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Teacher's Pets Pt. IV
by Jenne64

After David had left that evening she and her friend had had the most incredible session. She had often shared her pupils with her longtime friend who had introduced her to the joy that another woman could give her. She had herself been the pupil in that case and had learnt much during their time together. Nowadays they saw each other less frequently but whenever they did get the chance to meet it was always for fun.

She sat on her desk and reflected on the way the two boys had responded to their lessons so far. She had to admit that things had gone exceptionally well, in fact far better than she had anticipated. She would normally have only picked one boy at a time but these two had been so close that she knew instinctively that one would have told the other. Then things could have been awkward for her. This way they both shared the experiences that she taught and neither felt excluded. The next lesson was going to be even more exciting than the last, for all of them.

Again the lads approached her and she requested they come over and revise at her house the next day. The smiles that the boys exchanged told her everything she needed to know. They were almost more eager than her to move onto the next lesson. She imagined them talking together and knew that by making them wait another day their expectations and excitement would increase ten fold.

The following evening, she once again opened the door and the two boys again stood before her. They both had smiles that stretched from one side of their faces to the other. It was amazing the confidence that they seemed to obtain from being together. On their own neither was overly confident but together they felt safer. She had dressed this evening in a tight figure hugging black dress, her breasts were cradled inside a smart black bra and again she wore no panties but her stocking tops were clearly visible above the dresses hemline. The heels that she wore gave her the impression of height and she towered over her pupils in these. She marshaled the two lads into the front room and once again offered the pair a drink.

"A coke with PLENTY of ice, please Miss," Paul replied. His smile broadened as he remembered his earlier experience with the ice cubes.

"Same for me please Miss."

She quickly prepared the drinks and handed the two lads them. There was something definitely different about the pair now, just what she couldn't put her finger on but it was there none the less. She sat between the pair and they watched her eagerly, waiting for the moment when they could touch her once more.

Turning to Paul she stretched her neck and kissed him, enthusiastically exploring him eagerly with her tongue. This was when she first really noticed the change. She felt a hand on each of her breasts, fondling and caressing them. The pair had one a piece. Paul pushed her back onto the sofa and uttered the words. "Now Miss, it's time to show you what we've learnt."

She looked at him in surprise. Then realised why the two had been so cocky all day in class - they had planned to take this lesson into their own hands and show her all that she had taught them had been worthwhile. She imagined them scheming in some corner of the library instead of studying. She wasn't overly happy but then again it made a change for her. Never before had she had pupils this willing. Their hands were all over her body and she gasped as they ran their hands over her thighs and bra clad breasts.

Then something inside her snapped. She was the teacher and she had planned this lesson down to the last detail. She wasn't about to let these two take control. She broke from them and stood up.

At first they looked abashed by her reaction. Then looking at each other they reached up and pulled her back down. She began to struggle and tried to rise again. With this Paul produced a silk scarf from his pocket and tied her wrists behind her back. They pushed her onto the floor.

"We're sorry, Miss, but we thought that you would enjoy us showing you what we have learnt, we want to show you, can we? Can we please?" Paul asked in a small but not so timid voice.

"I don't think I have a lot of choice, do I?"

"No, I don't think so, Miss," his eyes portraying his need. She looked at David and saw the same lust in his eyes.

She resigned herself to the fact they were now in control of the lesson and began to relax as they loosened her dress. They were gentle with her. Easing the fabric of the material down over her thighs and legs finally slipping it over her feet. They sat and looked at her for a minute of so before they directed that she should lay on the floor. She knew what was to come next or at least she thought she did.

She heard Paul whisper to David but couldn't quite make out what he said. She strained to listen but it was no good. Paul produced another scarf from his pocket and tied it around her eyes. With no sight and her hands tied she had little choice but to lay back and enjoy the sensations that suddenly bombarded her senses. A cold sensation as an ice cube was run over her body, followed swiftly by a warm tongue. She sighed heavily as they worked in what appeared to be unison.

Her bra was removed and her breasts enjoyed the onslaught of the sensations. Then a tickling sensation, she giggled in the same way as some of her female pupils did in class. What they were using on her body she was not sure of but it really didn't matter it felt delicious. Her senses began to wallow in the sensations that the two were managing to produce within her. Her pussy became wet with moisture as the barrage continued. Without sight or touch herself, her remaining senses had become heightened. She desperately want to touch one of them. Her hands strained to free themselves from the scarf that prevented her from that end. They never one touched her pussy and this drove her almost wild.

She was almost at the point were she could stand the teasing no more, when they stopped suddenly. She sensed a change but without sight had no idea what they were doing or planning to do. Then her legs were opened wide and a finger began to trail over her leg. It traced a delicate outline over her thigh and then reached her outer lips as it did so she felt a hand part her lips. She groaned in anticipation of the touch but instead the hand and finger were removed leaving her wanting more. They were teasing her just the way that she had teased them. It was driving her mad. She wanted release now. Her senses needed to be released. She felt like a caged lion in a zoo, needing to be released from the confines that these two pupils had placed her in.

Then a break she heard zips being unzipped and clothes being removed. She knew that the release would not be far away now or at least she hoped that it wouldn't.

Paul's voice once more. "Now, Miss, please show us once more how you suck cock."

She laid where she was, stunned by the authority in his voice as he had spoken. They pulled her up onto her knees and she began to lick at the cock that meet her lips as she did so. It was a strange feeling not knowing whose cock was in her mouth. Both then decided that it wold be a good idea if she lapped at them both. They positioned themselves so this was possible and their squeals of delight became more and more as her mouth went to work on one then the other.

One of them broke away and while she continued to lick, suck and lap the remaining one she felt a finger being inserted into her moist pussy. She moaned at this and sucked harder on the cock in her mouth. Her pupil positioned her so that he could enter with ease. Kneeling on all fours, a cock in her mouth she felt the other cock push against her outer lips. She pushed herself back onto the cock as it began to slide into her. Her muscles contracting as it went deeper ad deeper. She sucked as she was fucked from behind. She felt the pupils balls slap against her ass cheeks as he rammed his cock deep inside her, pushing her onto his friends cock as he did so. She soon felt the familiar twitching from the cock in her mouth and used her tongue to circle its head as it began to spew its contents over her face and into her mouth. She lapped up the hot salty liquid that it expelled as the cock that was buried inside her began to erupt as well.

Her own muscles began to spasm violently and she found the release that she needed. A long, low groan was emitted from her spunk covered lips as she came on the cock that was filling her insides with it own spunk.

As he withdrew from her she collapsed on the floor exhausted from the experience that she had just been through. Her mouth and pussy covered in the remnants of their endeavours. She laid there for sometime her eyes still shielded and her wrists still tied. No one seemed to want to speak or in fact no one seemed to have the energy to speak. The someone released her wrists and removed the blindfold.

She blinked as her eyes meet the light again. Rubbing her wrists, she looked at both her pupils still naked and smiled. They had learnt their lessons well of that there was no doubt now.

Very few words were spoken as they dressed and prepared to leave. They seemed awkward with her and she felt the need to tell them it was ok, she was no displeased, far from it. This done, they arranged a further visit but promised this time that she would be in charge once more. She smiled as they left and she sat in the bath, this would be a lesson that she wouldn't forget in a hurry it was nice to see that her pupils still had a mind of their own. Little did they know what was in store for them next time...


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