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The Pinhole
by palmer

When I was quite young, my parents had our house remodeled, enlarging two rooms and adding a bath. This was desperately needed, as our family had grown to seven. I had a younger brother, a twin sister, an older sister and a younger sister, all of us close in age, except for the younger, "accidental" brother, who came much later.

My sisters had lots of friends, who often slept over. As I approached puberty, I became very aware of girls, getting more and more excited at the idea of their being naked in the same house, and seeing them in their nightgowns, bra-less. I frequently masturbated in the old bathroom while girls bathed in the other, which was off the girls' room, knowing I was not two feet away from a naked girl, the tub being just on the other side of the wall. Finally, I got an idea-- one that paid dividends for years to come!

The new bathroom had been constructed adjacent to the existing bath, with the old window being left in place, so that the only thing between the inside of the window and the new bath was a single, half-inch sheet of wallboard. I wondered if I could put an unnoticeable pinhole through that wall (pinholes and marks were common in our house of five kids), and be able to see into the other bathroom. When no one was around, I pushed a tiny nail through the wall of the new bath to the window of the old. Then, looking through and not being able to see much, I gradually widened the hole on my side without affecting the pinhole on the other, until I could see perfectly! Nobody ever opened the curtain over that window, I reasoned, as there was nothing to see, and, as far as I know, no one ever noticed it.

I must have spent hundreds of hours, all told, masturbating in that dark bathroom, as I watched my three sisters' young figures develop into womanhood. They were all very attractive and had nice bodies, obviously the result of good genes!

The best part, though, was being able to see all of their friends naked! My sisters were popular, so, throughout my teen years, I got to see dozens of naked teenage girls, most of them the sexiest, most popular girls in our high school. In our late teens, my sisters often had their friends over to prepare for double-dates, which was great because they always bathed before going out. And I got to watch. Then, sometimes, after their dates, they would undress for bed in the bathroom, so I got to see them and masturbate again before bed. I learned so much about women, listening to their girl-talk. What would they think if they knew that I frequently masturbated to the sight of their naked bodies, quietly ejaculating into a wad of toilet tissue?

The only problem with this voyeuristic experience was that I could only see them before and after their baths. The tub was just below the pinhole, so I couldn't see it. There was no shower in the new bath, so there was that long bath time that I had wait through, to anticipate seeing them again. Sometimes I misjudged the time, and returned to the bathroom too late, disappointed to find them already dressed in bra and panties. (I didn't want to arouse too much suspicion by spending so much time in the bathroom, especially while the other was occupied.) I got another idea. The ceiling pinhole!

The first ceiling pinhole had been too close to a rafter in the attic; I couldn't get my eye close enough. I patched that hole and made another, perfectly placed one. I didn't use that one too often, because it was so much trouble to creep up into the attic without making noise, although it was not unusual to hear me up there rummaging around for something or other. And I couldn't masturbate in the position I had to get into to look through it. One of the best scenes I ever saw, however, was from there. I was watching my younger sister bathe, when, after her bath, she drained the tub and turned the faucet on to a trickle, adjusting it, I figured out later, for force and temperature. What was she doing?, I wondered. Then, surprisingly, she raised her legs over her head and slid down until her clitoris was strategically positioned under the stream of water. I watched, breathlessly amazed, as she lay back in ecstasy until she finally shuddered in orgasm!

One time, fatefully, I almost gave myself away. While again watching one of my younger sister's baths through the ceiling hole, I made some kind of noise. Startled, she drew up her washcloth to cover her tits and looked up, straight at the pinhole. She was looking directly into my eye! I froze, horrified at having possibly been discovered. I remained motionless until she relaxed. I quietly exited the attic, and she never confronted me. Knowing that she was suspicious, I never used the ceiling pinhole again.

However, I continued to use the window pinhole until my senior year, when we moved to another house. My brilliant idea gave me many hours of voyeuristic pleasure and memories I still cherish.


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