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Teaching Patti
Chapter V
by Dixon Carter Lee

It was chaos backstage as everyone prepared for dress rehearsal; the on stage band was warming up, the lights were flicking on and off, the actors were rushing around, setting their props, and nobody noticed that both Patti and I were missing, that we were, in fact, behind the lumber rack, doing some major fondling against the muslin flats. She had her "Godspell" costume on, a very carnival looking rag-tag thing, which I was exploring eagerly, my hands running over the buttons and buckles, squeezing and weighing her mounds and curves. She was breathing quickly, and enjoying every moment. I put a hand under her costume shirt and cupped a breast, while kissing her on the neck. "Ooo, you're hands are cold." she moaned. With her back to me I slipped a hand into her clown pants and began fingering her pussy. She pushed her ass back against my crotch and ground it against my cock. "We can't do this now." she said, without stopping. To her surprise, I untied her pant strings and let them fall down. She wore white panties with yellow ducks. "No, no!" she whispered, trying to collect her pants from the floor. I bent her over a saw horse, pushed her panty crotch aside, put my finger inside her as if it were my dick, and started to "fuck" her again. "Somebody will see us." she said, grunting with pleasure as my hips thrust against her ass. "Nuh...Nuh...Nuh....NUH!" She came just as we heard the Stage Manager call places. "This is crazy!" she said, quivering. I slid my finger out of her cunt, and wiped the juice under my nose. She pulled her up her balloon pants, and gave my cock a squeeze. I kissed her sweet little mouth, and we separated, entering the stage from opposite sides. I watched the whole rehearsal with her smell of her pussy beneath my nostrils.

This had been going on for a week now. We groped and kissed and masturbated each other anywhere we could. But we still hadn't had intercourse, which was fine and not so fine with me. I didn't want to go to jail, but I wanted that cherry so badly I could taste it. Patti had become an obsession.

The dress rehearsal was lousy, but when opening night came, surprise, surprise, the show didn't suck! Parents and friends applauded enthusiastically, and everyone was very happy with me. In the lobby after the show Patti came up to me and gave me a big hug. Standing next to her was a young girl. "This is my friend Elise." said Patti, introducing us.

Elise was clutching her program and was beaming from ear to ear. "That was so great! How did you make them do all that? You were on Broadway, right? Did you ever do any movies? Are you going to choreograph the next show? I'm auditioning! No doubt! That was so great!"

We both laughed at her. She was adorable, and so excited about meeting me. Patti ran off to talk to her parents while Elise and I talked. She was blonde and slim, and very pretty, with very long hair that has probably never been cut; it hung down to her rear end. A few of her friends came by, and all just as fascinated by me. They giggled and questioned and buzzed around me for about ten minutes before Patti dragged me off to meet her parents. Elise was particularly sorry to see me go, and when I looked back I noticed she was still watching me.

"Mmm. Cute friends." I said to Patti.

"Don't get any ideas." she said, playfully smacking me on the arm.

"Mark!" said a familiar voice. It was Patti's brother, Tommy, coming over to slap me on the back. "How the hell are you, man? Saw your commercial like a hundred times. That's so great!" I always liked Tommy, but it was a little uncomfortable standing there talking to him, after all the perverted things his little sister and I had been doing these past few weeks. Same thing with Patty's parents, who seemed very pleased with the show, and went on and on about how much Patti was enjoying herself and how much she liked me. Patti was a little embarrassed, and I was suddenly feeling very scummy. Christ, we all looked so old next to little Patti. "We almost couldn't catch the show." said Tommy, "We're supposed to be in Boston tomorrow morning for a wedding – my Aunt Wendy. We were going to leave this afternoon, but Patti said, "God you have to see my show!"

"Boston?" I said, worried.

"Don't worry, I'm not going!" said Patti, laughing. "I won't miss the show!" Then she added, a little shyly, "They're leaving me home alone."

"Just for the weekend." said her Dad.

Patti looked at me sidewise. They were leaving her alone! That presented all sorts of opportunities.

We said goodbye to her parents and headed out to the parking lot. I was going to give Patti a ride to the cast party, so she jumped in my car. She was so excited about the opening, and couldn't stop bouncing around, and couldn't keep her hands off me. There were still plenty of students and parents in the parking lot, so I tried to be cool, but Patti was too alive, too full of the moment to keep her hands to herself.

