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Teenage Porn Star
by Anon

When I started high school I figured that dating would be as easy as the television shows made it out to be, I was soon to be disappointed. After two months of trying to hit on my fellow students I was as horny as ever and didn't have a single lead. Just when I had resigned myself to four years of chastity. Emily moved in.

Our next-door neighbors had moved out months ago and had had trouble selling their house, but when Emily and her family moved in all thoughts about the old neighbors disappeared from my mind. Her dad was an airline pilot and her younger sister was still in the third grade. Apparently her mom had died a few years ago leaving her in charge of her sister when her father was out of town, which was pretty often. We became instant friends. She was drawn to me because she knew no one else in the town, and I was drawn to her due primarily to her unbelievable cuteness. She had a tight body, she played soccer, and breasts that were bigger than most of the other freshman girls' breasts. She had jet black, perfectly straight hair that was chopped off right at the top of her shoulders. She was absolutely beautiful. True she was more cute than beautiful and she certainly wasn't the most womanly looking girl in the neighborhood, but she was my fantasy.
I walked her home from school for the first four or five weeks since she didn't know anybody else and usually we beat her little sister home by about an hour. We spent this hour getting to know each other everyday, sometimes we'd watch some talk shows and sometimes we'd just sit on her back porch, out of view of my house and smoke cigarettes that she had stolen from her dad. On nights when her father was out of town I would occasionally sneak over there later at night and talk to her after her sister went to bed.

I couldn't figure out how broach the subject of sex with her, I mean we hadn't even kissed. Lucky for me our habit of watching afternoon talk shows broached the subject for me. On a Friday one of the shows was about teens who have sex in their parents' houses. We both giggled through it but we both realized that we were thinking the same thing, while all the time the entire house was ours. She seemed nervous once the show ended and I left for my own house. That night in my bed I must have jacked myself off three times thinking about what it would be like to touch her naked body and have sex with her. I had seen a couple of porn movies that were tucked in my father's closet so I thought I knew what to do. I was especially fascinated with the act of cumming in a girl's mouth or on her face. The chicks in the movies seemed to like it and I wondered if Emily might like it as well. I exploded under my sheets for the third time that night with the image of Emily's cute face covered in my cum running through my head.

I didn't see Emily all weekend and the next Monday and Tuesday she didn't meet me to walk back, I was starting to worry that she had lost her affection for me. Wednesday though she showed up on time at the corner for our walk back. She seemed a little nervous around me and we didn't talk much. Apparently she was trying to get up the courage to ask me something and when we walked into her house she came out with it.

"Chris, I really do like you. You've been so nice to me since I'm the new kid and all, and I think maybe we should be boyfriend and girlfriend." I almost couldn't believe my ears. I was so excited I didn't know what to do so I rushed forward and caught her up in my arms. I dove in to kiss her and she kissed me back. I had never kissed a anyone before and I thought it went pretty well.

She backed away from me and sat down on the couch, patting the seat next to her. "I guess that's a YES," she said. I just shook my head still in shock. We kissed some more and cuddled up on the couch but nothing else much happened that afternoon. I left with a raging erection and headed straight for the bathroom when I got home. I thought about how I could get my new girlfriend (I liked the sound of that) Emily to have sex with me and figured I'd have to wait for at least a couple of weeks. What I didn't realize was just how much of an effect that talk show was having on Emily's sex drive. Later that night at about eight when her sister usually went to bed, Emily called my house and asked me to come over to study with her. I practically ran over to her house, carrying my bookbag to disguise my real intentions to my parents.

She met me on the back porch with a cigarette already lit. She gave one to me and we smoked away neither of us mentioning what was obviously about to happen. When our cigarettes were out we stood up and went inside. I thought I was going to have to make the first move, I mean after all we had only become a couple that very day but was I ever wrong. What I didn't know was that Emily wasn't actually a virgin. I didn't find out until much later that she had had a boyfriend when she moved here but two months later when she told me about him, neither she nor I cared very much.

