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The Portal Pt. II
by Carl East

I awoke on my third day to find Garreth tidying the room after the night before; I had been here now for three days, my hopes of finding a way home had culminated in the successful negotiation of my rights of passage, which was how Garreth put it. I came to this strange land by accident, an old table that was apparently left on earth by the elders, turned out to be a portal for travelling between worlds. The only trouble was, the elders had no knowledge of earth or even of visiting earth, and I had been informed that there were thousands of worlds, not all were populated with humanoids. Even after describing their portal to them, they were no wiser for they hadn't changed the design in more than five hundred years.

So there I was, fully capable of getting home as long as I found the right home address, I also didn't have to worry about working the device, for Garreth and all the inhabitants of this world had there own portals. We had to do a lot of research in order to find my home planet, so today was the day we started.

"We can eliminate all those worlds that are now traveled too, according to the elders your planet was probably a mistaken opening, by perhaps a novice in the art of travel." Said Garreth.

"You mean he dialed the wrong number?" I quipped.

"I do not understand." Said a puzzled Garreth.

"Forget it, if this was a mistake, then it's a world you will not have on record, which in turn means that I have very little chance of finding my way home." I hung my head and sat down.

"The elders are not all powerful you know, they can and have been wrong in the past." Garreth replied, trying to cheer me up.

We left his house twenty minutes later; soon we were at the register office asking to see the old records. I was wearing a short skirt and no panties, which apparently was the norm here. The old clerk looked me over on more than one occasion; visibly getting hard in front of me with two bulges in his pants, (I found on my first day here, that the males had two cocks) that wanted to get between my legs. Garreth coughed looking menacingly towards the clerk, he in turn dragged his eyes off of my body and showed us where the old records were kept.

Upon seeing the records I was again despondent, there were hundreds of folders, each one carrying ten files, which translated to planets. I brought myself around by thinking about Father who must be at his wits end by now. Soon I was getting the folders down from the shelf in order Garreth could look them over. It would take some time, but if my world were among the files in this room, I would be assured of getting back. I climbed two steps of the ladder that was leaning against the shelves, ready to get another handful of folders down. When I felt Garreth grip me from behind, his cocks touched my legs no doubt in search of my pussy once again, I didn't even attempt to move, I knew what was about to happen, my pussy was getting wet in anticipation of it.

Garreth was a good eight feet tall, so I was just at the right height, which is what turned him on. His cocks had found my cunt, and started to enter, the pressure almost lifting me off the step, but Garreth held me firm. They pushed their way deep into my womb, sending a shock wave of pleasure through my body. Garreth only had to stand there holding me in place, for his cocks did all the work. You could feel them squirming inside, something a normal penis couldn't do. I had learnt that the men's cocks on this planet stimulated the vagina first somehow sensing when a woman was having an orgasm. Then, picking up the pace in order to satisfy her needs, if only some men thought like that. They continued pumping me, making me grip the ladder tighter. I was just starting to orgasm when one of his cocks came out, moving up to the entrance of my arse.

Being well lubricated by my own juices it pushed its way into my back passage, I came, my knuckles whitening with the grip I had on the ladder. They ploughed into my holes with abandonment, my juices flowing down my leg with each second that passed, I thought of nothing but how I would miss this treatment of my body if I did successfully find my way home. Garreth started to cum, his grunts and groans becoming the only thing I could hear or understand. His manhood's never slowed for an instant they just got faster, I could feel every inch of their flesh as the onslaught continued, this was driving me to despair, I wanted to lick them both, taste their seed, and generally lose myself in the moment. The cock in my pussy was now at its fastest, the orgasms were coming back to back making me feel light headed once again, I think the cock in my arse was the reason I didn't pass out this time.

For although the sensations were mind blowing it was starting to become a little uncomfortable. I ignored any discomfort I might be feeling and placed an arm around one of the rungs of the ladder. I felt like my legs were about to give way, as the last orgasm hit me. Coming inside me Garreth moaned whispering into my ear, that I had the tightest pussy he had ever had the pleasure of servicing. I suddenly found myself wondering about the women's anatomy on this planet, if the men had two cocks did the women have two cunts, but no Garreth had not been surprised when he had found just one pussy on my body.

He pulled his cocks out, leaving my juices free to flow down my legs. I still had hold of the ladder, not sure weather I could safely let go. He gently turned me around taking my weight in his powerful arms; I turned to embrace him, whispering something in his ear.

"That was wonderful."

Four hours latter we were still in the registers office looking through the files, when I came across one that mentioned pyramids. This could be it; my Father had told me he had found the portal in an amazon temple ruin. I knew that the Amazonians had built pyramids, and reading further, I discovered (With help from Garreth who was translating it for me) a mention of a vast Forrest. That had to be the rain Forrest. It also mentioned a primitive people that ruled this land.

"That's it, it's got to be." I shouted, jumping to my feet.

"It certainly fits with what you were telling me." Agreed Garreth.

We decided to take it to the elders who wasted no time in opening a portal for me.

I looked at Garreth long and hard with thoughts of staying, but I belonged on earth. I could always visit, for my Father still had the portal he had found, Garreth had explained to me how the portal worked, so I knew how to get back here, still I hesitated. Turning to face Garreth I swore I would return, we kissed hard with an embrace that said take care, I walked over to the portal and let myself be pulled into its magic once again.

Re-appearing back in my Fathers lab, I quickly spotted him slumped over his desk; he must have worked tirelessly trying to find a way of getting me back.

"Father, I'm back!" I said, shaking his shoulder.

He sat upright with a bolt.

"Cathy, my dear child, what happened, how did you escape, are you alright?"

The questions were coming thick and fast, I knew at that point he was pleased to see me, I just smiled and hugged him, knowing that I was very lucky to be back.

The End?


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