"Patti!" I said! "Stop it, you slut!"

"I am not!" she yelled, playfully slapping me on the shoulder.

"Are to!" I said, pushing her away.

"Am not!"

"Are to!"

We shoved and tickled each other a bit. "Okay, okay I give up! You're not a slut! You're not!" I finally said, calling uncle.

I started the car and Patti looked out her window. It was a beautiful, warm Spring evening and the fireflies were dancing across the school soccer field. "Mark, I think I like you a lot." she said, getting serious. "I don't think you even know how you make me feel. I'm such a dweeb. I am! I get so nervous around other boys. But with you I feel, I don't know, like it's okay to be a little crazy. I don't know. Like, it's okay to do things. You make me – do things. Feel things. You know?"

I gave her thigh a squeeze. She was wearing high school gym shorts and a T-shirt, and looked all bare-limbed and tony and yummy. "I know." I said. "I love it when you get crazy, too. When you do something I'm not expecting."

She turned to me. "Do you?"

A car blared its horn. It was Patti's parents. They were about thirty feet away. I rolled down my window and Patti had to lean across me to talk. She had one hand out the window, and another hand on my thigh, for support. I could feel her firm breasts crushing down against my arm, and I could smell that apple scent in her hair.

"Patti!" called her Mom. "Don't forget that Mr. Winston is coming by tomorrow morning to get the pool ready for the winter. Do you have enough money?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." Patti said. "I'll do some shopping. What should I get?"

They chatted for a while about the groceries while I stared at the dashboard over Patti's back. After a minute I felt Patti's hand on my thigh start creeping towards my zipper. She deftly pulled the zipper down and placed her hand inside my pants. I whispered to her "Are you crazy?"

Patti's mom kept talking. "Get milk and juice, of course, – and oh, get some coffee…"

Patti slipped her hand inside my briefs and wrapped her fist around my cock. I could feel her getting tense, getting scared at what she was doing, but I knew she liked being scared. I looked straight ahead and tried not to give anything away. Patti just kept up the conversation.

"Okay Mom." she said, squeezing me. "What about laundry? Should I do it?" I couldn't believe she was grabbing and holding my cock in front of her mother!

"Sure, sweetie." said Mom, "Thank you! Oh, you'll need to pick up some fabric softener."

"Okay!" continued Patti. Her breasts were rubbing against my arm and I could feel her nipples harden. "What kind should I get?" she said while running a finger down to my balls.

"Jesus, Patti." I moaned. She began to rub her thumb along the shaft, running it up and down over the veins and bumps.

"Oh you know, sweetie," continued Mrs. Cielo, "the blue kind, I can't remember the name. Oh! I forgot to tell you about the new alarm …! Sorry, Mark, I'll let you both go in a minute. Sweetie, you have to punch in the combination…"

While she explained about the alarm Patty pulled my cock out completely. It wasn't easy. She had to slowly open my pants, pull them down off my ass, and lower my underwear, all with one hand, while carefully not letting on to her mother. She finally got my cock free, releasing it into the sultry night air, and ran her thumb over the shaft, pressing on the veins and ridges, squeezing me off, rather than jerking. She pretended to shift her position, allowing her an opportunity to move her arm without raising suspicion, and gave my cock three or four really good jerks, then went back to the squeeze-off. It was fantastic! I felt so exposed. Out the front window I could see dozens of people scrambling into their cars. To my left were Patti's parents and her older brother. And her I was, my cock being squeezed by a high school girl, practically in front of them all. And I couldn't move or groan or let on that anything was happening. It was sweet agony.

"Okay, Mom," said Patti cheerily, letting her other hand slip down off the door. She now grabbed my cock with two hands. "I got it!" she said to Mom with a smile. She held the base in her fists, then slowly worked her hands up to the head, then back down again, jerking me off with two hands. I nearly shot my cum all over the windshield!

"How will you get to the theatre tomorrow, sweetheart?" her Mom asked.

Patti wasn't finished with me yet. She slipped my cock under her shirt, where it pressed against her sexy little stomach, rubbing it back and forth across her midriff, pushing the head into her bellybutton.. "Oh Mark can give me a ride." she said.

"Is that okay with you, Mark? Can you give Patti a ride?" asked Mom.

