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The Quickie BJ
by Michael Herrick

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Rebecca and I were in the bedroom packing, while Tom played my electronic piano in the living room. Tom had agreed to drive us to the airport so Rebecca could catch her flight to Denver for a visit with her mother. A dedicated procrastinator, Rebecca had waited until the last minute to pack. Clothes were strewn all over the bed waiting to be stuffed unceremoniously into Rebecca's travel bag.

Rebecca herself was dressed for the Denver cold in a white Irish wool sweater and black corduroy pants. Her smooth skin seemed to glow as she pushed her blonde hair behind her ear. I smirked at her, gloating that she was once again making herself late by waiting to pack. She glanced up at me from her knees as she searched for shoes under the bed. Noticing my smug expression she asked, "What are you gloating about?"

"Oh, you're just cute when you're running late," I said. "And I always enjoy seeing you on your knees." She smiled knowingly at this remark, and sat up straight on her haunches. Rebecca is very submissive, and knows I enjoy seeing her kneel at my feet. She assumed her standard posture: head bowed, eyes looking up at me expectantly, hands behind back. Her small breasts stood up firmly on her young chest and beckoned to me.

Although she knew we were already late, she did not move a muscle. Her slut and slave instincts took over and she waited for me to give her instructions. I took a moment to hope the airport traffic would be light, and then reached out to cup her cheek. She leaned into my hand like a cat and closed her eyes as I marveled at her silky skin.

Rebecca's nipples are a reliable gauge of her arousal, so when I snaked my hand down her sweater I was not surprised to find them hard and pointy. I pinched one between my thumb and index finger, and heard her draw in her breath. Squeezing it hard brought forth a moan that was quickly stifled. Although we could hear Tom playing "Lady Madonna" in the other room, we also knew he could walk in at any moment.

Encouraged, I squeezed as hard as I could and felt my cock stiffen instantly as she fought to maintain her silence and straight-backed kneeling posture. Rebecca prided herself on good control, and would be ashamed if she uttered a cry of pain or allowed her hands to come out from behind her back. There was also the added incentive of Tom being in the next room.

As I became increasingly aroused by her submission to me, I pinched and twisted her pointy bud cruelly. Her face twisted in pain, and a soft whimper escaped her mouth. Unable to wait any longer, I unzipped my fly and took out my hard cock. Without giving instructions, I simply grabbed the back of her head and brought her mouth to my cock. She eagerly accepted me deep into her throat and began sliding back and forth.

I looked down at Rebecca, and true to form, she was looking up at me with my cock buried in her warm and wet mouth. She says she enjoys doing this because it allows her to watch my reactions to her ministrations, and makes her feel extra slutty. I love how she looks in this position, and often take pictures of her for future enjoyment. But right now I was concentrating on two things - the sublime pull of her lips on my cock, and the piano (now featuring "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going on") coming from the other room.

As I've said, Rebecca's skin is exquisitely soft. One of my favorite pleasures is to rub my cock on her face, both for the physical sensation and the demonstration of her utter submission. So Rebecca knew what was coming next when I pulled back out of her mouth. She straightened up, closed her eyes, and tipped her head back slightly. I took a moment to admire her in this very becoming position, and then pressed my cock to her soft cheek.

Except for her heavy breathing, Rebecca remained perfectly still as I slid my cock over her delicate features. I whispered to her that I was thinking of having her perform this particular act in front of an audience some time soon. Except for a brief intake of breath she didn't answer, but a quick nipple check confirmed that she liked the idea very much.

As Tom segued into "Imagine" in the other room, I began to imagine how Rebecca would look in her neat slacks and sweater with come on her face. I pushed my cock back between her lips and whispered that I would be coming shortly. "In my mouth?" she asked. I shook my head and her eyes widened. "Can I tie my hair back first?" Normally I would have refused this request, but since we would be making a quick dash into public momentarily I told her I would do it, and pushed my cock back into her mouth.

Taking a hair tie from the bedside table, I lovingly pulled her hair back into a ponytail. I held onto this mane as I pushed my cock harder in and out of Rebecca's mouth. She was sucking hard and fast and I quickly felt the pull of my impending orgasm. Pulling out of her mouth I jerked my cock with my free hand. Although it wasn't necessary to hold her in place, we both enjoy the feeling of her being made to hold still for my come. I came hard and made sure to get it all over her cheeks and mouth. Then I rubbed it in with my cock as she looked up at me and licked her lips. Quickly tucking my cock back in my pants, I called loudly to Tom that we were ready to go, and could he help us with the bags? The piano stopped and Rebecca gasped in surprise. She jumped up and started wiping at her face as the footsteps came quickly down the hall. I saw her frantically licking her fingers clean as Tom walked in and began hauling luggage.

Rebecca shot me dirty, but playful looks as we tossed her bags in the car. The three of us chatted pleasantly on the drive to the airport, and she had relaxed and was holding my hand. I waited until she had checked in at the gate to helpfully wipe the drop of come from her chin.


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