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The Party
by Steplianna

The party was in full swing by the time I arrived at the frat house. Music was blaring, people were talking, dancing, and already many couples were attempting to find empty rooms to fuck their dates in.

I walked over to the punch table and poured myself a glass and taking a sip I surveyed the dance floor. Finishing my glass, I pour another and down it before I head to the floor to dance. I sway my hips to the beat and close my eyes letting the music control me. Several guys caress my body and dance with me as I succumb to the music.

You watch me from the corner of the room. My dress rides up high enough so that you can tell that I am not wearing any panties and you can clearly see the sweat running down my neck and between my breasts, the large globes swinging freely in the backless dress. Images flash through your mind and you can see yourself kneading and sucking my hard nipple and hear my cries of pleasure as you bury yourself in my pussy. Growing harder by the second, you decide it is time...

The dancing is making me euphoric and the salsa beat is turning me on a little, making my nipples hard and tenting my dress. Each guy that comes along to dance with me runs his hands along my body or bumps and grinds with me, adding to the heat raging inside me. I see you walk through the crowd, straight towards me. I watch as my body keeps moving.

You approach me and cup my hips, hauling me closer to your body. I gasp and look into your eyes, a little shocked at the bold move but you grind into me, revealing that your dick is hard. Its considerable size and length cause my body to burn. Smiling, I wrap my arms around your neck and brush and press my body against yours flirtatiously as we continue to dance.

Meeting my challenge, you press your leg between mine and rub it against my pussy, making me whimper in pleasure. Out of control, I rock my hips against yours in a plea for more...smiling, you refuse to give it and keep dancing, still rubbing your leg against my pussy, enjoying your control over me.

Feeling your lust for me raging out of control, you hear the song end and grab my hand, tugging me off the floor and up the stairs. Wordlessly, I follow, the burning in my body too much to bear.

You take out a key and unlock a door. Ushering me inside you lock it behind us. Then pressing me against the door, you kiss me hard. My lips open under the pressure of yours and our tongues surge out to meet and duel with each other. I whimper as your hands slide up from my hips to my breasts, kneading them roughly. My hands cup your head, deepening the kiss.

Your fingers pluck at my nipples, pinching and rolling them between your fingers hard, almost to the point where it is painful, but there is no pain...only sensation. Breaking the kiss, you pull the straps of my dress down my arms and watch as the red silk falls to my feet.

Slowly, your eyes peruse my body on its way back up to my eyes. My feet encased in three inch strappy sandals, my long, slim, but toned legs, my inner thighs glistening with pussy juice, evidence of how wet I am, and I see your tongue snake out to lick your lips at the thought of lapping it up from my thighs and pussy. The brown hair covering my trimmed pussy, small waist, large, full, and firm breasts with the large rosy nipples--your eyes linger there--up to where you can see my hearth thundering in the hollow of my throat, up to my bruised and swollen lips and finally to my smouldering green eyes, where you get your answer to the silent question.

Reaching out, I try to haul you in for another kiss, but smiling, you evade my grasp by dropping to your knees and spreading my legs wide. I have to bite my lip to keep from screaming as your lips and tongue delve into the depths of my pussy. Your tongue makes long laps at my pussy, making sure to hit my clit every time before shooting up into my cunt. My hands clutch in your hair to pull you closer. Your teeth nibble on my clit and your tongue fucks my cunt at a mad pace, causing me to writhe against the door.

Suddenly, my body begins to quake and I let out a long and continuous cry as I flood your mouth with pussy juice. Eagerly, you make sure to lap up every last drop.

While I calm down you take the opportunity to take your clothes off and I see just how hung you really are. My eyes widen in surprise as your jeans fall to the floor and you step out of them. Licking my lips, I fall to my knees to take it in my mouth but you pick me up and slam me back against the door saying you want to cum in my pussy and not my mouth before wrapping my legs around your hips and ramming your dick into my pussy as hard and fast as you can, catching my shriek of joy in your mouth as we kiss to the furious rhythm of your thrusts.

My hands claw at your back and shoulders. My nails causing blood to slowly ooze out of the claw marks. Breaking the kiss I throw my head back to pant encouragements for more and, amazingly, you turn up your speed and tempo up a notch. Biting your way down my throat as you fuck me, you reach the point where my neck meets my shoulder just as you are ready to cum and you clamp your teeth into it hard, shouting as you cum.

The combined sensations of the bite and the feel of your cum hitting and flooding my pussy, triggers a chain reaction in my body, causing me to cum as well, this one even more violent than the first. Spent and drained, we fall to the floor, still joined and exhausted, immediately falling asleep...

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