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The Present
by Chopper

This was going to be Larry's best birthday ever, one he had always wanted and one he'll never forget, Janet thought to herself as she waited at the airport's Delta Airlines gate.

She had gone to great expense to track down and talk to her old friend Peggy to ask her to come to Little Rock for this. She had found her in Indiana and it had been no trouble to persuade her to do this.

Peggy was easy to spot as she came up the ramp. She hadn't changed much at all, maybe a couple of added pounds, but basically she looked the same. She was right in front of Janet before she recognized her.

"Janet, is that you?" she exclaimed, hugging me tightly at the same time.

"It is me," I answered back.

"It is so good to see you, and this is going to be so much fun, and your husband knows nothing right."

"He doesn't suspect a thing, and this will be the mother of all birthday presents as far as he is concerned. Let's get your bags and get you checked into the hotel""

After finally finding Peggy's bag, the two good looking women headed for the Embassy Suites just a few miles away. Janet parked in the parking deck. Before getting out of the car Peggy pulled Janet to her and kissed her passionately. Janet returned the kiss, parting her lips and things got pretty hot in the front seat.

"Let's get me checked in."

"Good idea, come on."

As usual it seemed to take forever to get checked in, but finally the two women made it to the room. The door had hardly shut behind them when they embraced again. As they were kissing Peggy slipped her hand inside Janet's blouse and undid her bra and pulled it off. She lowered her head and began sucking and biting Janet's nipple of one breast and feeling the other.

"Oh Peggy that feels so good, I can't believe it's been over 20 years since we've been together."

"I know, this may be for Larry's birthday but its going to make me very happy to."

"We don't have much time, I told Larry to meet me in the sports bar at six, and its after five now."

As she was saying this, Peggy had already slipped her jeans down and was nuzzling her pussy through her panties. Janet was already getting wet as Peggy slipped her panties down too.

"Just a quick preview ok," and with that she ran her tongue all the way up and down Janet's slit.

Peggy kept on sucking and licking Janet's cunt until both were moaning and groaning. Janet fell back on the couch, kicking her panties and jeans all the way off.

Peggy quickly slipped out of her clothing and got on the couch.

"Let's sixty nine," Peggy breathlessly said.

Peggy turned around and slid down to Janet's cunt, at the same time lowering her pussy to Janet's face. Janet grabbed the ass cheeks hovering above her and started gently kissing Peggy's neatly trimmed bush. Peggy's pussy was already wet covering her face in love juice in just a matter of seconds.

Both women were moaning and groaning and could barely stay on the couch as they rolled around in their sixty-nine position.

"I've waited so long to taste you again," Peggy said in a muffled voice as she continued burying her face into Janet's cunt.

Janet just moaned something unintelligible back because she couldn't tear her face away. It took only about two minutes until Peggy was pumping her ass up and down frantically. Janet had to really hold on to her old friend's ass to keep her mouth and tongue on and in her.

"Janet, Janet I'm cumming, oh god don't stop please don't stop, I'm cumming on your face baby here it comes oh, oh so good so good."

Janet could feel the tremors as Peggy humped her cum covered face. As Peggy's orgasm subsided she slipped a finger in Janet's cunt and fucked her hard and fast. The smell of sex was in the room as Peggy ran her tongue around Janet's clit gently biting and licking.

Between the tongue working on her clit, the finger pumping in and out of her pussy and Peggy's cunt still in her face Janet exploded.

"That was so good," Janet whispered to Peggy as she licked her own juices off of Peggy's face and finger.

"I've brought some toys to make tonight interesting for your husband."

"Great, and I've got to get dressed and meet him."

Larry was already at the bar having his usual bourbon and coke when he saw his wife walking toward him.

"Hi babe," his usual greeting.

"Hi," and she kissed him quickly on the lips. Larry could swear he tasted pussy, but knew that he was probably dreaming.

"You want something to drink."

"No, I just came down to meet you. Why don't you have another drink and give me about thirty minutes to go back to the room and get ready. I've got a surprise for you."

"Sexy outfit."

"Could be, you'll just have to wait and see, ok."

"OK, I'll be up in thirty minutes," he told her, leaning over to kiss her again. And again he thought he could taste another woman.

Larry had another drink, nursing it for the next half-hour because he wanted to be sober when he got to their room.

Larry began daydreaming about what Janet might have up her sleeve, wishing she might surprise him with another woman. This was something that he had always found erotic, two women kissing, two women having oral sex, two women doing just anything. He remembered when he found out that his wife had once had an affair with another woman. He had found out one day when he found some letters from a girl named Peggy right after he married Janet. He couldn't help himself, he had read all the letters and had such a hard on. The girls, whose pussy his wife had tasted was a very pretty lady, he had met her once at the radio station where he was working. Just thinking about the two together drove him crazy.

Larry unlocked the door and stepped into the living room of the suite. His wife called from the bedroom to come on in. Stepping into the bedroom he was shocked and stunned. His wife lay naked on her back with a girl between her legs sucking playfully.

"Larry I want you to meet our old fantasy friend Peggy."

"Hello Larry, happy birthday and welcome to your party, why don't you get out of those clothes."

Larry's legs were weak and shaky, but he did as he was told, stripping down to nothing

"Come get on the bed with me and Peggy."

Again still in a state of shock he did as he was told.

Peggy and Janet started kissing deeply with Peggy on top. Larry's cock was so hard he couldn't believe it. Janet pushed the other woman's head to her tits. She worked them over until you could see the wetness on Janet's nipples.

"Eat my pussy baby, show Larry how good your are."

Peggy kissed her way to the treasure box and slowly began licking up and down Janet's slit. She then began working on her clit with her tongue. Peggy was really getting into now as you could tell from the sounds escaping from Janet. Peggy's mouth felt so good on her. She was about to cum already.

Larry was in heaven, he was jerking off like mad and lasted about two minutes before cumming all over his wife's tits. When Janet saw his cum splattering all over her she came too.

"Oh Peggy I'm cumming lick me lick me" and she came and came and just seemed to keep on cumming forever. Peggy then licked Larry's cum off of Janet and then kissed her.

"I can taste both of you," Janet said.

Larry was still hard as a rock and couldn't believe this was happening.

Next he watched as his wife put on a strap on dildo. Peggy helped her with it getting it good and tight. Peggy then took the six inch fake cock in her mouth and sucked it until it was very wet. She then got up on all fours. Larry watched as the woman he loved rubbed the dildo up and down Peggy's slit. Peggy's cunt was already soaked and the cock went right in. Larry watched his wife's beautiful ass as she started pumping away at Peggy from behind. Peggy was already moving her ass in tandem with Janet and both women were making so much noise Larry thought someone might call security.

Janet could see how wet the cock was with pussy juice each time it came out of Peggy's snatch, and she couldn't believe how good it felt as each time she rammed the strap on in it hit her clit.

"Give it to me baby fuck my pussy, yeah, yeah you're doing it good, I'm so wet I must be dripping all over the place."

Janet could tell that Peggy was about to come and she was too.

"Are you cumming Peggy, come lets cum together." She was now shoving the cock in and out so fast it was almost a blur. She looked at Larry and his hand was moving just as fast.

"Come on let's all cum together, come on Larry, come on Peggy."

The noise between the three was unbelievable. They all came at the same time with the women screaming and Larry joining in with loud moans as he shot all over Peggy's ass. They all collapsed together in the middle of the bed.

"Happy birthday, baby."

"Happy birthday, Larry. Did you like your present?"

Larry was speechless.


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