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The Promise
by Snakedanz

They walked along Central Park West holding hands after the violent rainstorm. They held hands and kicked wet leaves together. They laughed, held hands, pushed each other - as lovers are prone to do- and enjoyed the warm summer night. A quick glance made passersby think of a couple in love. The way he protected her as they crossed streets made her feel safe and secure. No one would realize the inner turmoil she was grappling with as this idyllic couple meandered through New York's mean streets. Another person would never imagine how frightened she was. She had made him a promise, and, tonight was the payoff!

They reached their destination and she went to take a shower while he dimmed the lights and turned down the bed. She stepped into the bedroom, wearing a leopard skinned teddy, with a look of apprehension on her face that she could not disguise. The teddy could not disguise her full figured beauty. The legs that she thought were too big were magnificent to him. He couldn't wait to lotion them from top to bottom. He smiled and said, "Honey, why don't you make us a drink while I shower?" He kissed her as he went past and she shuddered involuntarily. The promise was still on her mind.

When he returned from the shower, he was wearing silk boxer shorts, which did nothing to hide his tremendous erection. He accepted his drink and said, "I propose a toast to promises made and promises fulfilled." She smiled, they clicked glasses, and drank to the toast. He kissed her and she seemed to recoil. He smiled the smile that had made her fall in love with him in the first place and she tried to relax. He said, "Boo, I'll never hurt you on purpose, so I'll release you from your promise if you like. It won't be right if we don't enjoy it together."

She said, "Daddy [a term of endearment, not her father - ed.], I'm not going to renege, but, I'm just a little nervous." He drank from his champagne glass, put it aside and suddenly kissed her deeply. She automatically responded and they immersed themselves in the give and take of serious soul kissing - tongues-- fighting, surrendering, lightly touching each other, and fighting again. He laid her on the bed and she could feel his hardness pressed against her thighs.

He rubbed her body, lightly, roughly, grabbing some places firmly and others lightly. He began to kiss her impressive breasts and she squirmed in the lovely torment. He lavished kisses on her stomach, stuck his tongue in her navel and constantly rubbed her gorgeous thighs. He started kissing through the forest that was between her legs and she couldn't contain herself any longer. She moaned loudly and it was like a signal to him. He slipped her clitoris between his lips and sucked it until she thought she was going to die. He licked, he sucked, she moaned , she squirmed. His free hands rubbed and pulled the nipples of her breasts until she thought she was going to explode.

Her first orgasm came as a complete surprise, until she realized she was gripping the back of his head so hard she thought she was hurting him. She begged him to stop, and he did!

He lifted his head from her thighs and said, " This is just the beginning." He then grabbed a bottle of warm baby oil and poured some between his fingers.

He started kissing her toes, then he applied baby oil. He kissed her shins and then, baby oil! He kissed and licked behind her knees and put baby oil on her legs from toe to knee and rubbed it in. She had never had an experience like this and constant moans and murmurs escaped from her lips. Suddenly he thrust his hard dick in her mouth and she sucked it voraciously. She sucked the head, she licked him, she sucked him deep and she gave him short strokes. She paid particular attention to the big vein she could feel throbbing in her mouth. He watched her and encouraged her with his grunts and groans. Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and told her to turn over.

She was so taken over sexually that she could do nothing but comply. He began to lotion the backs of her legs. He took his finger, lotion dripping on her back and began to coat her anus. He slowly inserted it into her ass and she tightened up. He said, "Honey, if you're going to take it and enjoy it, you have to relax. If it hurts too much, I'll stop." It wasn't the pain or the fear of pain that had her paralyzed. It was the realization that this was the ultimate step in their relationship. She thought to herself, "If I give him this, there's nothing left for me to give. I'll be giving him my all." Meanwhile, he was kissing and sucking her neck, sticking his tongue in her ear, -doing all those things she loved. Finally she said in a low guttural growl, "Give it to me, give it all to me Daddy."

He raised up and stuck the head of his dick between the crack of her ass. He slowly eased it in, careful not to rush when suddenly she screamed, "Stick it in Baby, all the way, right now." He cheerfully complied. He had always thought he had never had sex with a woman whose pussy was as tight as hers. Even if true, he had never probed the depths of an ass as tight and sweet as this. He fucked her hard, he fucked her slow and she kept up with the rhythm of his every thrust. When he settled down and started long-dicking her, he finally broke through into the second corridor. The second corridor is a place that, when reached, squeezes the head of the dick, while the first corridor squeezes the shaft. She matched him stroke for stroke. He went fast, she went fast, he slowed, she slowed.

Suddenly it was upon him, the beginnings of his orgasm. There was no need for talk. The simultaneous grunts and groans, the moans and whimpers from them both spelled out the inevitable. She could feel his dick grow with the onset of his release. She had never been filled so completely, he had never been so fulfilled. Then he howled, "This is it baby, I'm coming." His dick swelled, she bucked uncontrollably beneath him, she said, " Fuck my ass, come in my ass!" The head of his dick felt like it was growing to the bursting point. The incredible heat and tightness of her ass had finally worked its magic. He squirted, he gushed, she trembled, she raised her ass to him. With one final push it was all over. He gave her every drop of his sperm.

He laid on her back, panting, sweating, trying to catch his breath. She lay beneath him, trembling all over as post-orgasmic shocks traveled throughout her body. Finally he said again, " To promises made and promises fulfilled."

She said, " Yes, but, don't forget, your promise is next." !!!

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