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Teaching Patti
Chapter III
by Dixon Carter Lee

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

But she felt so warm and tiny and smelled so good, like fresh apples and lemon lotion, too intoxicating to resist, and I fell into her, drunk with lust. I leaned back more, slowly moving closer to her little body, lowering my hand on her shoulder, holding her more tightly, pressing up against her a bit more urgently. And she matched me, curling her legs a bit more towards mine, placing a hand on my knee, lowering her head, her hair brushing against my nostrils, the heat of her cheek on my chest.

She moved first. She looked up at me. Her breathing was rapid. She just stared at me, her lips inches from mine . She had kept her feelings inside, but they couldn't stay buried any more. Her face was pinched, and anxious. Her black eyes were wide, and full of portent and meaning, and seemed to say, "Please, I want this.".

I knew she wanted me to kiss her. And I knew it would be an amazing kiss. But she was so young! And I was her director! In a high school show! And she knew my sister! And we were on my parent's couch! There weren't enough ways of getting in trouble here. So I didn't kiss her. I just smiled.

She stared a few seconds longer, a quizzical look on her face, and turned back to the TV, embarrassed. I felt terrible for leaving her hanging like that. She had exposed herself, she had let me see her longing, and I threw it back at her. I didn't say anything, or do anything. I felt terrible.
I gave her shoulder a friendly rub, and pulled her even closer to me, her hand falling onto my thigh. Lord! She wasn't making this easy. Her body felt so good, so fresh and willing. I could smell the skin of he neck. If she looked at me like that again--!

And then she did.

She turned to me, a tear in her eye. Her head was tilted, her lips were moist and parted, ready to be kissed. I stared at her. I wanted her. I couldn't stop myself. I placed my hand on the back of her head, pulled her up to me, and kissed her, crushing her lips against mine. Her arms embraced me around the back, and she squeezed herself into me. I could feel her soft breasts press against my chest. I could feel her hard nipples through the flimsy T-shirt. We breathed together, sharing our mouths hungrily, tongues exploring. God! I'd forgotten what it was like to kiss a teenage girl.
We wrestled together for nearly 30 minutes on that couch, but all we did was kiss. Half an hour! Jesus, it had been years since I'd done nothing but kiss for thirty minutes! Hands exploring, slowly, tentatively, bodies pressing, breathing rapid.

Finally I decided to chance something more. I kissed down her soft, white neck, and with each kiss she let out a small whimper. She was so responsive to every touch, every kiss, ever pressure. I bit her neck, and she nearly exploded with pleasure, her back arching up against me. I moved my hands to her throat, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. I moved my hands down slowly, testing, seeing how far she'd let me go. I got to the top of her breasts, and she kissed me harder. I felt her boobs through her shirt. Christ! So firm and hard and full, and the nipples were like rocks.

The alarm bells were constant now. This was insane! I kept thinking she'd stop me. She almost did. When I touched her breasts, cupped them in my hand, she faltered, shook a bit, then kissed me even harder. And now I didn't care. I wanted her.

I put a hand against her tummy, and tickled her exposed navel with one finger, testing her to see if I could get up her shirt. She pulled her shirt down, but when I tried again there was no resistance, so I put my whole hand flat on her naked belly, rubbing her there, slowly inching my way up under the T. Her breathing quickened, and she tensed up a bit, and I knew she was asking herself if she should let me go this far.

I started licking her neck, and biting her more, trying to get her all hot and bothered. It worked. In fact she nearly fainted, and I moved my hand further up her chest. No resistance this time. I was almost at her tits, and she knew it. She grabbed me tightly, took her lips from mine and held her breath, waiting to be touched, probably for the first time. I took one boob in hand, squeezing and weighing it, and pinched the nipple.

Her body began to quiver, and knew she was close to cumming. So, without warning, I attacked. I threw her whole shirt up, exposing her beautiful tits, dove in and started sucking on them furiously. She was shocked, and made an effort to push me away, but I was moving too fast. I knew she was close and wouldn't stop me, and I was right. As I bit her nipple she stopped pushing and started pulling me down harder. " God..." she gasped, starting to shake. I timed it perfectly. Just as she was ready to cum I shoved my thigh between her legs and pressed it against her pussy.

The girl exploded. Her whole body shook, and tears came to her eyes. Wave after wave sweep over her body. She twitched and turned something fierce, but I held her, pinned down, and wouldn't let go, pressing against her pussy until she came again and again.

