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The Party
by Slick

Her lover had called her this morning at work and told her he wanted her to meet him at a house party later that evening. He gave her the address and told her how he wanted her to dress. He liked her to wear provocative, revealing clothes. He liked to show her off and watch as other men reacted to her. As she got ready after work, she let her mind wander to the night ahead. Her lover was always testing her limits, trying to see how far she would go. She wondered what he had planned for tonight.....

She walked into the party and, after accepting a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, her eyes roamed the room looking for him. She saw him on the far side of the crowded room- talking to a beautiful woman. She felt a pang of jealousy as she watched him smile and laugh at something the woman had said- oblivious to her arrival. She tried to shake off the feeling as she slithered through the clusters of people towards him. She hated feeling jealous but she couldn't stop it. She didn't want any other women messing with her man. It was ironic really, because she had sucked the cocks of most of his friends and they had licked and sucked and kissed every part of her body. But she wasn't cheating on him...she did it for him. He was always there and in full control of the situations. He liked to watch her suck cock...whether it was his own or someone else's but he wouldn't let another man fuck her. That was his and his alone...

Halfway through the crowd, a group of men stopped her to compliment her coat. She was wearing a full length silver fox coat she'd borrowed for the night. She modeled it for them, and as she did a slow 360 degree turn, she let the plush fur slide down off her bare shoulders, revealing her outfit. Their roar of approval drew the attention of the people around them, including her lover. Under the coat she was wearing a chain mail halter top that was cut in a deep V in the front, covering little more than her dark pink nipples and draping alluringly down her chest. The back was simply a series of chains connecting the sides and laying down the center of her back. Her jutting nipples poked their shape into the chain mail and looked very hot. Her mini skirt was also made of chain mail but it was a looser weave. Under the skirt she wore a flesh colored thong and the effect was stunning. Completing her ensemble were black leather high heeled boots that hugged the contours of her legs like a second skin. She caught her lovers gaze and he smiled her satisfaction as he motioned to her to come to him.

She thanked the group of men for their compliments and slipped through the people to her lover, shedding the coat as she moved to his side. His strong hands encircled her waist and he looked her up and down. "I don't like the panties", he said with a wink. Her eyes never left his as she reached up under her skirt and hooked her thumbs through the thong, sliding them down her long legs and letting them drop to the floor. Using the toe of her boot, she lifted the tiny heap into the air and tossed them toward him. He caught the thong on his finger and crushed them to his nose. "Much better", he told her. Before he could introduce his companion, the woman reached over and took the panties out of his hand and slid them under her nose. "Mmmm", she purred, "I would love a taste of that". Her lover looked at her for her reaction and was ecstatic to see her smiling, her eyes locked on the woman's'

He led the two women farther back in the house toward what he assumed were the bedrooms. His assumption proved correct and they stepped inside what looked like the master suite. Leaving the door open, the women moved toward the bed and the stranger reached out to slide her hands under the woman's loose fitting top while her mouth licked and nibbled on her exposed midriff. The two women came together in a tangle of arms and legs and searching fingers and tongues, while he stood silently inside the door. The silence was broken only by the moans and gasps of the two women writhing on the king size bed.

As they got hotter, they began to undress each other, tossing the clothes aside as they peeled them off. The next time she looked toward her lover standing by the door, he wasn't alone. Four men were lounging in the doorway, watching intently. She recognized a couple of them from her entrance. One of the men she noticed, was slowly rubbing his open hand across the bulge in his pants. A moment later, she turned her full attention back to the woman that was now between her spread thighs and the delicious sensations she was causing with her probing tongue. She rolled over onto her stomach and pulled herself to her hands and knees, the woman following her movements, continued to eat her pussy doggy style. She looked up and saw something that made her smile. There, looped casually around the bedpost was a leather whip. She reached for it and tossed it over her shoulder to the woman who accepted it readily. "You like it rough", she whispered and, not waiting for a reply, she cracked the whip across her firm ass cheeks. She cried out at the sharp sting and braced herself for the next one but instead she felt the leather tail sliding through the crack of her ass. She arched toward it, wanting more and the woman didn't disappoint her. After each lash she felt warm, smooth hands caressing her ass.

The changing sensations were making her hot- her cunt was soaking wet and she desperately wanted to be fucked. As if he could read her mind, her lover approached the bed. He had a long steel bar in his hands and she wasn't sure what it was until she felt his hands on her ankles. He attached the spreader bar between her legs while the woman finger-fucked her, her tongue exploring her ass hole. He knew what she wanted and he was only too happy to give it to her. He wrapped a blindfold around her head and tied it tightly in the back, pulling her hair roughly in the process. She heard someone moving and seconds later, she felt hands on her ass. She knew it wasn't the woman because these hands were large and work-roughened and were being very insistent. The anonymous fingers rubbed down the valley separating her cheeks and teased her dripping snatch- slipping through the slick, swollen lips without penetrating her.

She felt another set of hands pinching and squeezing her nipples and suddenly a big, thick cock was pressing its' swollen head between. her lips. As the thick rod forced its' way into her mouth, she tasted the familiar tang of his cum, willingly opening her mouth wider to allow him to penetrate deeper. As she sucked his cock the hand on her ass began a more detailed exploration. The added stimulation made her tighten her mouth around the pumping cock causing the man to rocket over the edge and she felt her mouth filling with his hot, creamy cum. Almost simultaneously she felt warm fluid sprinkling over her ass, he told her later that the other woman had given one of the guys a hand job while they watched. As the man emptied his load in and around her mouth, she felt another rock hard cock vying for her attention, the cum slicked head was rubbing back and forth across her cream covered lips. She accepted it readily into her mouth and as she did, someone mounted her from the rear like a big dog. She knew it was her lover sliding his long, thick cock between her shaved pussy lips- he never allowed any other man that privilege.

He knew just what to do to make her respond. He held her hips and pulled her onto his thick shaft and as he pushed her forward, she was forced to take more of the other mans cock into her mouth. She fought for each breath as the two men fucked her and, when she thought she couldn't take any more, someone slid under her and took one of her swollen nipples into their warm wet mouth while the other was manhandled in a big, work-roughened hand. Her lover pulled her back, her ass slamming against him as he started to cum- filling her with his hot fuck fluid. The man in front of her gave one final thrust and sprayed her face with his creamy jizz. She heard people moving around the room and the sounds of zippers being zipped and then it was silent. Her lover removed the blindfold and she looked around the room and saw they were all alone. She reached for him and they kissed hungrily. He unbuckled the spreader bar from around her ankles and they fell onto the bed, his strong body covering hers and he made slow, passionate love to her- not caring if passerby's paused to watch silently. They finished and she went into the bathroom to repair her makeup and hair and then gathered her clothes from the floor where they had been flung and got dressed.

As they re-joined the party she looked around at the people and asked him who had participated in their impromptu orgy. He smiled and asked her if it mattered. She shook her head no, knowing she could trust him and, for the rest of the night when a man smiled and flirted with her or asked her to dance, she wondered...

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