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The Postman's Tale
by Carl East

I'd been doing this round now, for fifteen years, and I knew everyone, in fact I took pride from the knowledge, that people on my round called me by my first name. There was one particular house where two pretty young females lived, their names were Charlene and Carrie Wright. I had seen them blossom into the finest pair of young ladies on the street.

Charlene had just turned eighteen, and Carrie was nineteen, so when they greeted me in the mornings, I was pretty familiar with them both. I knew that Charlene had just turned eighteen, simply because I had a wad full of birthday cards, in my bag for her. I was running a bit late that morning, as there had been a minor accident at the depot, which put everybody behind.

Charlene greeted me, knowing that I would have a few cards on me, I sorted their mail out, then took one out of my jacket pocket.

"This is from me." I said, handing her another card.

She pecked me on the cheek, and started to say thanks, when we heard Carrie cry out. It sounded urgent so I rushed into the house, to find a small fire coming from the frying pan. Carrie was just about to throw water on it, when I shouted, 'No!' I quickly explained that that would just fuel the fire, while wringing a tee towel out under the sink taps. Then pulling the two girls back, I placed the towel over the pan, making it go out almost immediately.

They both thanked me, and then Charlene asked me if I wanted a coffee, which I said yes too. While I was drinking my coffee, I couldn't help noticing Charlene's attire; she was wearing a very short skirt, and a tight top, which really showed her figure off. But more than that, she seemed to be playing up to me, because once or twice I caught a glimpse of her panties, as she bent down in front of me, for whatever reason.

Passing it off as mere wishful thinking, I drank my coffee, then said my good-byes, wishing Charlene a happy birthday.

A couple of days later I found myself back at their house, delivering a few letters, and discovered the door was open. I knew their parents had gone to their friends home for the weekend, and wondered if everything was ok, so being concerned I entered their home, calling out Charlene's name as I entered.

There was no answer, so I looked around on the ground floor, but not finding anybody I walked up the stairs. It wasn't until I reached the landing, that I heard moans, coming from one of the bedrooms. I quickly reached the bedroom in question, and opened it slightly.

There on the bed, was Charlene putting a vibrator into her pussy, her eyes closed as she began to writhe on the bed. I wanted to back away, but my legs wouldn't move, and I seemed to be transfixed to the spot. Her pussy looked so cute, for she had shaved her hairs away, and you could see the moistness of her juices, sticking to the vibrator.

My hand was resting on my cock, as I unconsciously started to rub it into an erection, her body was such a turn on, as she pulled her breast about with one hand, while probing her pussy with the vibrator in the other. Then I suddenly came, and made a moaning noise, as the inside of my pants became very wet.

She looked up, covering her body with a sheet, and I felt so embarrassed, that I said sorry and proceeded down the stairs. She suddenly came running after me, telling me to stop.

"Please, don't go." She said, a sweet smile on her face.

"I am so sorry, I found the front door open, which was unusual, and called out your name, but when there was no answer, I became concerned, then of course I stumbled upon you." I said, wanting her to know that I wasn't a peeping tom.

"It must have been Carrie, she's gone down to the store, and sometimes if you try to close the door too quickly without checking it's shut, it comes open again." She explained.

I had stopped on the middle stair, when she was explaining all this, with cum juices running down my leg as we spoke. She was still turning me on, for she had only covered herself with the sheet, and one of her long legs was showing.

"Did you enjoy watching me?" She said, surprising me.

"To much." I confessed.

"Come back upstairs, and I'll get changed." She said, reaching out for my arm.

I knew I shouldn't, but I just couldn't help myself, we both went back into her room, then she asked me what I meant by 'to much.' I told her the truth, that I had cum watching her, and that it was running down my leg even now. She then did something, which took my breath away; she allowed the sheet to fall to the floor.

My cock was suddenly revitalised, as it sprang back into action, her body looked nothing short of perfect. She then reached for my zipper, taking it down with ease, and pulling my trousers down, followed shortly by my briefs, releasing my now throbbing cock. She admired it for a few seconds, then grabbed hold of the shaft, her hands feeling warm, as her fingers closed over the circumference of my cock.

Then bending down, she licked the tip, noticing a bit of cum appearing from the end, her tongue touched it, making it stick, then she tasted the salt. Her mouth then covered most of my cock, as she proceeded to give me a blowjob. I started to moan, as the pleasure of this single event carried on, then she started to move her hand back and forth, in time with her mouth.

I looked down admiring her breasts, as her head bobbed to and fro, the excitement building as the moment of truth drew near. Then I stopped her, not wanting to cum in her mouth, I picked her up gently, then admiring her body again, I caressed her breasts. Then I guided her to the bed, laying her down; she immediately lay on her back, opening her legs, which in turn opened her pussy lips a little.

I had hold of my cock, standing at the foot of the bed, just staring at her beautiful body. Then I climbed on, positioning my rod between her legs, and feeling her pussy with the tip of my cock for the first time. She moaned slightly, know that my shaft was about to penetrate her outer defences, then I pushed, feeling it enter her tight cunt.

She put her hands onto my chest, holding me back, then whispered.

"Fuck me hard."

I let it go deep, then pulled it back, the motion a slow one, as I wanted her to feel comfortable, then I proceeded to fuck her hard, my butt cheeks tensing as I plunged my manhood into her canal.

"Fuck...yes...oh...yes...faster please faster...oh...yes." She murmured.

With encouragement such as this, I wasn't going to last very long, my pounding of her pussy made her almost scream with pleasure as she started to have her first orgasm. Then I heard the floor boards creek, and spotted her sister Carrie at the door, through the mirror on Charlene's dresser.

She had been watching, just as I had done, her hand down her panties, as she finger fucked herself, while viewing the show. Charlene was unaware of this, as she screamed she was coming again, only this time I joined her, my cum fairly exploding out the end of my shaft, and deep into her womb. I looked up to see Carrie was leaning against the doorframe, her face a picture of bliss, as she too must have climaxed.

I slowed the pace as my escaping seed came to an end, and glanced at her breasts moving up and down with her heavy breathing, her nipples fully erect. Then she looked up at me, smiling in a way of thanks, and I knew that she had really enjoyed that. I then whispered that her sister had been watching us, but that she was gone now.

She didn't care; she seemed over the moon that she had cum in such a wonderful way. I on the other hand, started to feel a little guilty, having known her since she was a little girl, and knowing that this would completely change our relationship. But there was no denying that it was a wonderful moment in my life.

- The End -


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