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The Purchase Ch. I
by CU_Tyger

It was a searing summer day as Mark arrived at the dealership. He and Anna had been saving for years to finally purchase one of the new models from the depot. He recalled the first $100 they'd invested, back when they could barely afford rent, much less savings. But here they were, six years later, and it had all paid off. After the boom in biotech stocks in early 2115, their shares went through the roof, and it was time to cash in.

Entering through the clear glass door and marching up to the first attendant he saw, Mark said, "I'm here to buy."

"Oh really?" the attendant, replied, conspicuously eyeing him, trying to determine whether he had the money or not.

"We've got quite a selection of used -"

"I want a new one. I'm paying in cash."

The salesman's eyes lit up at the mention of cash on hand.

"Um, well, what exactly are you looking for, sir?"

"I saw the commercials for the 2020 models on DTV. I'd like one with all the options. I've done my research, and I know how much it costs. I'll give you $453,500, and no more."

True, this was a little high, but the stocks had been good to him and Anna, and he didn't feel like wasting time haggling over price. Within a few minutes he had the shipping order signed and paid for.

"And who will be the primary owner?"

"I will," he said, folding the papers into his pocket, and left to tell his wife.

* * * * * * * *

"So when will it be here? How much was it? Did you get the latest model?" Anna was a barrel of questions. He answered them all in turn. It seemed he never ran out of patience for her. That might be why he married her -- that, and the fact that they were both extremely horny, and extremely attracted to each other, which made a nice match.

Anna still looked fantastic, he thought as she sat there, inquisitively asking about the purchase. Her legs were tucked underneath her, demonstrating exactly how perfect her curves were, as they led from her waist to her chest. Her breasts were small, but were perfectly shaped - a quality Mark admired much more than size. He watched them unconsciously between the buttons of her shirt.

"Pay attention!" she demanded.

"Sorry, sweetie... it will be here by Friday, I'm sure. And yes, we have the latest model."

There was a gleam in her eyes, as she inhaled, excited about the arrival. Mark put his hand on her waist, letting his fingers rest on her soft flesh, and kissed her.

Right on time, there was a knock at the door Friday afternoon. Opening the door, they found a young, dark haired woman dressed in black pants and a red blouse.

"My name is Michele, and I'm from Johanason, Inc. I'm looking for Mr. Mark -"

"That's me," he quickly said.

"It's nice to meet you."

She raised her hand to shake his, and taking it, Mark felt the warm vibrations as the electrodes shot between them. Her eyes began to change color, and her hair became lighter as she let go.

Smiling, she said, "Pleased to meet you. May I come in?"

"Yes, please. This is my wife, Anna," and, taking her hand also, Anna's fingers tingled while she led the woman into their house.

Having a seat on the couch, Anna and Mark exchanged glances. The woman, placing her hand on Anna's thigh, began to noticeably change. Her eyes became bright blue and her hair swept back into a ponytail, held by a small bow. The pants she was wearing disappeared, revealing perfectly smooth, young legs, and a short skirt. Glancing at her chest, Mark saw the outline of two nipples as her breasts sat pointedly out against a snug flowered tank top.

He and Anna stared, overwhelmed. This was everything they had wanted and more.

"Aunt Anna!" The girl sprang over and hugged her like a long lost relative. "Uncle Mark, it's so good to see you! I haven't visited since I was a lot younger, and I've grown up a lot since then."

As she embraced Mark, he could feel the firmness of her breast press against his chest and couldn't help taking a glimpse down her shirt as she leaned over him. Almost instantly, he could feel his heart pounding blood into his penis, and it forced its way up against his jeans.

Excitedly, Anna smiled, and took her hand.

"Um... now... Michele... how have you been? And how is school? Do you have any boyfriends at school?"

"It's ok. I'm having a really tough time with pre-calculus. I don't think my teacher likes me. But I just made the cheerleading team! Oh... no, I don't. I don't really like any of them. Me and my girlfriends have a lot of fun together, though."

"No boyfriends? I don't know if I could make it without a boyfriend at your age. It's a good thing your Uncle Mark knows how to take care of me. Now what about sex, have you been a good girl?" Anna asked, placing her hand notoriously high on the young girl's thigh.

"Um... well, yes and no. I'm still a virgin, if that's what you mean. But sometimes I feel like a can't take it any more, and, I well... I do things in the bedroom."

"Well, that's no problem. I think I can help you with that," Anna replied, sending a curious glance over to Mark, who was watching in earnest.

Anna moved over and placed her leg in between Michele's inner thighs, and slid her it down her calves, letting their bare feet touch one another. She slowly slid her hand up her waist and let it come to rest underneath Michele's breast, moving her thumb to caress her nipples, which now poked out firmly against her blouse.