It took her a good ten minutes to calm down. She was in tears. My cock was ready to burst through my pants, but I made no effort to rush her. She hadn't yet touched me there. She had no experience at all, and I didn't want to scare her. Besides, maybe I could still get out of this without breaking the law. I decided that I wouldn't be the one to open my jeans.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yes." she whimpered. She couldn't speak without quivering. "That felt so really good."

We lay like that for a while, then started kissing again. I did a little more exploring, but when I tried to slip a hand over her pussy, or inside her pants she would stop me, and we'd go back to kissing. After the third time I said "I know what you're scared of. We won't do anything you're not ready for. I just want to make you feel good. If you want, I'll promise to keep my pants on."

"You'd do that?"


"But won't that be – frustrating for you?"

I smiled, because she was actually embarrassed to let me know that she knew about men being "frustrated". My cock was rock hard, and she could feel it pressing against her leg. "No!" I said, obviously frustrated. "It'll be great! Just great!"

She laughed, and relaxed, feeling she could trust me. I kissed her on the lips, and she instantly fell back into passion, closing her eyes and moaning. I ran my hand down her stomach to the top of her sweat pants, teasing her belly with my finger. I slipped one finger under the top of her pants and felt the band of her panties. I could feel her tremble a bit, her stomach pulling in a bit at my touch, so I lingered there, kissing her, until she relaxed, letting the newness of the experience be enough for the moment.

With my finger I lifted the band of her panties and massaged the area under the top of her underwear. Her skin was hot and smooth, and this time she pressed herself up against my hand. I felt the bony area of her pelvis, and slipped down further, dipping towards the hollow of her pussy, and coming up against a few soft, wispy hairs. I could smell her oils now, a fresh, tangy, teenage odor.

I pushed my hand in all the way into her pants, but went I past her pussy, and right to her thighs. Her eyes were closed, and her head was twitching back and forth, and she was moaning. A man had his hand in her pants! I massaged her slippery thighs, watching her stiffen, waiting for me touch her "there". I watched her little angel face, and touched her pussy. "OHHHHH!" she moaned, instantly arching her back. Her eyes opened, and rolled back in their sockets. Her chin was trembled, and there were tears in her eyes. I think she was a little scared, but too turned on to make me stop.

Her pubic hair was soft and fine and drenched with cum. I slid a finger easily into her pussy, and I shoved it in just a bit, fingering her little clit with my thumb. She grabbed my arm, pushing it down, bucking against my hand as I finger-fucked her. She felt incredible. So responsive, so wet! I couldn't believe this teenager was humping my finger.

Her thighs tightened around my hand, and her body started to vibrate. She was ready to cum again. But since I was going to keep my pants on, I wanted her to have the fantasy of really making love. So, keeping my finger in her pussy, I pushed my hips between her legs, as if I were mounting her. From her position, it would look and feel like I was. I leaned down to her and whispered.

"Do you trust me?"

She looked up at me. "Yes." she whimpered.

"I'm going to fuck you."

And then I started to pump, as if I were fucking her. With each thrust I shoved my finger in and out of her wet tunnel. Her thighs were wrapped around me. From where she lay it must have seemed very much like she was getting royally fucked. Her pussy tightened even more around my finger. She looked up at me, her lover, fucking her pussy. She was in heaven. I knew she was feeling very dirty and very sexy and very adult, but it wasn't really intercourse, so she didn't have any reason to be inhibited, and this freed her. She fucked me back, swaying her hips in rhythm with my thrusting. "Nuh...Nuh...Nuh...Nuh...Nuh!" she groaned. We fucked her like that for a solid ten or fifteen minutes, and I think she orgasmed all the way through it. Finally, she convulsed, plopped back onto the sofa, spent. I slowly pulled my finger out of her with a squishy "Pop" and , and she quivered at my retreat.

I wanted to look her. All of her. So I pulled off her T-shirt and rolled down her wet panties, lifting her legs to pull them off her ankles. I looked down at her, totally naked for the first time. What a sight. A beautiful young girl, naked, glistening with sweat, her thighs slippery with cum, shuddering with orgasm.

"Oh my God, oh my God…" she kept saying, looking right at me with those big, black, adoring eyes. She parted her thighs and I could see her pretty little pussy, puffed open, wet and inviting. I wanted so badly to open my jeans, take out my cock and fuck her right there, for real! But I kept my promise, and kept my pants on.

I lowered my head between her legs and inhaled her scent. "What are you doing?" she asked, nervously. I kissed her slick thighs, then ran my mouth down to her mound and tasted that sweet little pussy that I had only smelled before. She shrieked, and I prayed that we really were far enough from the bedrooms that no one could hear us. It was a big house, but if my mother or sister should wake up and come downstairs and catch me fucking and fingering and licking little Patti Cielo --- Geez!

