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Teaching Patti
Chapter IV
by Dixon Carter Lee

Rehearsals were going well, and we were two weeks from opening. Patti and I had shared a few tiny kisses and squeezes in dark corners, but nothing more. It was hard to find a place to be alone. Her house was out and so was my parent's. I thought of pulling her into the dressing room, but everyone was working with costumes now, and the dressing room was being used a lot. And her Mom picked her up every night after rehearsal, so I couldn't even get her into a car.

Then one night, after a Friday night rehearsal, the cast invited me to the local diner. Patti's parents had said she could go, but only if she could arrange a ride home. I said I'd be happy to drive her, and so I finally got an opportunity to be alone with little Patti.

We chatted with the cast, hurried through our burgers and fries, said goodnight to everyone, and rushed back to the car. It was my parent's car, a huge Impala, with, a nice, roomy back seat. I hadn't fooled around in a back seat in years, and I was dying to get Patti back there and let our hands explore. Patti seemed eager, too. The moment we got to the car she kissed me – one of those deep, long teenager kisses full of meaning and moment. I kept her hand on her leg as we drove. She was wearing blue jeans and a big purple sweater, and she looked more adorable, and ripe, than ever.

"Oh that's where I went to eighth grade." she said, as we passed by Grover Elementary school.

"Me, too." I said, sensing an opportunity. "Let's take a look." I pulled into the school parking lot and we drove past the classrooms. The kids had already started putting Halloween decorations up in the windows. "God, it looks so small." I said. We pulled into a dark space, far away from the road. I turned off the engine. The sudden silence was very sexy. We turned to each other and began to kiss. "Let's go in the back." I whispered, and we both climbed over the seats.

Patti was shy again, and moved my hand away from her pants a couple of times. But finally she let me unbutton the top of her jeans and I slid my hand inside her white cotton panties. She jumped, not expecting my hand in her pants so fast. She was incredibly wet, and my finger slipped easily inside her squishy pussy. She started to say, "No, No...", but after I worked her clit a while she began humping my hand, squirming around my finger, bucking her hips against my arm. I worked my finger in and out of her, rubbing her clit, driving her crazy. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her chest heaved as she gasped with pleasure. She grabbed my arm, pulling my hand further down into her pants.

"Oh God! Mark! Yes!" she cried, cumming, squeezing her strong little thighs, nearly crushing my hand. She shivered and shook for about ten minutes, then finally slid off my finger. I withdrew my hand and tasted her sweet juice, smelling that wonderful odor of cunt.

We lay there quietly for a bit, kissing and touching, and whispering. I still had my pants on, just like the other night on my parent's couch. It was agony, but I still wanted her to be comfortable. We hadn't really discussed it, but I think she wanted to stay a virgin.

It was a big back seat, and we could both lay down comfortably. I was on my back, and she was drawing little circles on my chest, occasionally dipping her hand into my shirt to explore the hairy jungle of my chest. My cock was pushing up through my jeans, and I knew she could see the bulge.

After a while we didn't speak, she didn't look at me. She just kept her head against my chest as her fingers danced over my chest, and slowly brushed their way down towards my crotch. I didn't want to force her into anything, so I just lay there, waiting for her to decide what to do.

She placed her hand on my bulge, tentatively at first, and looked at me to see if I was about to object. I looked right at her and gave her a smile, to let her know that everything was okay. She put her head back on my chest and brushed her hand back and forth across my bulge, testing the shape and feel.

She unzipped my pants. The sound was very loud, and we both giggled a bit. She kissed me on the cheek and continued. She pulled down my fly and cautiously put her hand inside, on top of the underwear, cupping my erection. I couldn't help but let out a moan, and this encouraged her to start rubbing it a bit. She obviously hadn't a clue as to what to do, so I just let her explore.

"I shouldn't do this." she said, stopping.

"You don't have to I said." I said, biting my lip. Her hand still lay on top my underwear, but it wasn't moving.

"I'm going too far." she said, almost in tears.

"Oh, baby, it's okay." I said. "Here…" I took her hand out of my pants and kissed her on the head. "Please don't do anything you don't want to do."

We lay there for a few minutes, her hand circling again over my chest. I had calmed her down, but damn me if I didn't want her to touch my cock in the worst way. I began to realize that if I aroused a little lust in her, she might be willing to do most anything. So I began to lightly tickle her neck and face, making her skin tingle. Then I played oh so lightly with her nipples through her shirt. My pants were still unzipped, and my bulge was quite pronounced. I knew she was curious. After a few more minutes of petting she again brushed her hand against my pants, and slowly slipped a hand inside, on top the underwear.

