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The Portal Pt. I
by Carl East

My father worked too much, which was my conclusion to why he never had time to see me, this time however was going to be different. I had tried to see him on three separate occasions during the past two weeks, each time his servants informed me that he was not available. I marched into the study ready for an argument, in fact I was looking forward to it.

"But Madam, your father told me not to let anybody in," said my father's butler.

"You will inform my father that his daughter wishes to see him, and that she is most insistent," I replied, knowing full well that I sounded like a stuck up bitch.

"I will try Madam, I will try," he said walking off towards my fathers laboratory.

I wasn't about to let him go in alone, I followed him making sure he didn't see me, once he had used the combination on the lab door, I pushed past him and yelled 'Father'!

"Madam, you can't..."

"Forget it Giles, I am going to see my Father whether he wants me to or not."

"Cathy, what do you want?"

I turned to find my Father behind his desk.

"Its ok Giles, leave us alone would you," he said, in his most authoritative voice.

Giles sighed, then turned and left the room.

"Well Cathy, what's so important it can't wait a while?" said my Father.

"If your own daughter cannot see you, then what is the point of having one, I mean its not unreasonable for a daughter to want to see her Father on occasion," I said, ready for any argument he may present.

"You're right, I have been thoughtless, and for that I am sorry, my work has consumed every waking moment, in the past few weeks, I have neglected you in the name of science."

"Will you forgive me?"

I wasn't expecting that, so for the first time today I was stuck for words. Getting a grip on myself, I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"You're forgiven." I finally said.

"Now what's so important that you felt it had to take up all your time?" I asked.

He went on to explain what he had found on his recent visit to the amazon temple ruins. Apparently he had found a large stone table, with a very intricate mosaic of what he could only guess was an old forgotten language. He then took me over to his workroom where he kept his most important studies, there I saw the stone table he had been telling me about.

"This is it, unfortunately I cannot decipher the writing without a frame of reference, there just isn't anything on record that comes close to what this." he said, rubbing his hand over the smooth surface.

The table stood about four feet high, and was supported by four elaborate carved legs, each one made of a stone I didn't recognise, however there was something on the table that I instantly did recognise, they were four shapes that brought a memory back from my collage days.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't those four shapes depict earth, water, fire, and air?" I said, not really thinking that it was something my father would miss.

He sat down heavy in his chair.

"What was I thinking, of course, I just wasn't analysing them separately, I thought they were the end to each section of writings."

He suddenly went off into one of his contemplating moods, and I knew I wouldn't get any sense out of him for a while, so I poured myself a scotch and sat waiting for him to ponder this revelation, feeling quite proud that I had helped him in his research.

"That's it!!!" he suddenly shouted.

This made me jump, for I had been looking at the legs of the table thinking how artistic they were.

"It's an altar for worshipping nature, the four elements being the key, they have more significance than we're aware of, but thanks to you I have a frame of reference to go by now. He decided to call it a day at that point, but as we left the room turning the light off we observed that the table was glowing in the darkness, turning the light back on we stood over the table to inspect it further.

"It seems to absorb the light, and reflect it back. But why?" My Father said.

I touched the table with the tip of my finger, for a split second it seemed to pass straight through, pulling my finger clear, my Father tried the same thing, but was unable to elicit the same response. It was then that my Father had one of those eureka moments. To test his supposition he placed a hand on the middle of the table, nothing happened. Then told me to place my hand in the same place, the symbols depicting earth, water, fire, and air started to rise out of the Four Corners of the stone slab. Once it was clear they had risen as far as they were going too, I removed my hand. Then a small electrical charge started to appear from each symbol, each one creeping to the centre of the table, once joined in the middle what I can only describe as an aura started to form across the entire surface.

"What's happening Father?"

"I'm not sure, but one thing I do know is that only a female can activate it."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"You see those symbols indicating the female gender, well I think those symbols next to it represent the male of the species. What I don't understand is why the males seem to have two genitalia, that's what was throwing me, until you activated the table which told me that it was meant for women only. Weather this indicates that the women in this time were the dominant species, I'm not sure, but one other thing I do know is that this is not of this world." My Father said, solemnly.

I reached out to touch it again.

"Be careful Cathy!" Warned Father.

When touching the aura that completely engulfed the top of the table, my hand seemed to disappear. Having felt no pain I withdrew it then pushed it further in. Suddenly I could feel a drag on my hand as if something was pulling me, it obviously concerned my Father for he was trying to reach me as my feet started to leave the ground. I wasn't being hurt in anyway, but I did feel like there was someone, or something pulling me into the centre of the table. The last I heard or saw of my Father was when I was completely submersed in the aura that now surrounded my entire body. Looking up I could clearly see him grabbing for my legs snatching only air as I started to fall. I felt a bit like Alice as she fell down the rabbit hole, for even now the image of my Father was getting further and further away. I tried to look down but found that I could only see what I had passed and not what was ahead. I fell like this for what seemed ten maybe fifteen minutes, then suddenly I hit solid ground, and rolled over.

