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The Portal Pt. III
by Carl East

My Father woke the next morning eager to get on with the adventure ahead, he had discovered a sort of doorway onto other planets, and I had been the first to go through the Portal. I had told him all that had happened on my arrival, even the part about the males having two genitalia.

"So what your telling me about the Portal is, it isn't just for females?" My Father said.

"No, it was just set for a female to use."

"So how do you set it for male and female?"

"You don't, you set for one then the other, its something to do with the amount of electromagnetic current that is sealed just below the surface of the stone, apparently the higher settings for a woman won't work for a man." I replied, not fully understanding it myself.

We entered my Fathers lab without any more questions, I think he was eager to see this New World for himself. I made sure I got the settings right before telling my Father how to proceed, because I knew that if I sent him to the wrong place he could quite possibly be lost forever.

"That's it Father, once you step through I will reset it for myself and follow you."

With that my father grabbed the bag that had a few items in, then stepped into the middle of the Portal. Almost immediately he started to fall in, which was not as alarming as it sounds. I then reset the dials for myself and stepped onto the Portal.

On arriving at my destination, I found my Father inspecting the fauna.

"That was amazing," He said, talking about his trip, "I want to find out more about that Portal."

I pointed to the city in the distance, to which we both proceeded. My Father was unusually quiet as we approached the large gates to this magnificent city.

"Is there something wrong Father?"

"No, I'm just a little bit overwhelmed with the fact, that we, have just traveled hundreds of light years in the space of minutes," He said, looking around "it takes some getting used to."

I had to admit it was an awe-inspiring moment in my life too. We entered the city with my Father interested in just about everything we passed, but we soon arrived at Garreth's home. Garreth was the first person I had made friends with on this planet, and was also the one who showed me a very good time.

He opened the door with a smile happy to see me again.

"Come in Cathy, this must be your Father." He said, shaking my Fathers hand.

My Father couldn't believe how big this man was, he shook his hand and proceeded to stare at Garreth like he was some prehistoric monster. I could understand this, for Garreth was at least eight foot tall, what I found very funny however, was the fact that Father kept looking at the bulge in Garreth's trousers. I had told him about their cocks on this planet, and I don't think he was going to believe this one until he actually saw it for himself.

"Is it true that human males only have one cock?" Blurted Garreth, much to my amusement.

"Yes, it is," Said father, clearly trying not to be embarrassed, "is it true about...

"Yes." Interrupted Garreth.

My father took a deep breath then said, I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Laugh! I couldn't stop, which I think broke the ice, for they both started to laugh with me. I found a little while later that my father had been serious, also that Garreth didn't object to showing my father his cocks, in the interest of science of course. So there I was in the middle of the room watching my father pull his pants down, while my lover was doing the same thing.

"It's true, you do possess two cocks."

I thought for a minute, that my father was going to reach over and touch them, but he didn't. Garreth was just as surprised as he was, as they pulled their trousers back up he commented on the fact that he didn't altogether believe me, when I had told him on my previous visit.

With all that nonsense out of the way Garreth poured a couple of drinks, while father asked one question after another. Just then there was a knock on the door, to which Garreth answered. It turned out to be his sister, whom I hadn't met yet.

"This is Bella, my sister."

She was a very attractive woman, just over seven-foot tall. Her bust was the first thing anyone would notice, it put mine to shame, not just because she was bigger but because she was fuller at the top, if you know what I mean. Her smile was another thing that struck me, it was the kind of smile that told me, I like this person. In all the time she stood shaking hands and introducing herself, my father couldn't take his eyes off her chest.

Garreth poured the drinks again, and we sat talking about our respective worlds. I think it was father who suggested playing a game of their chose, to which Garreth produced a box containing an assortment of games, not unlike those we would play back home. Or so I thought, it turned out, they were a little more adult minded in this world. Most of the games he produced out of this box were sexually orientated, not that I was bothered you understand, I just thought that father wouldn't want to play such open-minded games with his own daughter in the room. I was wrong, it apparently didn't bother him at all.