"It feels big." she whispered, still nervous, but determined now to continue. Again she began feeling around, testing the shape and size of my cock. I moaned a little, and she began rubbing.

"Nice." I said, "That feels nice."

After a few minutes of rubbing she stopped, moved her hand to the waist band, and placed a finger inside my underwear. I held my breath. I needed her to touch me very badly, and I didn't want to scare her off, so I tried not to move.

She hesitated, then said, very casually, "Do you think it's going to be a good show?"

She was doing that nervous teenager thing of pretending the sex is not really happening. In high school I'd talk about anything, the weather, classes, anything, while fingering some girl. Somehow small talk made everything seem okay. So I answered Patti as casually as I could. "Yeah, if everyone learns the songs, it should be a good show."

She wiggled her finger underneath the waistband of my underwear, exploring. I could feel her finger brush against a few hairs. My cock was off to the side, so she hadn't touched it yet. "But do you think we're good?" she asked.

I opened my legs a little, putting one up on the back of the passenger seat, creating a little more room inside my pants. "I think Jodi's good, and Greg's got a great voice. Alan is, well..!"

She giggled. "I know! He's awful!"

"But I think he'll come through. He works hard."

"Yeah, he does. He's nice." she said, shifting her weight, giving herself more room to maneuver. She put two more fingers under the waist band of my underwear. "If I ask you something you'll tell me the truth, right?"

"Sure. What is it?" I said. I sucked in my stomach, loosening the waist band. She could now put in all five fingers. She lay her head on my chest, burying my face in her luscious hair.

"I just wanted to know," she continued, shoving her hand deep into my pants and slipping her smooth fist over my cock, "Do you think I'm good?"

"Yes." I moaned. "You're very good. Very sweet. You move well and you can sing. I think you're beautiful."

She gave my cock a squeeze. "Really?"

"Oh yeah. During your audition I couldn't keep my eyes off you."

She tugged a bit at the base. "Why?"

"I thought you looked so damn cute in those tights."

She gave me several good jerks. "You think I'm cute?"

I grunted deeply. Christ she was killing me! "I love your eyes, and your little body."

Her fist tightened around the base. "You know what I thought? When I first saw you?"

"What?" I asked.

She smoothly squeezed her fist up the length of my cock. "I thought you were gorgeous."

"Christ!" I sighed out loud.

"Is that okay?" she asked.


She was still shy, still exploring. She had never touched a cock before and I wanted her to enjoy the experience. I continued the pretense that it wasn't really happening. It took a supreme effort to not buck my hips and fuck her little hand.

She tried to pump me a little more, but things were a little cramped, so she began to tug at my pants and underwear, pulling them down a bit. Now my cock was free, and she lifted her head to take a look. She paused a bit, taking in the sight of her own little hand around a man's penis. She was fascinated, but not scared.

"What else did you like about me?" I said, not breathing.

She started pumping again and I lay back to enjoy the hand job. She moved closer to my cock to really see it, switching hands when she got tired. "I liked the way you took charge of everybody. And you're a really good dancer."

Her pumping was a little awkward, and she bent my cock a little. I must have let out a little yell because she stopped and said, "Is this okay?"

I put my hand over hers and showed her how to stroke me. "Like this. That's good. Put your other hand right here." I said, touching my balls.

"Here?" she said, cupping them.

"Oh yeah!"

And so she jerked me off with one hand while cupping my balls with another. We had stopped the small chat, and concentrated now on what was happening. She worked her hand up and down, slipping occasionally, not quite sure how hard to squeeze.

"Is this too hard?" she asked.

"A little harder." I whispered.

She squeezed and I moaned in ecstasy. Her hand was like a vice, and she was so concentrated on what she was doing. Her sweet little face got closer and closer to my cock. I was dying for her to put it in her mouth. I didn't want to force her, or scare her off, but it was all I could do to not buck up my hips and slam that cock down her throat. I instinctively put one hand on the back of her head, but resisted the temptation to push her face into my lap.

Her hand was pumping smoothly now, sliding up and down over my boner, and her other hand was nicely cupping my balls, applying just enough pressure. I watched her for a while, but my neck was hurting so I lay back again to enjoy the ride. My head was resting on one of her schoolbooks.

She leaned down and I felt her tongue lightly lick the head of my penis. She just took a little curious taste and backed off. After a minute she did it again, this time licking the base. I couldn't help it, but my hand was pressing against her head a little now.

"Do you want me to?" she whispered, feeling the push.

"Do you?" I asked.

She turned around to look at me, still jerking me off. I must have looked like I was in sweet agony, because she smiled and said, "I like to see you squirm." She giggled, embarrassed at having said such a thing. But she kept watching my face, squeezing and jerking my cock and watching my reactions.

