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The Peeping Roomie
by PheeBeeGirl

It all happened about a week ago. It was late Friday night, and I was taking a hot bath in the dark (I always do this to relax after a long week at work). Well this particular time my roommate came home with her boyfriend, and I use the term boyfriend loosely, she's been seeing this guy (along with a few others) off and on for about two months now. Well, like I said she came home with him, and with no lights on, she probably thought the place was empty. So what a show I got! Tonight I left the bathroom door open (just like always) and with the way the apartment was made, you can see into both bedrooms from the bathroom.

No words where spoken between the two, they just grunted and groaned as they hurriedly tried to remove each other's cloths. She was the first one totally naked, and it wasn't the first time I had seen her naked. Her firm, milky white, size 34C breasts, and her tight little ass. Then there was her always clean shaven pussy lips. Just watching them get naked sent shivers up and down my spine, and I knew that I was going to enjoy seeing this little forbidden show.

My roommate torn off her boyfriend's shirt and then started to undo his pants with her teeth; and as he ran his fingers through her hair roughly, his cock sprang to life once it was released from its confining restraints. I held back a gasp as his 7 1/2 inch cock stood straight up ready for action. I just wanted to lick it like a lollipop, and apparently she did to, cause that's exactly what she did. She started at his balls and took slow wide licks up his shaft, and moving back down just before she reached his tip. I could see that this was exciting both of them, as it was me. I know that I had to do something to keep from getting too excited to be exposed as the "Peeping Roommate" that I was. So I slowly spread open my legs, trying not to make any sound in the water, and slowly began to finger my own aching pussy lips.

Watching them once again I could see that she had finally given in and had taken all of his hard shaft into her mouth and was sucking him down deep into her. His body tensed as he was close to cumming and he began to take a rougher grip on her hair and head, pushing his cock deeper down into her throat. As he was ready to cum, they both started moaning even louder and with shorter breaths, and after a few more hard deep pumps, he finally shot his full load into her mouth. I found myself trying to lap up the extra cum from her lips and his shaft, but remembered that I was a silent and unwelcomed observer and went back to fingering myself.

She licked his cock clean and then kissed her way up his chest and they groped and groaned as they kissed and fell onto the bed. Now it was his turn to please her. And that is exactly what he did. He started kissing her neck and letting his kisses trail down to her firm breast, where he licked and nibbled on each in their own turn. Oh how I had wanted to be next to him, nibbling on the other so none would be left out. He let his hands roam over her body, exploring for the perfect spot, exploring for her buttons that would turn her on and when needed, to help take her over the edge.

Oh how I envied him as his lips and his hands went further down her body to the final place of play, her clean shaven pussy lips. How many nights I laid awake thinking of doing to her what he was about to do. And to my delight, I was able to watch unnoticed and enjoy every moment as they both did. Once again I tried to focus on myself, making sure I wasn't making any noise with my fingers. But it wasn't me I wanted to concentrate was her and what he had the pleasure of doing to her.

There he was, exploring her warm wet tunnel with his finger, letting his lips just lightly brush over her clit, sending a shiver through her and me. Then he slowly pulled out his finger, and then added another as he pushed them slowly back in. He had his fingers all the way in and he must have touched the right spot, cause she shivered and moaned as her body went into it's first of many orgasms. That did it to me, I had to bite my lower lips to keep quiet as I went into my own private little orgasm.

Over and over again he seemed to touch her in all the right places, first with the two fingers, then with three fingers, and then finally with his tongue. My eyes were glued to him and her as I watched him lick her up and down, almost like she had licked his shaft. But he let his tongue dip down into her tunnel, lapping up the juices that she had already released. Oh my body was shaking and shivering at the thought of tasting her, of licking where he was licking, of letting my tongue go down deep into her and bring her to the peak of pleasure. I had a continuing orgasm just at the thought of doing to her what I was watching him do.

He finally seemed to be ready to continue with his own pleasure cause he seemed to stop in mid-lick and without any kisses or extra foreplay, he moved right up on top of her and spread her legs open a little farther. She moaned as he slid his now throbbing cock into her wet cunt tunnel. He was all but gentle with her, but she didn't seem to mind. Thrust after rough thrust he slammed his cock into her, deeper and deeper. There wasn't any protest from her, just her blood red fingernails clawing at his back. Oh how his balls slammed into her tight wet ass, and oh how it was turning me on. At that point I wanted to be him, wanting to feel his dick slam into her, feeling her tight wet cunt engulf the dick. Once again I shivered and came without a sound and without anyone noticing.

He didn't seem to last very long thrusting into her at the rapid speed that he was, cause he moaned louder than before and before she could echo his moan of pleasure, he collapsed on top of her. And all you could hear was his heavy breathing, slowing down and becoming regular again. I strained to hear her breathing, wondering if she too had fallen asleep. I didn't want to leave to early, so I stayed in the now luke-warm bath for what seemed ages, making sure that the slight noise that I would make getting out wouldn't wake her or him.

Once I was sure they were safely asleep, I quietly crept out of the bath and into my own room and quietly shut the door. That night I had dreams more vivid than ever before about my roommate, and the things I wish I could do to her.


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