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Teaching Patti
Chapter III
by Dixon Carter Lee

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"So, how's Patti doing?" asked my little sister, as she shoveled a spoonful of cereal past her braces.

"Who?" I asked, startled.

"Patti! Patti Cielo. She's in your show. She's a friend of mine." she explained, dribbling a little milk.

Holy shit! Patti and my little sister were friends! Well, that was going to put a damper on my fantasy life. I'd been jerking off to Patti's smell, Patti's feel, and the incredible memory of Patti masturbating, for two weeks now. I'd kept the fantasies afloat, despite her being only a teen, and I was loving every cum-soaked, libidinous minute of it, but with my sister in the picture, my little baby sister Kelly who eats Frosted Flakes like a messy toddler and still reads the back of the cereal box, the whole lustful, sexy fantasy thing collapsed, and Patti again became just another shy, little kid to me. Damn. I suddenly felt very perverted, and very old. Oh well, I had a good run. And thank God I never tried anything with her.

"She's coming over tonight." continued Kelly, tipping her bowl to slurp the last of the milk. "We've got some work to do on an article we're doing for Viewpoint." Viewpoint was the school paper.

"I didn't know you wrote, Kelly."

"Oh, yeah." she said, burping. " I'm okay, but Patti's really good. Though she sucks at interviews."


Kelly shrugged. "Too shy. She's probably gonna' stay over."

Stay over? Ah-hah! My fantasy wasn't about to die, yet. Little Patti was sleeping over my parent's house. Kelly's room was right next to mine. We'd be sharing a bathroom. The thought of being in such close, intimate quarters with Patti made the whole sister/friend thing disappear, and I could feel a stirring in my shorts.

Now, having little Patti sleep overnight presented an opportunity I never thought I'd have. You see, I very much wanted to see Patti naked. Yeah, yeah, I'd seen her boobs and her panties, and watched her masturbate herself to orgasm, and had a quick shot of her wispy pubic hair, and even smelled her sweet, tangy juice, but I hadn't actually seen her pussy. And I wanted to. Badly. My knees melted just thinking about the idea. I had to figure out some way to do it; I would never have a chance like this again.

But no matter what I came up with I couldn't figure out how to arrange the situation. There was no place to hide in the bathroom, or in Kelly's room. My parents didn't have a video camera I could hide anywhere. There was no roof or tree branch outside any appropriate window where I could sit in the dark and peek. No holes in the bedroom wall. Nothing. My perverted little brain couldn't come up with anything. So I suffered through dinner, staring at Patti's beautiful little face, wishing I could see more.

Patti was sweet, and shy, and I could tell that she was uncomfortable around me. She laughed at all my jokes and smiled whenever I entered the room, but would never initiate a conversation, or look directly at me. Kelly said that she really like me and thought I was a great director, but I think she was feeling more, and was just too inexperienced and too shy to say so. I think she had a crush on me.

Patti and Kelly retreated upstairs much too soon in the evening. I could hear them giggling and typing in Kelly's room, and then went straight to bed. Somehow I missed the bumping into her in the hallway in her pajamas on her way to brush her teeth moment. I didn't even get to see what she 'd be sleeping in. Damn.

I went to my own bed, frustrated, and without any new mental pictures to conjure up. I tried masturbating to the dressing room memory, but my bed was creaking so much, I was afraid Patti would hear in the next room. So I went downstairs and watched a little late night TV. Not being a pajama guy, I threw my jeans and T-shirt back on, not worrying about underwear.

I sat there for two hours, flipping through the late night phone sex commercials, trying to get hot so I could jerk off. But those girls were all too whorish, too over the top sexy, too plastic Barbi-dollish, too heavily make-upped for me. Fresh little Patti put them all to shame. I never opened my pants.

I was about to give up and go to bed when I heard someone come softly walking down the hallway. It was Patti, creeping softly into the TV room.

"Hi." she said from the doorway.

"Hi." I said, lowering the TV volume. "Did I wake you up?"

"Nah." she said. "Can't hear anything up there. I was just looking for some milk."

"Can't sleep?"

She sighed. "This stupid article. We didn't finish it and we're going to have to ask Miss Reno for an extension. I'm never late with anything."

"You've been busy with the show."

"I know. But still, I hate being late." she pouted.

It was chilly, and her nipples poked out nicely from her thin T-shirt. She wore no bra. Her sweats were swathed tightly about her hips, and the contour of her mons was visible. She wore no underwear. Her hair was tied back, making her face seem even smaller and younger. She looked good enough to eat.

"You want me to get you some milk?"

"Thanks, okay."

I brought her back a glass and she gulped it down, never moving from the hallway.

"So what's the article on?" I asked. And so we chatted a while, me from the couch, her from the hallway. I noticed that she was shivering. "You're cold." I said. "Go to bed, or come here and sit down."

"Whatcha' watching?" she said, moving to the couch. She sat right next to me and pulled her feet up and wrapped her arms around her knees, rubbing her legs, trying to stay warm.

"Nothing. Just flipping. C'mere."

I started rubbing her shoulders and calves, trying to warm her up. It wasn't a massage like before, just a brisk, brotherly rub down to push the goose-bumps away. Her T-shirt and sweats were very thin, and I got a real good feel for her body. It was tight and firm, and responded so well to my touch. She really let me guide her, her limbs pushing and relaxing at my bidding. We chatted a bit more, and stared at the tube, and I kept rubbing.

"Warm?" I said, taking my hands off her finally.

She murmured "Yes". Hell, she almost purred it.

I leaned back on the sofa, and so did she. My arm was above her and I slipped it down. When I touched her shoulder she naturally curled up into the crook of my arm, and that's how we sat for a long time, watching the tube, in silence, my arm around her, both of us pretending that we weren't really touching.

I swear I heard alarm bells. Something inside me said "Mistake! Mistake!" I had my arm around her. She was a student. "Bong! Bong! Bong!" went the bells. "Pound! Pound! Pound!" went my heart. "What the hell are you doing?" said the voice. "Run! Flee! Abandon couch!"


This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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