I loved looking at her adorable little face. Something inside me wanted to violate that innocence. I held up a finger and pushed it into her mouth. She instinctively started sucking, and the feeling went right down to my toes. I pumped in and out, fucking her face with my finger. She jerked me off faster now, excited by the violation.

Finally, she turned her head around, popping my finger out of her mouth. She held her face close to my cock.

"Should I?" she whispered.

She was playing with me now. "Yes." I said.

She licked my cock again, all over the shaft, and twirled her tongue once around the head. My cock was very wet now and her hand slipping up and down made a nice, squishing sound.

"Yes." I said. "Please."

I lifted my hips up, begging her to take me in her warm mouth.

She placed her lips over the head, and flicked it with her tongue. Then, slowly, she lowered her warm mouth onto my cock, sliding down the shaft, all the way to the base where she stopped to suck. I could feel her little teeth on my skin, and she gagged a bit.

"Christ, Patti!" I screamed. Her mouth felt incredible! Like velvet. She began slurping and sucking, and still pumping with her hand, twirling her tongue around the cock like a kid sucking a popsickle. She worked me like that for a good ten minutes.

"Is this okay?" she said, coming up for air, jerking me off faster now.

"I'm going to cum." I said, warning her

"I want you to." She hesitated, then said, "Can I do something to you? I've been thinking about it a lot."

"What is it?"

She put a finger in her mouth and got it all wet, then slipped it down to the crack of my ass.

"You want to do that?" I asked.

"I've been thinking about it." she said, breathing hard, and I knew she had masturbated to the thought of sucking me off while shoving a finger up my ass. I wanted her to have her fantasy.

"Okay," I said, but go slow.

She pushed her finger against my anus. No one had ever done this to me before, and I started squirming a bit. I think she liked that. She didn't want me to stop her, so she took me in her mouth again, and started sucking and slurping. After a few minutes her technique improved. First she'd roll her tongue all around the cock, then up and down the shaft, then she'd suck hard.

"Christ!" I yelled out, ready to cum.

She came up for air again, teasing her finger around my ass. "So, is it okay?" she asked.

"Yes. Yes!" I said.

She pushed her finger against my ass, and shoved it in.

"Christ!" I said.

She pushed her little finger in and out of my ass, while sucking my cock.

"Shit!" I said, getting close.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Lord, God, yes."

"Tell me."

She wanted me to talk. I think she liked it when I when I described what I was going to do to her the other night. "You're fucking me up the ass. God, I love having your finger in my ass. Oh! Jerk me off. Yes! Christ! Suck my, cock, Patti. Suck my cock!" I was just about to cum when she squeezed my tool in a tight fist, shoved her finger deep up my ass, and very gingerly bit my cock. And that was it! I came in her mouth like a fire hose, and she drank every drop. "Are you okay?" I said, watching her struggle as she gulped my hot cum.

"Mmm-hmm." she managed, still sucking and swallowing. She had gotten some of the creamy stuff on her hand and wiped on my stomach. Finally she said, "I can't believe I did that! Was it okay?" she continued, pulling her finger out of my ass.

"Amazing." I said, still shaking. "It felt great. Shit! Thanks."

She held her finger out. "I need a napkin."

We drove to a gas station so she could wash her hands. I cleaned up as best I could in the car. For some reason my erection wouldn't go down.

The gas station stood near "The Woods" where my friends and I would camp out during the summer and go sledding during the winter. The window was open and a cool breeze blew by with a familiar scent forest earth, mixed with that on-the-road smell of gasoline. I had worked at this gas station when I was the same age Patti was now. I tried to remember myself at that age, trying so hard to look cool and act like King Shit when I really knew nothing. Patti was different. She was so open about her ignorance, so eager to let me teach her what she wanted to know.

She came back to the car, smelling of soap. "Patti, we should talk. We should have talked the other night, but…"

"We don't have to." she said, biting her lip.

She looked so small sitting there next to me. "I want you to know that I won't do anything you don't want to do and…"

"I know, I know." she said. "All my friends have been having sex and I just want to know what it was like, but I didn't want to do it with any of the jerks I go to school with. And you're so great, and I love being in the show, and…do you like me?"

"Of course I do."

"Even after what I did?"

"Hey, don't freak out about how you feel." I said. "You wanted to do it, it was okay with me. I did stuff to you, too. As long as we trust each other let's not feel guilty about anything, okay?" God, I was even starting to talk like a teenager.

"Okay." she said, giving me a little kiss on the cheek. As she leaned forward her blouse opened; I could see her pale throat, and the beautiful pink swell of her young breasts.

"What time do you have to be home?" I asked.

End Chapter IV (of VII)
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