I swallowed, looked right at her Mother and said "Sure I can!" I couldn't say anything more with grunting or screaming.

"Daddy?" said Patti. "Did you pack my letter to Aunt Wendy?" She was deliberately dragging out this conversation to make me squirm. I knew she was getting off, because she had goosebumps and her breathing was hard. She was definitely scared. Scared of getting caught, but also scared that what she was doing was seriously dirty and perverted. She was leaning over me, her head out the window, and her lovely little ass was sticking up. I decided to raise the stakes a bit here, and placed a hand on her ass. Her parents couldn't see any of this, but Patti immediately froze. She was terrified. She released my cock. As she talked to Daddy I tickled my way down her ass to the legs of her shorts, slipped a finger inside and crept up to her panties. They were soaking wet. I could smell her pungent, tangy odors now. I slipped a finger under the panty crotch and slid it into her pussy.

"Um, okay, Dad, thanks…" said Patti, trying to keep cool as I wiggled my finger inside her. She nearly screamed. She was terrified, and exhilarated by getting finger-fucked in front of her father. She leaned her pussy back onto my finger, and it went in further. I could tell she wanted to gyrate her hips, grinding her clit against my finger, but she didn't dare move without giving us away.

"Okay, you all have fun tonight!" said Dad. " Patti, get to bed early."

"Okay Dad." said Patti, leaking pussy juice all over my finger. She could barely speak. Her little body was trembling as her parents pulled away. "Bye--!" was all she could manage.

As soon as the car pulled away she screamed "Oh shit!", and buried her head in my lap slipping my cock in her mouth.

The parking lot was empty now, and we were alone. Patti gulped down my penis, deep throating me as best her little mouth could. "Patti!" I said, "Suck me, sweetie." Patti moaned when I said that. Sweetie was what her Mom and Dad called her. I used it on purpose. I knew it would make her feel really dirty . "Come on, sweetie, suck me!" She slurped and gagged while running a hand under my balls, her tits bobbing up and down on my thigh.

I unbuttoned her shorts, and tugged them off her ass. She was wearing blue panties, dripping wet and snugly cupping her firm cheeks. I tugged her panties down to her knees where they bunched up around her shorts. I ran my hand up her tony legs, up her strong thighs and felt the fleshy mound of her pussy. I greedily ran my hand all over ass, and, remembering how she reacted a few weeks ago, chanced a little slap. SMACK! "Oh!" she squealed, and continued sucking, a little harder now. I tried another one. SMACK! "Mmm!" she said, with pleasure, still gulping away at my cock. I slapped her ass again, and again she grunted happily, and sucked even harder. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Each slap made her suck harder. Each slap made her moan. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her little ass was turning red. She started biting my cock now, running her teeth up and down the shaft. SMACK! I hit her so hard her head banged against the car door. But she didn't stop her cocksucking. In fact, it got a little violent. She kept running her sharp little teeth along my cock, nibbling at the head and biting the base. She worked her hand under my ass and started finger-fucking my asshole. And every once in a while she'd give my cock a little slap.

"Christ, sweetie!" I said, "Good girl! Suck it, Sweetie! Suck it!" I was close, so I stared slapping her faster. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I could hear her crying, sobbing, with my cock in her mouth. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her tears spurred me on. "I'm cumming!" I screamed. She shoved her finger all the way up my ass and deep throated me. I held her head down and shot a thick stream of cum up her throat. I could hear her choke and gag a bit, but she sucked up and swallowed every drop.

I massaged her swollen ass cheeks while she licked the dribble off my cock and balls. Then I turned her around, so she'd be on all fours, her ass in my face, her tender little pussy hanging down between her luscious thighs. I started kissing her ass, cooling the skin. Then I licked down her ass cheek, darting my tongue a bit inside the crack. I could smell her tangy cunt, and just had to taste it. She hadn't cum yet and I wanted to eat her out, but as I got to her pussy she suddenly sat up, hiked up her panties and shorts, and said, "No, I want to try something else." She leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. "Can we go to my house?"

I was expecting this. Her parents would be away, and it was the perfect opportunity. Just the thought of climbing into a little teen's bed made me instantly hard again. I zipped up my pants, started the engine and said, "Let's go."

End Chapter V (of VII)
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