"Aunt Anna, what are you doooooiiiiiing..."

Anna leaned over and put her lips against hers and the two kissed each other, their bodies growing closer with each embrace. Her leg pressed firmly in between the young girl's inner thighs, and she could only spread them wider, allowing Anna to push closer alongside her. Her fingers delicately moved down and she lifted Michele's shirt off, revealing her bare breasts, which now hung freely from her naked chest.

"Do you like that?" Anna asked, running small circles around her nipples with her fingertips.

"Mmmm, yeah. I've never done this before, Aunt Anna. It feels so good."

She smiled and the two continued to kiss, their bodies moving in unison across the couch.

Mark's heart was pounding and he had unzipped his jeans, and now held his erect penis in his hand, stroking it while watching the two. I don't know if I can take much more of this, he thought. Anna noticed him, and stopped.

"Looks like Uncle Mark over there is getting lonely. Why don't you go over there and help him out?"

"Um, ok."

Michele stood up from the couch and walked over to him. She spread her legs wide and lifted up her skirt, revealing, among other things, a lack of panties, and a perfectly shaved young cunt.

"Uncle Mark, I'm so wet, but I've never done this before. You gotta' promise not to hurt, ok?"

"Sure, I promise."

With that she straddled him, taking his long cock and rubbing it against her swollen lips. Biting her lip, she slowly began to ease it into her pussy, letting the weight of her body press it deeper inside her. Mark groaned at the feeling of her tight pussy around his dick. It was like her hand was holding him, and he watched more and more of his shaft disappear into her.

She let go of his dick and gasped, putting her hands against his chest to steady herself while she stared down to take her first look at a cock inside her pussy.

"Oh god, it feels so good," she said, moving her hips and legs back and forth to drive him farther inside her. "Oh god, I think I'm... ohh, ohhh, ohhhh GOD," she screamed, arching her back and placing her hands on her breasts, holding them, as the convulsions overtook her. Mark felt the contractions around his ejaculating cock, as his hot semen shot into her, filling her young pussy with his cum.

"Ohhhh, I've never felt that before. Did you feel that, Uncle Mark?"

"Yes, I did," he replied.

"We'll have to do it again."

Part Two

"You're not through just yet."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you think you can just have your fun and leave your Aunt Anna out?"

"But I thought -"

"It doesn't matter what you thought. Why don't you give her a hand?"

Michele moved across the living room to where Anna lay, her clothes still disheveled from their previous encounter. Michele straddled her also, and began to kiss her neck and shoulders.

"Why don't you kiss my pussy, Michele?"

A look of shock came over her face.

"I... I don't know how to do that."

"Now, you don't want her to feel left out do you, Michele?" said Mark.

"Um, no, I guess not." And Michele moved slowly down her body, placing kisses across her stomach and torso, until she came to her jeans, which she slid off, along with a pair of silk panties. She hesitantly arrived at Anna's muff, but began to accelerate after placing lick after lick on her pussy.

"You taste so good," she said, burying her face into her vagina.

Anna began to slither across the couch, looks of undeniable pleasure materializing across her face. Arching her back, she lowered her hips to bring her swelling clitoris closer to the incessant pressure. Michele's ponytail bobbed in the air as her mouth moved up and down over and over, lapping up each bit of her moist juices as they flowed from her vagina.

"Oh god, don't stop," she said, in between deep hot breaths.

Soon, she'd taken her clitoris into her mouth and used her lips to hold it while running her tongue along the entire length of it back, deep inside her.


While her tongue continued, Michele took two fingers, and slid them inside her, spreading her labia and caressing the upper wall of her vagina.

"Oh my god yes, yeeessssssssss..." she screamed, her back almost completely off the couch as she grasped for anything in sight to hold onto to steady her for her oncoming orgasm. Anna bucked, her whole body shaking, while Michele's lips continued to move back and forth ceaselessly across her cunt.

Anna sighed, and relaxed, letting her juice squirt from her pussy onto Michele and into her mouth.

"Did you like that, Aunt Anna? I've never done that before, but you tasted so good."

"Yes, Michele. I liked that a lot," she replied, trying to catch her breath.

"I've got something you'll like even more."

Michelle took her fingers from Anna's pussy and delicately placed them against her lips.

"Now you get to taste what I did," she said, sliding them into her mouth, letting Anna lick her moist fingers.

Smiling, she laid her head on her chest, turning her head towards Mark, who watched as the two girls lay caressing one another.

"I think I'm going to like this," Anna said.

To Be Continued...


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