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Teaching Patti
Chapter VI
by Dixon Carter Lee

Patti's bedroom was definitely a messy teenage girl's room, with lots of movie star photos tacked onto the walls, a pink telephone and frilly bedsheets. But there also little girl remnants like stuffed animals and Barbies scattered across the floor with laundry and school books. She hurriedly scooped up the loose homework papers and dirty panties and chucked them into a closet.

"Sorry." she said, apologizing for the mess.

Patti was nervous. Screwing around in my car was one thing. She could pretend to be a dirty, sexual creature there, an older girl who gave blowjobs and liked getting slapped on the ass, like a fantasy character. But here in her own little, pink bedroom she couldn't escape being just what she was – a very sweet, very shy young girl who likes rock stars and writing on the school paper, and still plays with her dolls.

"Um, this is my room." she said, showing me around, "I do all my writing here. The desk used to be my Mom's but she needed a bigger one so I got this one, and those are photos of my cousins from Virginia when they came here last Christmas, and that's me in grade school when my hair was longer and…" And so she continued to ramble on for a while, feeling very uncomfortable with a man in her bedroom, and her parents out of town.

I sat on the bed. "And what's this?" I asked. "The bed?" I expected her to laugh, but no luck. She was very sullen and fidgety. "What is it?" "I asked.

She sat in a bean bag chair, legs crossed, tugging on her hair. "I want to take a shower. Is that okay?"

"Sure." I said.

She grabbed some clothes, got up and left. A few minutes later I heard the shower go on in the bathroom down the hall. I guess our little episode in the car had made her all sticky, and she wanted to feel clean at home.

I looked around her room a bit, poking through the closets, checking out the underwear drawer, when I found her diary. Cool! What was she writing about me, I wondered? I flipped to last few pages and found a breathy, poetic record of our affair. She mentioned me by name, and that worried me a little. Technically I think I was still in legal territory, but disclosure still would do me no good. But I trusted her to be discreet, and read on.

Apparently she had been showing some interest in Alan, another cast member. He had confessed to her that he had a crush on her, and they had even shared a kiss once. I was surprised, and more than a little jealous. He was 16, and a terrible actor. But he was nice enough kid. But Patti wasn't sure what to do about him, because she was falling in love with me.

I had to end this somehow. The poor girl was going to turn away a perfectly nice kid because of our stupid affair.

I heard the shower stop, and quickly put her diary away. A few minutes later she came back to the bedroom, wearing a fresh T-shirt with no bra and a skirt which showed off her lovely legs and bare feet. I was going to tell her that it was all over between us, but she looked so delicious that I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

"Hi." she said, still nervous. "Do you want a soda or something…?"

"No." I came over to her and kissed her on the forehead. She just stood there, not moving, letting me caress her arms. "Do you want me to leave?" I asked.

"No." she said, wrapping her arms around me. We stood like that for about ten minutes, just holding each other. She smelled very clean and soapy. Finally she said, "I love you, Mark."

I looked at her. "You what I'm going to say, right? That I'm too old for you and that I'm leaving for New York again soon and…"

"I know, I know." she said. "I wish I were older." She kissed me, relaxing a bit. "I told you I wanted to stay a virgin, but I want to know what it feels like to…to…" She got all embarrassed and dropped her head.

"Sweetie," I said, "We've had some pretty great sex, a little wild, if you know what I mean…"

"I know." she said, smiling.

"So if there's something else that you want, it's okay to tell me. You trust me, right?"

"Right. Well, I wanted to know what it felt like to, God this is so weird, okay you've, you know, done it to me with your finger, you know, like pretend to…"

"Fuck you?"

She blushed. It was funny how little girlish she was being. "Yes. I'd like to know what it feels like to have your….penis…,you know, between my legs."

"Inside you?" I asked.

"No. What I mean is, just between my legs, pushing against my vagina. I just want to feel you like that. I'm weird, I know…"

"No, you're not. I know exactly what you want and it's okay."

"Really?" she said. "It's got to be making you crazy."

"It does, but I'm not complaining. Much!"

