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Teacher's Pets Pt. III
by Jenne64

She sat in the staff room daydreaming as usual. It was a habit that she had formed when she had been at University. It wasn't always a healthy habit as her day dreams were vivid and her panties always became moist. She sat and thought about the lesson that she had given Paul just a couple of days before. Boy, had that been fun. She could clearly picture his face as she sat and dreamed. Now it was David's turn. She wasn't sure that he would be as willing a pupil as Paul but he was at least as eager to learn and that was what counted in the long run.

She watched Paul as he sat and talked to Paul. She wondered if Paul was telling David about his lesson. She would just have to wonder at the moment. She beckoned Davis to her side and he came obediently almost running to her side. This almost confined to her that they had in fact been talking about the lessons. She had a different kind of lesson for David but she wasn't about to tell him that.

She turned and began to speak to him as she absent-mindly fiddled with her pen, slowly running her hand over the nib and then placing the implement between her lips. It was obvious that David was registering the movements from his face. Perhaps he was remembering when she took him into her mouth and massaged his cock so tenderly, then again perhaps not. She didn't really care, she was looking forward to the next lesson and it's outcome.

"Are you free tonight?" She asked the blonde-haired lad that stood looking so abashed in front of her.

"Yes Miss."

"Good then my house at 6pm would be a good place to be I think your revision work could do with some practice."

His eyes lit up as she spoke the words. They both knew what the term revision meant. Perhaps it was the fact that it was a secret shared only by them that made things so exciting for them both. Perhaps it was the fact that her fellow colleges had no idea of the type of revision that she afforded her special pupils that turned her on so much. Just the thought had dampened her panties once more. She was really going to enjoy this encounter.

"Yes miss." As David walked away she studied his form more and he really was quite cute in a boyish sort of way.

6pm and the doorbell rang out loudly. Again she had dressed for the occasion. Her wardrobe of lingerie was vast nowadays. Tonight she had chosen a tight figure hugging dress, velvet gloves, stocking and high heels. Again her hair was tie in a tight bun and her makeup was dark and moody.

It was important to her that she not only lived the role that she played as teacher but her dress fitted that role.

As she opened the door David's jaw dropped, if it could have gone further she felt sure that it would have. She ushered him into the lounge. Fixing him a coke as she had done for Paul just a couple of days before. As she bent over to pour the drinks she made sure that her student could see that she was wearing no panties. She heard him sigh as he watched. Handing him the drink she directed him onto the sofa and placed herself next to him. They sipped their drinks and chatted about college , his friends, parents and life in general. She watched as he began to relax a little as they spoke. Her voice was soft and warm.

It was time the real fun began. She spoke to him in a soft, teasing voice.

"David I think that's enough small talk time for your revision to begin. Would you please stand and strip for me."

David stood and began to undo his shirt buttons. He hesitated slightly as he undid his flies but a smile from the her gave him the resolve he needed to carry out the act that was asked of him. She sat staring at the firm, yet supple body. He reached forward and removed his socks and then came the piece de resistance as he dropped his underpants in front of her eyes. She had almost forgot how well developed he was for his years. Again she had to resist the impulse to grab him and take him then and there. She resisted and simply asked him to lay on the floor. He looked a little puzzled at the request but did as he was bid.

She took the black silk scarf from where she had placed it earlier that evening and knelt beside the young man that was stretched naked on her carpet. He looked alarmed as she raised his head and tied the dark scarf around his head shielding his eyes from any delights that she may choose to offer him. Gently she whispered in his ear,

"Have no worries my dear, this is one lesson that you will enjoy."

He smiled at her. She began to massage his body slowly and sensually. Alternating her movements and the intensity of her touch. David began to writhe as his senses reeled just as she knew they would.

"Lay still." She issued the words as a command rather than as a request.

He lay still and again she teased his body with her gloved hands. She never touched his cock but just occasionally she would brush over it making the lad jump whenever she did so. She smiled at his reactions. It had taken her a long time to fine tune the actions that she now made and each pupil was different. Some responded better than others, one sometime ago had become so excited that he had come just as she was about to move to the next stage. Still he had learnt to control his cock better than most after that. She took immense pride in her work as her previous pupils would happily testify.

He began to writhe and again he cautioned him against it. As he lay blindfolded on the floor, receiving the attention that her gloved hand had to offer. The smooth material gliding effortlessly over his soft, smooth skin. This continued for some time. Then things took an unexpected turn or at least they were not what David would have expected. She was joined by a friend. They had been friends for years and their passion for young men was equaled only by their lust for each other.

Her friend tiptoed softly over the carpet and joined her, a long lingering kiss ensued as she greeted her. They exchanged a knowing glance and her gloved hands were quickly replaced by those of her friends. She sat back and allowed her friend to enjoy the delights that the firm, pliable of her pupils body had to offer. This continued for sometime, David sighing and his excitement becoming more and more evident. He strained his body every time a hand strayed towards his rearing cock. Both women knew that this was driving him mad and they both enjoyed the feeling.

