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The Paperboy
by Keiko

I often house-sit for my uncle while he is in California or Japan. Usually one weekend a month. I am always a early riser and this Sunday was not different. I enjoy to sleep with no clothes on, unless it is cold, which is unusual in Hawaii. I put on a short terry robe and went to kitchen to make coffee. A few minutes later, I hear the newspaper boy ride up on his bicycle and he throws the paper onto the front door with a "thud" noise.

Maybe 10 minutes later I go the the front door to get my newspaper, I open the door and bend over to pick up my paper. As I look up I see the paperboy folding his newspapers next to his bicycle. I say hello and introduce myself. He tells me his name is David. He is cute and very shy it seems. Then I notice he is looking at my robe, I look down and realize that I had not closed my robe fully and he is able to see much of my cleavage. I feel excitement because of this. I smile to him and say good bye and return into the house.

That morning I went to the shopping mall and returned about noon. As I drive into our garage I notice the paperboys bicycle in the bushes along the garage. I wonder if it had broken and he had to leave it till later. I go into the house and turned on the air conditioner, it is very hot today. I open my closet doors, which has mirrors on it, and I suddenly see a reflection in the mirror. I recognize it to be my paperboy and he is peeping into my bedroom window. I am surprised, but pretend not to see him. I am very amused that a young boy would do something like this. It is very exciting to have a peeping tom and I decide to allow him to watch me.

I turn on the stereo to listen to some nice soft music, this always makes me feel sexy. I am wearing a white blouse with buttons in front and a short white skirt. Under this I am wearing a white bra and bikini style panties. I am not wearing stockings today. I take a terry robe out of my closet and close the closet doors. I face the mirror and I see the paperboy watching me. I start to undo my skirt, I let my skirt fall to the floor and step out of it. I pick it up and put my skirt an the bed. I turn around and I see his head suddenly go down as so I will not see him. I turn to my bed and lay down with my legs facing the window from the corner of my eye I see him again watching. I slowly spread my legs apart and he is able to clearly see I now have a wet spot on my sheer white bikini panties. I am sure he is able to view my pussy lips easily through the panty material.

Laying there on my bed I slowly unbutton my blouse, I undo all of the buttons and open my blouse fully, revealing my white bra and full breasts. I run my hands over my breasts and slowly move my hands down to my tummy. I slowly spread my legs apart and my hands move to my now wet spot on my panties. I am now lying on my bed wearing only panties and bra with my blouse open and I am feeling myself sexily. I am sure my paperboy is getting a good show.

I slowly get up from the bed and stretch my arms high as I yawn. As I do this, I see that my peeper is no longer there. I look out the window and he has left. Did I scare him I wonder? Oh well, next time. I enjoyed performing for him very much and I hoped he will return. I did not see him again that weekend.

The following month I am to stay again at my uncles again and I am wondering if I will again have a peeping tom. This makes me to feel very sexy knowing I may have a young boy watching me and this time I bring with me sexy clothes to wear to allow me to be exciting to look at.

Saturday morning I am awake very early, I am still wearing my short terry robe as I make my coffee and think of plan for my young visitor. I go to my closet and take out a very sexy and very sheer robe. It is a light pink in color and almost see-through when viewed against any light source. It is short and only secured with a sash around the waist. I remove my terry robe and put on my sexy robe. It feels very nice on my skin and makes my nipples to become harden with a tingle feeling. I also put on matching high heels which is unusual for me to wear indoors, but I am told it makes me to look sexier. I feel very excited and wait for my paperboy to arrive.

I watch through a dark window and I see him coming on his bicycle. He stops his bicycle outside the driveway and walks up to my front door. I am getting very excited now and almost nervous as to what I am about to do. I go to the front door and I hear the "thud" of the newspaper. I slowly open the door and I say hello to David. It is dark outside and I turn on the living room light behind me. When I do this I am able to see his face and his eyes open wide as he is able to see my naked sillouette through my sheer robe. Because the light is coming from behind me he is now able to see that my robe is almost transparent and I am sure he can clearly view my naked form. I ask him how he is doing and he stutters to tell me he is fine.

It is exciting for me to have such an affect on him and I now want him to be able to see me even better, so, I again move my fingers to the light switch and turn on the porch lite. Now he is able to clearly see my breasts and nipples through the sheer robe. He is looking at my breasts and slowly moves his eyes down to my hairless pussy which is now visible through my sheer robe.

My heart is pounding loudly and my body is tingling with excitement. I take a few steps towards him to pick up the paper and I slowly bend down to pick up the newspaper and allow my robe to open very much and he is able to see my naked breasts. I loosen the sash on my robe and as I stand the movement of my soft breasts causes my robe to open even more. It opens down to my waist allowing him to have a clear view of my soft breasts. I smile to him and say it is nice to see him again. He seems to be looking at my hairless pussy in amazement. I almost want to pull my robe off and let him see more, but I am afraid it may scare him. I say goodbye and I walk back into the house. I am hoping he will also visit me later today. I did not see him the rest of that day.

The next day is Sunday and I anticipate the return of my early morning friend again. But, I am unable to decide as to what I am to wear. I then remember of my towel adventure at the beach and I have an idea. He is to arrive soon, so, I quickly turn my shower on and as soon as the water is warm I enter and take a quick shower. I shampoo my hair with my favorite shampoo that smells very nice. I quickly wipe myself almost dry and try to arrange my hair to look as best as possible even when not dry.

My friend should be arriving any minute soon. I find myself a towel. I choose a medium size towel that is not large enough to wrap myself in, but only large enough to cover my breasts and perhaps my pussy. I see through the window that my friend is walking up to my door. I hold the towel against my breasts as if to cover my naked body and slowly open the door. I turn on the porch light and pretend to be surprised to see him there. I smile to him and say that I didn't know he was out here and that I was just checking for the paper. I tell him that I had just finished taking a shower and that it was too hot to put any clothes on yet. His mouth opens in surprise as he looks at me with wide open eyes and realizes that I am standing in my doorway naked with only a small towel covering my totally naked body. He stutters and tells me good morning. I am again pleased that I have such an effect on him.

I smile and reach forward to take my newspaper from him. But, before I have the paper in my hand, I pretend that the towel has slipped from my hand and it reveals my naked breasts. I do not attempt to catch my towel, instead I allow it to fall to the floor. I am standing under the bright porch light causing me to be shined upon like on a stage. I pretend to be very embarrassed as I allow my friend to have a very good look at my now completely naked body before I raise one arm to my breasts as if to cover myself and use my other hand to cover my pussy. My fingers rubbed my nipples causing them to become instantly hard and must have protruded about a half inch. The tingling in my pussy has become even stronger.

I say "excuse me" and smiled. With the hand that I was using to cover my breasts I again reach out for my newspaper again exposing all of my soft breasts and nipples. With my other hand covering my pussy, I use my finger to feel my wet pussy. He hands me the newspaper and he seems to be unable to speak. I allow him to view myself as I slowly bend over to pick up my towel.

As I stand I make certain he is getting a good look at my completely naked body. Without covering myself, I say thank you and turn and walk back into my house. As soon as I entered the house I lay on my living room couch and masturbated for an hour or so. I hope he was watching because I left the living room curtains wide open just for that purpose.

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