand to open it completely. I begin to finger my clit slowly. Making tiny circles, and my hips start to move with my hand.

I take the shower head and pull it down between my thighs. The water stream now begins to hit my clit in short little bursts. I can't stop my hips from moving, but it is moving the stream of water from my clit so I try to keep still. I begin to moan and start circling one finger over my hole not pushing hard. The wetness that I feel makes me so hot that I slip the tip of my finger into myself. Thinking of how much I want that to be your tongue.

I close my eyes and drop the shower head and start to feel a warm throb deep within me. I start to finger my clit with one hand and put as much of my two fingers from my other in my pussy that I can manage from that position. It isn't much, but I feel the tremors in my pussy and a warmth goes over my body as I begin to cum. Shaking and moaning I continue to finger my pussy until my hips arch upwards, and my hand falls away limply. I stay at the bottom of the bath tub floor for a while, the warm flow of water from the forgotten shower head flows over my lower back and ass. The cool air above me is drying the water on my nipples making me shudder occasionally, and my pussy twinges once in a while in the aftermath of my orgasm.

I push myself up from the floor of the shower, and turn off the water. I walk into the bedroom and begin to look for something to wear, all the while I am using a towel to wipe the water off my body. The phone begins to ring and I pick it up. And listen to your voice float up from the receiver, "Hi Sweetheart, what have you spent all morning doing?"

I smile and say into the phone in a husky voice, "Thinking of you."

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