We sat on the couch and started kissing but this time I wasn't embarrassed about her noticing my erection, in fact I kind of wanted her to know that I was hard. I put my hand on her hip and she took it and moved it up to her right breast. I tried to be gentle but touching my first tit got the better of me and I began to really squeeze it and soon moved so that I could put my other hand on her other breast. I was so intent on feeling her tits that I didn't realize she was kind of giggling at me. "You've never done anything like this before have you?" she asked. I told her no but that I was really excited by the idea. She just smiled broadly at me, pulled away from me and pulled her shirt over her head. Her bra was fastened in the front and when she pulled my arms to the clasp to undo it I almost exploded with joy. I popped the snap and her perky breasts leapt out at me. God, I was in heaven. I lowered my mouth to them and sucked on them like I was a mad man. Good life get any better than this?!

After about five minutes of sucking on her breasts she again pulled away from me and stood up. She undid her jeans with a naughty look on her face, obviously enjoying the effect she was having on me. She slid them down and off along with her panties. Her dark black little patch of pubic hair was so inviting. She sat down next to me, and I needed no prodding to know what to do next. I put my hand between her legs, tentatively at first not completely understanding female anatomy. What I discovered was a very warm very wet hole that I wanted to put my entire hand into. I fingered her sheepishly until she moaned softly and I proceeded to speed up a little bit until it was obvious that she enjoyed it. She sucked on my ear and kissed my neck while I tried to insert another finger. She gasped and at first I was afraid that I had hurt her but she whispered "Yes!" into my ear so I kept going. I didn't want to stop but in her typical way she stopped my hand with her own and gave me one last kiss on the neck. "Thank You," she said "that was great. Now its your turn."

I thought she was just going to rub me through my jeans, and she did start by doing that, but when she started to lower my zipper I almost came in my pants. I couldn't believe it, she was actually going to touch my cock. She pulled my jeans and underwear down around my ankles and wrapped her cold and tiny hand around my penis. "Just enjoy it." she said. And did I ever!! She basically did to me what I had been doing to myself for about four years but She was naked while she did it and if felt about one-hundred times better. The real revelation came when she wrapped her other tiny hand around my balls and started to kneed them. I was worried that she might hurt me but she seemed to know what she was doing. This should have been my first hint that she wasn't as innocent as I had thought but for the moment I was too caught up in the moment to care.

After about ten minutes of this I thought I was going to cum and I thought about warning her but she must have been able to tell because she stopped moving her hand up and down on my cock and just squeezed it gently. She looked me right in the eyes as if sizing up the situation, finally she came to a decision about whatever she was thinking about and she said, "I don't have any condoms here so we shouldn't have sex. Not that I don't want to." She said when she saw my disappointment, "But I think this will feel just as good. A second later she stretched her mouth wide and lowered her head all the way down onto my dick. Her nose was actually in my pubic hair. I couldn't believe that I was getting my first blow job. The inside of her mouth felt amazing even though she wasn't moving her head at all. She just held me in her mouth for a couple of moments and then she totally withdrew my cock and smiled at me. "Enjoy yourself," she said again.

She sucked me for all she was worth pounding her head up and down on my cock and swing it side to side creating a wonderful friction on the bottom of my cock. I just couldn't hold back. She felt too good. I moaned loudly in an effort to warm her of my eminent explosion and she got the hint. She grabbed my cock with her hand and jerked it up and down as fast as her little arm could go. She kept her mouth and extended tongue only about an inch from the end of my penis and when I erupted I felt that I was emptying the entire contents of my body into the air above her face. I had the kind of ejaculation that only a young teenager can have. I got cum on my jeans on the couch in her hair and it was running down her hand and squishing between her fingers and my cock. But, best of all I actually succeed in fulfilling my fantasy of cuming on her cute little face. My first squirt hit her square on the bridge of her nose where and splattered up onto her forehead. The next volley shot high into the air and came down in her bangs and on her forehead. I even got some on her left eyelid and was lucky enough to squirt a big glob of sperm into her mouth grazing her upper lip on the way in. I had actually achieved my goal. I had done what all of the guys in the porn movies had done, and her reaction was everything I had dreamed it would be.

She seemed a little surprised at the amount of cum that I had and giggled with glee when I just kept cumming. As my last drops oozed from my dickhead I sighed and said, "Oh my, you really are a horny little guy." Then she liked her fingers clean showing me my cum on the top of her tongue with each lick. She cleaned it all up except what was in her hair and when she was done she rested her head on my thigh and said that next time she would let me have sex with her. I was so excited by the idea that I dick began to get hard again, she just looked at my hardening cock and giggled with a twinkle in her eye.
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