Patti continued to shriek. "No, don't do that!" she was saying, pushing my head away from her cunt. But I knew she loved the feel of my tongue on her pussy, and she slowly stopped trying to push me away. She was delicious, so tangy and fresh. I ran my tongue all over her soft labia, flicking her clit, and darting into her tunnel. I could have ate her out all night. She was so sweet tasting and responsive to slightest breath. She began humping my face, pushing my head down between her legs. "Mark, I can't take it! I can't take it!" she gasped, still pushing my head down, wetting my face with her juices.

But then, another perverted thought came into my mind. Here was this perfect little virgin, letting me do whatever I wanted to her little body. I wanted to try something, mostly because I didn't think I'd ever get a chance like this again.

I turned her over. Lord what an ass! Round and smooth. A young girl's ass! How many times in high school did I want to see just this? I gave her ass a light slap, and she shrieked again. I put that little fact away. I knew I couldn't do any real slapping here - my parents would definitely wake up. Instead I opened her legs a little bit, slipped my finger inside her pussy, climbed on top of her, and began "fucking" her from behind. My jeans were still tightly shut, but she could feel me on top of her, and she could feel me humping her ass, and she could feel my finger inside her pussy. Again I was giving her a major fantasy, which again she resisted at first, but then gave in to her feelings. She was getting fucked doggy-style, and without the anxiety of having a cock inside her. She buried her face inside a pillow cushion, and screamed. She pushed her ass up against me and I fucked her hard.

Then I slowed down. She pushed her ass up against me, wanting me to continue. I leaned down to her ear and again whispered. "Do you trust me?"

She could barely speak now. "Yes." she managed.

I leaned in closer to her ear. I took my finger out of her pussy, rubbed her juice on my thumb, and placed my thumb on the crack of her ass. I slid it between her cheeks, which tightened at the intrusion.

"No." she mumbled softly.

"Do you trust me?" I repeated.


I pushed my wet thumb inside her ass, just a bit. After a few moments, and a few squeals, her sphincter muscles relaxed, and I was able to push the thumb in a bit further. Once I had it all the way I pulled it out again slowly, climbed on top of her, held my thumb over the opening to her anus and said, "Patti?"

"Yes?" she quavered.

"Do you like it when I use your name, Patti?"


"Do you like it when I do things to you, Patti?"




"I'm going to fuck you in the ass."

She moaned a deep, resigned, "Okay."

I shoved my thumb deep inside her.

"OHHHHHHHH!" she moaned into the pillow.

I rocked back and forth, my hips pushing my thumb in and out of her, "fucking" her sweet little ass, while she moaned in pain and pleasure. I got bold, and slapped her ass just once, leaving a red mark on her pale cheek. She shrieked into the pillow. I grabbed her hair, which wasn't easy because it wasn't that long, and pulled, and this seemed to excite her even more.

But this was getting a little out of control. I was thumbing fucking her ass, pretending it was my cock, and pulling on her hair like some asshole stud in a porn flick. This was getting too hard-core, and as much as I was enjoying it, I knew I'd hate myself if Patti ended up damaged over this. So I let up. I let go of her hair, and didn't pump quite so hard. I kept my thumb in her ass, but now I let my fingers move down and stroke her clit.

She seemed to relax more now, and started pushing herself up against me again. She started to shake again. We both froze, waiting for the eruption. I pressed one finger against her clit, pushed my thumb all the way into her ass, and bit her on the neck, and that was it. She started rocking and shuddering as a huge orgasm shot through her body. She shoved the pillow into her mouth and screamed, nearly passing out with pleasure.

I lay on her like that for fifteen minutes, waiting for the orgasm to pass. I should have come too, and would have, if it weren't for the fact that I hadn't put any underwear on under the jeans, and my erection rubbing against the hard material was painful.

Finally I rolled off Patti onto the floor while she continued to have little orgasm aftershocks. I kissed her toes, but each kiss signaled a new orgasm. It was like her skin was on fire – every touch, every breath made her jump with delight.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Oh my God, that felt so good." She was crying a little. I stroked her hair.

"Did it hurt?"

"A little. But it was okay."

I felt a little bad, thinking I might have scared her. "Was this your first time for…?"

"I'd only ever kissed before." she said, averting her eyes.

"You're amazing."

"No I'm not." she said, looking down.


This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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