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The Ritual
by Mister Illusion

As the full moon rises into the partial clouded sky, its brilliant silver glow shines down and beams it light through the stained glass window on the wall above the altar where you lay. As you look up, you notice that the light beaming through the glass cast an eerie effervescent radiance to the dark sacrificial chamber where you are imprisoned.

Surrounding you in a circle around the altar of the "Chosen One", you can see twelve young naked women bound to the floor by restraints, with their legs spread wide and their sex totally exposed. The moonbeams shining down from the stained glass cast a colored circle of a light on each of the nude priestesses, a different color for each one of the twelve.

I, The Master of the Dark walk up and stand before you. I look down and examine the red, protruding sex that hangs from your spread and bound legs. In my right hand is the black riding crop that I use to torture and abuse your bodily objects of defiance that inspire the hot fires of rage within me. My fist tightly grips the crop in my hand as I raise my arm, and with a quick forceful flick of my wrist the sting of crop is felt on your cunt and lights your clit on fire. I look up to see tears beginning to flow from your eyes, and I hear a soft whimper escape from your lips.

In a roar of anger the words "Silence bitch" flows from my mouth, and another sting of the crop is felt against your inflamed sex. I kneel between your legs and take my fingers and spread your swollen cunt lips apart. On each of your lips I attach a clamp with a piece of gold yarn tied to it. I then take the other end of the yarn, pull it, and tie it tightly to a ring fastened to the altar. I then proceed to do the same with the other clamp and piece of yarn. You lay there now with your cunt lips fully open, with your vagina and clit hanging out in space ready to be abused for my pleasure.

I lower myself to my knees and stare endlessly at what lies between your legs. As I lose myself in a trance you can hear my words in the form of a prayer..."Lord of Darkness...The moon is full and high in the sky...It is the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of the calendar...The priestesses of Lucina are present...Let the ritual of transformation and ascendance begin."

With that pronouncement I raise my hand, riding crop in grip, and unleash a powerful sting from the crop onto your totally exposed sex. You instantly feel a blinding pain rush down from your red swollen clit into your body and right to your womb. I look up at you and see the mask of fear sweep across your face as I again inflict another hard sting of the crop onto your exposed sex organs.

I look down between your legs and I can see the glistening of blood as it begins to pour down your inner cunt lips from your vagina. I then bury my face into the sex between your thighs, licking, sucking, and drinking your juices as they flow freely from your vase of fertility. As I raise my head from between your legs, you can see your blood covering my lips, mouth, and tongue. I stand, turn around, and look down at the priestess immediately at your feet. I then lower myself between her legs and begin licking and tongue fucking her expose genitals.

After a couple of minutes I stop, back away and examine her ravished cunt and I can see she has also begun to bleed. I return to the sex between your legs licking you, sucking you, biting you, and drinking you to refill myself with your essence. I then turn around and go on the next priestess in the circle. I continue this ritual until every priestess in the circle has been visited.

After finishing with the last priestess in the circle, I walk over and stand before you. My organ is stiff and completely extended. I look up to the full moon shining through the stained glass window and yell out with all the fury my lungs can supply..." My lord of Darkness...the ritual of transformation has been performed...The priestesses of Lucina by ritual of blood have anointed the thirteenth 'The chosen one'... I have walked through the fires of Hell to serve and now I shall be served... The ritual of Man/Beast is now upon her."

With one movement of my hand to my extended organ, a milky white juice shoots out from the head and covers your body from your tits to your puffy spread cunt. You look up at me, and see a reddish glow about me and sweat dripping from my bare skin. I look straight into your eyes to a spot in the back of your mind and plant a thought deep in the folds of your brain...."You are mine to possess...Never defy me...I am all that you see and know...I am your pleasure... I am your punishment...I command you and NO OTHER...Your will does not exist...My will is all you feel...You do not exist apart from me...Know this and you will be happy."

I break eye contact with you, leaving you in a daze. I look up toward the sky and scream out..."The beast is within... I am the beast" and then reach down and touch my stiff extended cock with my hand, and you begin to feel golden raindrops descend upon your body and mix with the milky white juices that were already there. I then lay down on your outstretched body taking your hands in my hands. I lean forward and kiss you so deeply your breath is removed from your lungs.

As I breathe a breath from my lungs into yours, you can feel the penetration of my stiff organ against your blood strained sex. My hips begin to move up and down, scraping the walls of your tight vagina and rubbing the length of my penis across your tender clit. I continue doing this movement of my hips, harder and faster, as I perform the ritual of the beast. I whisper under my breath as I ravish your mouth with mine..." I am man and animal... you are my are my slave".

I stand up and look down at you after I have finished having my way with you by the ritual of the beast, and see you laying there so helpless and spent. I summon two male slaves to set loose the priestesses. Once released from their restraints they all come to you and begin licking your body clean with their tongues. They lick and clean every spot on your body until there is not a trace of anything but skin. After finishing bathing you, they dress you in leather restraints and bring you to the chamber of caves. You are chained to the wall and left there to think about what has transpired on this night of the full moon. You will remain there until summoned for my pleasure...


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