She giggled, and then got serious. "Here's the thing." she said, breaking away from me and sitting on the bed. "In the car I wanted to do—all these things. That's why I said come over. But now that we're here…See, there's a boy who likes me. And I like him. But it's not the same as with me and you. We kissed once. Does that make you mad?" she said wincing.

"No. I'm glad you're finding somebody you're own age." I think she was disappointed that I wasn't mad. I was, of course, but I was determined to let her get out of this, if that's what she wanted.

She went on. "I like him and all, but he can't make me feel like you make me feel. You know?"

I understood now. I could make her feel dirty and sexy and she was able to lose herself in that and do all these perverted things she had in the back of her mind. But Alan wasn't going to take charge like that. How could she ever feel free to get all hot and bothered with a stammering little teenager like Alan Barnstable? Maybe our affair was ruining her for other boys.

I didn't know what to do. I should have left. I should have said goodbye. I should have go the hell away from this whole situation. But she was so clean and squeaky looking. Her hair was still wet from the shower. Her legs were soft and meaty looking. I placed a hand on her thigh, slipping it just under her skirt, and kissed her. She kissed me back, and we lay back on the bed.

At that moment the phone rang.

"Hello?" said Patti, picking up. "Oh! Alan! Hi." Patti immediately sat up and rearranged her skirt.

Alan? Christ! I finally had delicious Patti on a bed, and the little sophmore fuck calls. I got up, and started for the door.

"No, wait!" said, Patti to me, cupping the mouthpiece. Then, into the phone she said, "Alan, um, I don't know if I can do this..."

She was going to dump him. Shit! That's not what I wanted either. Patti's problem was that she just couldn't get all hot and bothered around Alan. I got an idea. I motioned for her to keep chatting, that it was okay to talk to him.

"Yeah, it was a great show." she yapped into the phone. "My parents loved it. What about yours? Your Mom videotaped? Cool." As she chatted I kept looking at her bare legs. She was lying on her tummy across her bed, and her little butt was looking so cute underneath that pleated skirt. "Should we watch the tape tomorrow?" she continued. "Tommy's got a good VCR, we can go over there." I knelt down behind her and started massaging her feet as she talked. She knew right away what I was up to, and tensed up. "Um, yeah," she continued, nervously, "I guess we could all go swimming after. That sounds cool." I opened her legs a bit and I could see right up her skirt, and got a generous view of pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties. "My parents are out of town," she went on, "so your Mom has to drive us." I massaged my way up her legs, and started to rub her ass under her skirt. Patti started moaning. "Hold on, Alan." she said, turning to me. She kissed me on the lips, then took my hand and slipped it under her skirt where I could massage her bare ass.

"Ask him what he's wearing." I whispered.

Patti nodded. "Alan, what are you wearing? Jeans?"

I placed both hands on her ass checks and kept rubbing. "Tell him you're on your bed in a skirt."

"I'm on my bed in a skirt."

"And you're going to take it off."

Patti hesitated. "And I'm going to take it off." The kid must have had a heart attack, because Patti started saying. "Hello? Hello?"

I unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it off, exposing her firm little ass. "Tell him to take off his pants." I whispered.

"Alan, could you take off your pants?" she said. Then she whispered to me, "He wants to know why?"

"He knows why." I whispered.

"You know why." she said to Alan. Then to me she whispered, "He's doing it!"

I took off my pants, and Patti just froze. I stood right in front of her and unzipped my fly, pulled down my pants and underwear, and pointed a stiff cock right at her face. "Is he naked?" I whispered.

"Are you naked?" asked Patti, gulping. She nodded that he was.

I walked around to the other side of the bed, slipped my hand down the crack of her ass and rubbed a finger against her pussy. She almost jumped out of her skin. "Tell him you're touching yourself." I whispered, slipping a finger into her squishy cunt.

Patti was breathing very hard. "I'm touching myself." she stammered into the phone, lifting her ass up off the bed, and grinding into my finger.

"Tell him what it feels like." I said. "Use his name."

"Oh, Alan, it feels…so…good!"