I stood to find that I was still in one piece, brushing myself down I looked up to find only sky, the aura had disappeared, and I was alone in the middle of a field. Walking up the slight incline of the said field, I could see a magnificent city about a mile further on. Getting nearer to the city I could tell something was wrong but couldn't figure it out, you see I could see several people coming and going from the city, but the perspective I had, was from half a mile away. It wasn't until I got a lot closer that I realised, these people were huge, at least seven foot tall, some even bigger, the men being the tallest. Other than there size though, they looked like normal human beings.

By the time I reached the gates to this magnificent city, I was attracting quite a bit of attention. You see, I'm only five foot five myself so they were dwarfing me, I tried to ignore their stares but found it very unsettling.

"Who are you?" a voice said, on my right.

Turning my head I spotted what looked like an authoritative figure looking straight at me.

"Did you hear what I said?" He boomed.

"Yes, I heard you, I'm a stranger in these parts just visiting." I said, for want of a better explanation.

He waved me on, indifferent to my appearance, I would guess that he was a local police type character, simply because I saw two others wearing exactly the same attire directing people to where they wanted to go. Entering the city proper, I was impressed with the architecture. I should however have been looking where I was going, for suddenly a vehicle seemed to appear out of no where. If it hadn't have been for the kind gentleman that pulled me out of the way, I would have been road kill.

"Thank you." I said, looking up to the biggest man I had yet seen, at least eight foot tall.

"You're welcome, but be more careful in the future." he said, preparing to walk away.

I am usually a good judge of character, so I was not about to let this man get away without asking for a little help.

"Excuse me Sir, but could you help me further, I seem to be lost."

Before I knew it I was explaining what had happened to me, he became quite interested in my story, then invited me to join him for a bite to eat at his place, I knew that I would have to find somewhere soon, so I agreed. As we walked he told me his name was Garreth, I told him mine and we exchanged life stories, by the time we had reached his abode, I knew that he had just gone to market selling fruit, and that he possessed his own orchard. He had been staring at me most of the time we walked so I asked if there was anything wrong.

"I'm sorry, its just that you are the smallest woman I have ever seen." he said, taking in every inch of my body with his eyes.

For the first time that day I had noticed the man I was talking too, really noticed I mean. He was quite handsome in a rugged kind of way, with strong shoulders and big hands, I could also tell that his torso was quite big, but couldn't see it for he wore a long coat that covered most of his body. Once inside his home he took the coat off placing it on the hook next to the door, then invited me in. It was quite a big place, with large open areas, and furniture that looked big enough to sleep on.

"Would you like a cold drink Cathy?" he asked, using my name for the first time.

"Yes please, I would."

It was when he returned that I saw the bulge in his trousers, I didn't know but I could swear there was more than one. Trying not to stare I told him his place was nice.

"Thank you, I had it left me by an uncle."

The drink he gave me had a distinct alcoholic taste to it, that I couldn't identify, it was nice however. As the night wore on his drinks started to tell on me, and I had to refuse a fifth drink, I always knew when I'd had enough. He was sitting next to me now, I caught him looking down my top, but having my inhibitions washed away by the alcohol I didn't mind, in fact I found it very flattering. Looking down I could again see that bulge I had witnessed earlier, this time I saw movement from two different places in the crutch area, it must be the drink I thought.

"May I kiss you?" he suddenly asked.

I at first was taken aback by this request, because apart from his inspection of my body earlier, he had shown no sign of interest in me in that way.

"Yes, you can," I said, surprising myself.

He stooped over and kissed my lips tenderly, surprising me further by gently placing a hand on the side of my face in order to guide his mouth to mine. It was the kind of kiss a man with feelings would give, brushing my lips lightly with his own, then opening his mouth ever so slightly to react with mine. To my delight I found that I enjoyed his kiss, wanting some more. I placed my arm over and around his neck then attempted to draw him nearer, he gladly came forward and embraced me in those strong arms of his. We kissed long and hard, his tongue entered my mouth, kissing now with passion our hands started to wander around each others body, both of us going for each others chests, I unbuttoned his vest while he unbuttoned my blouse. Running my hands over his slightly hairy chest I kissed him again, he, by now had my blouse off, and was trying to figure out what I was wearing underneath.

"It's a bra, you look like you've never seen one."

"I haven't." he replied, deadly serious.

"Well what do the females wear under their blouses?" I asked.

"Nothing," he shrugged.

We continued kissing, I place my hand on his lap then slowly moved it up until I could feel the bulge in his pants, it moved almost on its own, or so I imagined. I found his trousers were held up with buttons, which I thought was cute, so I started to unbutton them one after another, until I was able to get my hand down his pants. Something moved towards my hand, I jerked it out feeling that this was not natural. He asked me what was wrong.

"Nothing," I lied, "can you take your trousers off?"

He stood up, then undoing a button that I must have missed he lowered them to the floor, when he stood up, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He had two enormous cocks, but more than that, they seemed to have a life of their own, as if they were snakes that had been attached to his body. Don't get me wrong they didn't have eyes and a mouth, if it wasn't for the fact he had two, I would have thought he was a normal human being, but these things were moving about as if trying to find something.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

I suddenly remembered my Father saying something about those symbols on the stone table having two genitalia, it was literal, they must have found a way to our plain of existence, it meant that their was a way back.

