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Teacher's Pet
by Dan1234

It was 11:15 on a sunny day. Only five minutes before morning break began and Dan was getting very thirsty. He looked around the room and saw everyone's head down on the desk buried into their essay. Dan hated English, mainly because his mom was the teacher. However their was still one thing Dan adored there, Kate. She was every boy's dream. Not only was she very well proportioned but her bleached blonde hair contradicted her nice personality. She was so nice in fact that she let Oliver Stubbing sit next to her. Oliver was a lonesome creature with white pallid flesh and an evil mind.

The sound of a bell pierced the room and everyone started to leave. Dan noticed that Kate was staying behind to work so he pulled out some sheets of paper and began to write to try and get Kate's attention. Oliver got up and started to leave but as he got to the door he slammed it shut and turned the lock leaving Dan, his mom, Kate and himself in the hot classroom. " What the hell do you think you are doing Oliver!?" Sarah sternly said to him. Sarah was Dan's mom and she was used to shouting at Oliver.

"Shut up, just shut the fuck up", he screamed back. This made Dan stand up to protect his mother and Oliver belted his fist into his face knocking Dan over the table, he was left unconscious. The two women opened their mouths in shock and Oliver pulled out a 8" blade from his bag. "Just do what I say and no one will get hurt".

"Oliver put that away know, what do you want, money?" Sarah said nervously.

"No, I have certain desires that must be fulfilled." Fearing the worst Kate ran behind Sarah. "Good, now you are together, kiss."

"We won't do anything for you," Sarah replied.

"Well if not for me, then maybe for your son!" And with that Oliver held the knife next to Dan's throat.

Sarah quickly turned to Kate and looked at her in a cry for help. Kate's head went straight for Sarah's and their lips hit each other. Kate's tongue started to play with Sarah's and Sarah had the feeling Kate was a lesbian. After about half a minute, Sarah started to enjoy it even under the circumstances and her arms linked around Kate's neck whilst Kate's hands went down to Sarah's buttocks.

After a few minutes Sarah heard a moan come from Dan and she broke the kiss and looked down. Dan was waking up and Oliver had a huge grin on his face.

He then quickly grabbed a pair of handcuffs from his bag and dragged Dan over to the corner where a water pipe was. Oliver quickly cuffed Dan to the pipe before he was fully awake.

Oliver then went back to the women and told them to strip. The circumstances didn't matter now as the sexual energy released from the kiss had given them the power to ignore the situation. They were naked after a few minutes and by now Dan was completely awake but still speechless by the two fabulous bodies in front of him. Kate may have been young but Sarah's skin was beautifully tanned and had huge nipples.

"Kiss her again!" Oliver demanded. And Kate went for the mature ladies lips again before Oliver shouted again "No, not there, on her pussy!" Kate dropped straight to her knees and pushed Sarah's legs apart. The musty smell almost made Kate faint but Sarah grabbed the back of her head and pushed it into her tensioned pussy. Kate started flicking Sarah's clit with her tongue and started sucking away Sarah's juice. Sarah started moaning and Kate moved her hand to her own clitoris and started moaning as well.

The very sight of this caused Dan to get a hard-on himself which didn't escape the notice of Oliver.

"Take of your pants and your underwear," Dan quickly obeyed, making a 9" cock stick straight out.

Sarah started to moan the words "I'm coming!" But Olly ran up and pulled Kate's head away. "No, not yet, I don't want you to come yet." He grabbed Sarah's wrist and pulled her over to Dan. The sight of his huge cock made her legs wobble while Oliver pulled a chair under Dan's legs and he obliged by sitting down. His huge cock was now sticking straight up. Oliver pushed Sarah under his arms which were still chained to the pipe. Kate was still pounding her fist into her own vagina and was oblivious to the situation now in hand.

Oliver turned back to Sarah and whispered into her ear " Fuck, him." Her own challenge to come overtook her and she slid her already wet cunt over Dan's huge tool to the excitement of Dan. She pounded him as fast as she could until they were both on the verge of coming. She looked into his eyes feeling no guilt at all and then the shudder hit her and she screamed in a bid of ecstasy. Then Dan came in her warm pussy filling her with his hot liquid. She looked into his eyes again and gave him a passionate kiss.

They both looked over the room and saw that Kate had come as well and Oliver had gone. Kate was stumbling with her clothes and Sarah quickly joined her knowing the fact that break was almost over. Dan was still chained to the pipe trying to pull up his trousers. They just made it before the class came back in. And they took their positions again except for Dan who had to pretend he had to stand in the corner hiding his cuffs. Kate was red all hour but Sarah and Dan exchanged sly winks, both knowing the fact that this would not be the end of their experiences despite the moral dispute it brought up. They didn't care, they both knew how to pleasure each other now.


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