"Tell him." I said, rubbing her little pussy harder now, while biting her ass cheeks.

Patti moaned deeply. "Oh Alan, I have a finger inside me…"

"Inside your pussy…"

"I have a finger inside my—my pussy, and…oh my God, I'm really, really wet."

"What's he saying?" I asked.

"Nothing." Patti whispered back, covering the phone. "But I can hear him breathing. Oh, yes, Mark, right there!"

"Ask him if he's holding his cock."

"Alan," said Patti, breathing hard into the phone, "Oh God, Alan are you holding your cock? Hold your cock. Hold your cock!" With one finger still in her pussy I crawled up onto the bed so Patti could reach back and grab my cock. "Oh, let me hold it! I'm holding your cock, Alan. I want to jerk you off! I want you to come in my hand. I'm squeezing it. I'm squeezing your cock and I want to jerk you off!" Patti started pumping my penis while I finger-fucked her.

I could hear Alan on the phone now. The kid was definitely jacking off, he was breathing hot and heavy. "Tell him you want him in your pussy." I whispered.

"I want you in my pussy, Alan. I want your cock in my pussy." she said.

I maneuvered myself behind Patti and slid my cock between her legs, rubbing against her little pussy. Patti reacted by squeezing her legs together, tight as a vice. So I screwed her from behind, my cock not quite inside her, but rubbing against her wet pussy lips.

"Tell him to fuck you." I whispered.

Patti's voice got very low. "Fuck me, Alan." Talking dirty turned her on, but she wasn't exactly comfortable with it. Every time she said "cock" or "pussy" or "fuck" her face would scrunch up like she just got caught cheating on a math test. "Fuck me, Alan." she said again, pushing her pussy back and forth along my cock.

Patti suddenly turned over and laid down on the bed, pushing away a few stuffed animals. She spread her legs. Her puffy little pussy was open and wet, and looked so soft and juicy. "Please fuck me, Alan. Please!" she said uncomfortably. "I'm on my back, Alan." she continued. "My legs are open. I'm really, really, wet. Do you want to do it? Please!"

I crawled over to her and placed my cock on top her pussy. She held her breath. "Does he want to?" I whispered.

Patti opened her eyes wide and nodded, listening to Alan pant on the other end.

I placed the head of my cock over her pussy.

"I feel it, Alan." she said. "The top of your penis…"

"The head of your cock." I corrected.

"The head of your cock is inside me." she continued, panting. I slid my boner across her pussy lips. "You're in me! You're in me all the way." I lay down on top her. "You're on me, Alan. You crushing me." I grabbed her hips and started fucking her across her cunt, never entering. "You're doing it to me, Alan. You're pushing it in me…you're pushing it in me… How does it feel?"

My ear was next to the phone now and I could hear the horny little bugger. "It feels great." he said in a nervous, chirpy voice. Then he didn't say anything at all, but just panted into the telephone. Patti stopped talking now, too, but continued to listen to Alan moan as he jerked off.

My cock sled easily across her pussy, sending electric shocks through Patti. She squealed over and over again until she came. "I'm cumming…..!" she shouted.

I heard Alan say, "I'm ready!"

"Not yet!" I whispered to Patti, who was still quivering.

"Not yet!" she repeated into the phone.

I placed one knee on either side of Patti's face and placed my cock over her lips. She kissed it once, gave the head a little suck, then said lustily into the phone. "Alan, I'm going to give you a blow job." She placed the phone onto a pillow and put her hands under my balls, guiding me into her mouth. "Mmm, arrrg, graaagg." she mumbled loudly, making sure Alan heard every slurp and suck. She squeezed the base of my cock and I shot a thick rope of cum down her throat. She gagged a bit, and had to spit some of it out, the creamy juice spilling down her neck.

On the phone I heard a cry of "Oh God!" as Alan shot his wad.

The next day I saw Alan and Patti together a lot, holding hands and sharing whispers. I was surprised at how jealous I felt. I don't think they ever actually had sex, though I'm sure they kept their phones busy.

End Chapter VI (of VII)
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