She reached forward and touched her friends breasts, teasing the taught nipples between her fingertips. Her friend cooed at the attention. It was time to begin David's next lesson in earnest.

She reached over and removed his blindfold but not before they had both removed each others clothing. They placed themselves at either end of the poor lad and as she removed the blindfold his eyes meet not her but that of her naked friend. He sat up startled at first, his eyes began to search for her, he relaxed visibly when he realised that she was still with them. The look then became puzzled but it appeared that as she had hoped the sight of two naked women and the way that they had teased his cock unseen for so long had heightened his sense of need. She bent forward and kissed her pupil before she moved round to join her friend.

They exchanged a knowing glance and began to kiss. They both knew that the display was for David's sake as much as their own satisfaction and this added to the excitement of the whole situation. She broke from the caress and returned to David once more. Placing a hand around his shaft, causing him to jump to attention. Both women looked at David, then his cock. Without further ado they almost dived towards his erection. They began to lap in unison, relishing the taste of his firm cock. As she lapped at him, her friend moved her tongue towards his balls and began to lap at those. As she had envisaged the sight of two women readily tasting his cock proved to much and his spunk gushed forth like a fountain overflowing. Both women rushed to meet the stream, both allowing the creamy like stream to rest on their faces and in their mouths.

David rested, she almost forgot he existed as she licked the remnants of his come from her friends face and her friend returned the compliment. David sat and watched as the two women enjoyed each other and the fruits of his groin. The became lost in each other, hands fondling one another's tits, feeling each others flesh, touching each other in a frenzy of lust. As her friends fingertips began to probe her wet pussy she came almost instantly. This brought her back to earth and she realised that David was laid on the floor observing the actions with immense interest. His eyes never leaving the scene that they presented to them.

She broke from her friend and motioned that she should sit on the sofa. Her friend smiled, knowing what she had in mind. She turned to David took his hand and guided him towards the woman sat on the sofa, legs spread wide.

"Now David, I will teach how to really eat pussy, it is one of the most important lessons you will learn. Learn it well and you may just get to enjoy me as the woman enjoyed the man in the video."

She opened her friends outer pussy lips and David stared wide eyed. She began by giving him a biology lesson like no other the lad had ever seen. She pointed out each part of the woman's sex. Explaining which part was more sensitive, how best to touch it., how much more pleasure would be achieved if he did this or that with either his finger or his tongue. Her pupil sat nodding occasional, listening to her words, watching her actions as she demonstrated her skill, listening to her friends reactions as her tongue and finger explored her pussy.

She broke and motioned that is was time for David to show her what he had learned. He needed no second beckoning. He mimicked her actions. Now it was her turn to watch, she helped guide him through the process and then decided to help him. As he flicked his tongue across the tight clit she inserted her finger deep into her friends moist pussy. Her friend could control the need to orgasm anymore and released a long, low moan as she thrashed about on the tongue and finger that was giving her so much pleasure. David continued to lick at the pussy until her orgasm subside. She took her finger from the moist cavern and placed it in her mouth tasting the delicious liquid that had been excreted onto it as her friend had orgasmed.

She invited David to join her in the partaking of the glistening finger. He needed no encouragement now. She reached down and was pleased to find that his cock had reached a hard stage once more. If anything it felt harder than before. Time to move on again.

She pushed David back onto the floor and sat astride him. Her pussy came to rest just inches from his throbbing cock. She moved her hips down and began to rub the very tip of his cock over her opening, purring as she did so. She pushed down and devoured his cock deep inside her. Her muscled clenched as she took him deep and held him there. Slowly she lifted her hips, releasing him once more , then back down on him again. She continued this action for a while, then just sat on his cock, it buried deep inside her as her friend began to lick his balls. She sensed that he wouldn't last much longer and this in turned spurred her on. She sat up and began the actions again, taking him deep inside her pussy then releasing it once more so that her friend could use her delicate tongue on the tip. It was not long before he erupted once more. His seed spilling deep into her and over her friends tongue. She reached forward and kissed him tenderly. He had done well to last as long as he had.

She removed herself from him and sat back on the sofa, she had not orgasmed yet and she desperately needed to. Her friend sensed this and soon had her head buried deep between her thighs. Licking, sucking and enjoying. The sensations that washed over her were immense. She felt her body tightened as she neared orgasm closing her eyes she allowed the gentle actions of the females tongue that was so expertly massaging her clit to bring her to an earth shattering orgasm. As it subsided she smiled as her friend rose from between her legs and kissed her deeply. The smell and taste of her pupils seed and her own pussy juices covering her friends mouth were wonderful.

All needed to recover and the women joined David on the floor and rested for sometime. David seemed reluctant to leave but all knew that he must.

As he rose and began to dress the two women began to enjoy each other once more, teasing the poor lad as he watched them kiss and caress each other. Enough was enough she decided. He really must get home on time. He would not be allowed to return if he didn't and there was so much more she had to teach him and Paul.

Next time they would return to her house together. She intended to teach them a lesson that neither would forget. Now they had both learned the basics of sex it was time they learned the real joy that it could bring. Teaching was her job after all...


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