So there we were playing this quite explicit game. It involved writing down what you were thinking about the partner of your chose. You had to be honest or the game wouldn't work, you were rewarded with points if you discovered the other was concealing the truth. Starting with ten points, with the aim of taking the points away from your opponent, they in turn had to lie at least once in every five questions. Simple I thought, until I tried playing it, for Garreth caught every lie I tried to get past him.

My father was having a little more luck than me, for he had correctly identified two lies from Bella. You may at this point be wondering where the explicit nature of this game came into it. Well, what I haven't told you yet, is that every question had to be about sex. Bella's next statement to father was the one that started that nights fun off.

"I am thinking that you want to fuck me?"

"Correct." Said father, not in the least bit embarrassed.

I don't know if it was the drink, or lust, but at that point Bella placed her paper down then drew my father nearer to her, kissing him passionately on the mouth. It was as if Garreth and I didn't exist, they were going at it like people possessed. I had to admit a certain curiosity, about the female anatomy on this world. I mean, if the men have two cocks then surely the women had to have something special below the waist. I sat watching my father take her clothing off piece by piece, releasing her breasts was first, I hadn't realised how good my father was at this sort of thing. It's not an every day occurrence, watching one's father make love to a complete stranger.

They both stood up at that point, completely oblivious to Garreth and me. I found out why later on, it seems the women on this planet secrete a certain gene that attracts their chosen partner. Bella removed her skirt revealing an enormous pussy; the crack didn't stop where a human female would, it came up to the bottom of her belly. My father put his hand between her legs, and you could visibly see her pussy open up and allow his hand in. It then seemed to suck his hand backwards and forwards, almost as if he was fucking her. This must have been turning Garreth on, for he started to kiss my neck while cupping my breasts with both hands. I let myself get caught up in the moment, removing my top and bra, he in turn started to suck my nipples one by one. I quickly undid his trousers letting my friends out to play you could see they were eager to join in, for they were fully erect.

Removing my skirt I jumped onto Garreth pinning him to the floor, he didn't seem to mind. His cocks soon found what they were groping for; one entering my pussy while the other entered my arse. I sat up slightly resting my hands on Garreths chest while his cocks started to work their magic. Hearing my father's moa'ns I looked up to find he had got on top of Bella, and was fucking her for all he was worth. I couldn't watch for long because the sensations I was starting to feel were wonderful. Garreth decided to change our position at that point, he pulled me over with ease, placing me on my back. Not once did his cocks stop their pumping action, he then raised my legs up into the air. His cocks pummelling each hole with reckless abandonment, this was starting to feel like the very first time we had made love, for I was starting to feel light headed. My orgasms were coming fast and furious, his cocks seeming to know that this was driving me wild.

Then I heard my father shout out that he was coming, his moans of pleasure were arousing me further. I felt Garreth's cocks start to pump their loads into me, not once slowing down. The juices running down my arse were starting to form a small puddle beneath my cheeks; his cocks went faster taking my breath away. I think I momentarily blacked out, but Garreth was getting used to this behaviour so didn't bother to stop. I opened my eyes to see Garreth pull the sort of face that says, I'm coming. By the time he stopped we discovered that Bella had still not gotten enough, and was at this moment sitting astride my father. He later told me that it felt like he was getting a blow job, while he was fucking, because her pussy was sucking his cock in and out. He also said that it was the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced, and although he felt quite inadequate to the task in hand, she had assured him that she was fully satisfied.

I was once again exhausted, and needed to have a nap, sitting on some pillows I put my head in Garreth's lap. I awoke to find him running his hand through my hair softly.

"That feels nice." I said, while looking around to find where my father was.

"He's retired for the evening." Said Garreth; fully aware as to whom I was looking for.

"I hope you don't mind my father being here." I said.

"Not at all, he is welcome, as are you," He replied, "come on, let's go to bed ourselves."

With that, we too retired, I couldn't help thinking as I closed my eyes what the future had in store for us both. I was sure I would soon find out.

To Be Continued?


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