He sat down next to me, I removed my bra revealing my breasts to his scrutiny, cupping one with his shovel like hand he kissed me again. I took in a gasp of air then placed my hand on his cocks, they both rubbed them selves against it, one pushing its way under my hand while the other was on top. Looking down I still felt a little nervous, but I decided it was the norm here, so what the hell this could be fun. I lowered my head and placed one in my mouth, it felt strange squirming around inside my mouth, but not unpleasant, then the other one wanted a piece of the action, for it was seeking an entry point at the corner of my mouth. I thought to myself, what the hell, and let it enter also. Garreth was loving this, as he cupped both my breasts, I started to wonder what it would be like to be fucked by two dicks at once, the mere thought of it made me moist. I couldn't take too much of his cocks into my mouth, for they were both at least eleven inches in length, but I gamely attempted to satisfy their lust for probing. Garreth reached down to my now wet panties and pushed a large finger down into the moistness that was my pussy. He gently rubbed the outside wall deliberately circling the vulva, every now and then crossing over the hole, his finger would brush my fully erect hood.

It was sending me nuts, I was desperate for his finger to plunge into my womb and satisfy the lust I was now feeling. Then my wish came true, he circled my clit then stopped over it, pushing it about very slowly, then without warning his finger entered his prize, it felt almost as good as a prick being inserted, for I have had men with smaller cocks than this man's finger. His cocks mean while, were getting very excited as was Garreth, he started to moan in a sensual way, I knew that he wasn't far from coming, this I thought should be interesting. Both his cocks jerked at the same time bumping there load into my mouth, I couldn't take it all, they were just coming to much, he took in a lung full of air throwing his head back, and burying his finger deep inside my pussy. The sperm at least tasted the same as any other, so I was making a good effort too lap it all up. I must have looked a mess with cum juices dripping off my chin, when he did stop coming, he passed me a piece of cloth which I used to wipe the excess cum off with.

He then picked me up and laid me on the floor, lowering himself down he didn't even try to position either one of his cocks in my pussy they both found it for him, as if they had been trained to home in on pussy juice. The feeling I had when they both entered my pussy was one I will cherish for the rest of my life. They stretched me to the limit, but what a feeling, they seemed to know what parts of my pussy required the right stimulation, also Garreth didn't have to move at all, he just had to position himself over me, his cocks did the work for him. They seemed to have the ability to shrink and grow, in affect making it feel like they were entering then leaving, just like a normal cock.

Then something wonderful happened one of them came out of my pussy, and started to probe my arse, being well lubricated it had no trouble in entering my anus, and plunging into the depths. Garreth groaned out loud, his strong arms taking the weight of his massive body, so as not to crush me. His cocks started to speed up inside both holes, I had never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. My orgasms were such that it felt like the first time, the first true orgasm, they were even in sync with each other, while one pushed its way in the other pulled its way out, always ensuring a hole free from any pressure. My legs were starting to feel weak as I orgasmed for the fifth time, my mind couldn't begin to comprend what it was feeling any more. The pleasures I was receiving from these two cocks had never surfaced before, I started to feel light headed not wanting this to stop.

Garreth started to cum but his cocks carried on plunging into my body. I vaguely remember him asking me if I was ready for sex, then thinking aren't we having it yet. Suddenly his cocks started to go faster and faster, I screamed with the pleasure of it all. I could feel an orgasm a minute at this stage, I never wanted this to end. I loved his cocks so much, another orgasm, I can't take much more of this, I momentarily blacked out. Coming around to find they were still going the wetness between my legs was such that I felt I was sitting in a puddle. I was starting to get sore but I didn't care I wanted more. They once again started to pump their load into me the loud moans from Garreth gave away the pleasure he must have been feeling. I reached up gripping his powerful arms as best I could. I felt another orgasm about to erupt. Until this day three orgasms were my record in one sex session, this blew it away. They stopped, vacating each hole I slumped down onto my back unable to talk or move.

"Are you alright?" Came a concerned voice.

I just looked up at him and smiled, I was still coming the sensations were so intense, I tried to relax, but my clitoris was pulsating almost as if it missed the cocks that had been servicing it. I could still feel the juices flowing out of my body, as if that were not enough, Garreth started to lick his way down my body until he reached my aching pussy. No sooner had he placed his tongue on my clit when I started to cum again, I felt incredibly weak but so exhilarated. He licked me dry then threw a blanket over me, and let me rest.

I awoke to the smell of food being cooked on the stove, I felt great, I felt like I could take on the entire world.

"That smells nice." I said, looking around.

"Ah, your awake at last," Garreth replied.

"How long have I been asleep?" I asked.

"About ten hours."

I could understand that, I had felt a little tired before we made love, but when we had finished I was exhausted. Thinking about the sex, I wondered if I would ever want to find my way home.

To Be Continued...


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