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The Realtor
by Redd

Several years ago, the company I worked for transferred me across the country. Here I was in a strange town, no friends, and feeling very alone. I spent several days living out of a hotel room, as I searched for my new home. I had visited several realtors, but was put off by their attitudes, and I wanted to find someone interested in finding me a home that I wanted, not what they wanted. Making an appointment with the next realtor in the yellow pages, I expressed my disappointment with the others, and was reassured that I would be taken care of.

Carol was the agent who met with me, a nice looking middle-aged woman, smartly dressed. She sat down with me and listened at length at my desires for a home. I was impressed by her demeanor, and obvious desire to find me what I wanted. With a charming smile, Carol offered to show me three homes that afternoon. Passing a note to her coworkers, Carol, led me out to her car, insisting on driving me to the homes.

Being the gentleman that I am, I opened the car door for her, recieving a smile and a "Thank You Kind Sir", from Carol. I also was treated to the sight of her shapely legs as she sat down and swung them into the car.

With me settled into my side of the car, Carol began to chat, asking me about my background, my transfer, my time with my company. Nothing personal, just friendly conversation during the drive. I was idlely replying, all the while distracted by the fact that Carol had unbuttoned her jacket, letting me see the white blouse beneath. With her attention on her driving, Carol was not aware that a couple of buttons on her blouse had come undone as well. Her motions in driving would occasionally gap open her blouse, giving me a peek at her lacey white bra, and her very deep cleavage.

A full roundness of tan skin contrasting the frilly white lace of her bra, and I was wondering if her wonderful breasts were tan all over.

Pulling into a drive, Carol knocked me out of my fantasy, announcing our arrival. Out I leaped, to be sure and play the part of a gentleman, and open her door for her. Standing beside the car, I offered my hand to Carol, to assist her out of the car. With a warm smile, Carol took my hand into hers, and swung her legs out. Another glimpse of her legs, was my reward. As I pulled Carol up from her seat, her blouse flaired open, giving me a quick glimpse of her ripe breasts, cradled in the lacey confines of her bra. Standing, Carols blouse closed and she didn't seem to be aware of the display she had just given me.

For the next thirty minutes, Carol led me through the house, giving me the usual speech, though I knew from the beginning it was not the house for me. I just wanted to follow her around, and listen to her voice. Pausing at the patio door, Carol ask me how I felt about the house, and I told her of the thing I disliked, and why.

Carol listened, and asked the right questions, showing she knew her business. She made notes in her book, and believed she could get closer to what I wanted. Back out to the car, with me repeating my helping her into the car, with another peek at her legs. Again the drive, to anothe house, and more chit chat, and still her blouse was giving me peeks at her breasts. But now I'm not so sure it's accidental.

At one point, at the first house, Carol excused herself to use the restroom, and I'm sure she would have noticed her loose buttons when she checked herself in the mirror. So perhaps this is one of her ploys to sell houses, I began to think. Nevertheless, I was enjoying the show, and I was going to buy a house. Unfortunately the next two were not what I had in mind either. Back at her office, Carol made some calls, and arranged for me to see, the next day, a home that would be coming onto the market. With the evening approaching, I thanked Carol for her time, began to leave. Caught by surprise, I heard Carol invite me to dinner. She knew I was alone from our visit, yet from the large diamond on her left finger, I thought she was married. Carol admitted she was a widow, and wore her ring out of her love for her past husband. And it kept the wolves at bay, she added with a smirk. I could imagine, with the figure she had, that she would be pursued by all the men in the neighborhood.

Not wanting to spend another night dining alone, I gratefully accepted her invitation. Plus to spend more time in her company, was something I truly wanted to do. Carol drove us to a nice restaurant, where we had a nice dinner, with the small talk coming easily. I felt she was really begining to relax in my company, laughing at my silly stories, offering her own, in reply. Perhaps it was the wine, or maybe we just connected, but Carol and I were talking as if we had been friends for years.

Strange to be opening up to a someone you have only know for a few hours. Yet we exchanged private bits of our lives, as if it were the natural thing to do.

In too short of time, we finished our meal, and I paid the tab, much to the protest of Carol. She said it was her invitation, and her bill, but I was not having any part of it. Mocking anger, Carol was strikingly beautiful, her eyes flashing, her perfect lips pouting. Quite an eyefull! Yet it was all in fun, Carol admitted, she was having a wonderful time.

The walk out to her car, Carol feeling the effects of the wine, put her arm under mine, and clung to me. To have her so close was intoxicating. With all of her five feet, five inches, snuggled up against me, gave me a flash of heat. Believing that I was less affected by the wine, I led Carol to the passenger side of her car, with no protest from her.

Taking my place behind the wheel, I gathered my senses, checking if I was able to drive. Looking over at Carol, I was pleased to see her sitting with her legs crossed, her skirt creeping up a firm looking thigh.

As my eyes traveled up, taking in the sight of her white blouse, filled with her femine charms, I felt another flash of heat. With my eyes in hers, I asked Carol for directions to her house. My request brought a wide smile to her face, and a shifting in her position. Leaning close, Carol just pointed her finger down the street, and whispered, "I'll teel you when to turn." Doing my best to keep my eyes on the road, and out of her cleavage, was a test of willpower. Thankfully, I caught a few redlights, and the chance to look down her blouse. Carol had not returned to her corner of the front seat, contented it seemed, to lean on the arm rest between us.

Offering me, a great view, which I knew was deliberate at this point. And it was truly a great view, the fullness of her breasts was not to be ignored. I love the way the curves came together, creating that deep vee, that I desperately wanted to rest my face in.

After more twists and turns than I could count, Carol pointed me up a hedge lined drive. It was not a modest house, yet it was not ostentatious. Leaning very close, Carol reached for the remote for the garage door, giving me a deep breath of her fragrance, musky and desirable. Pulling into the oversize garage, I could see that it would have held six, but had only one other. Something small under a cover.

Running on instinct, I got out of the car, went around, and helped Carol, up and out. Rising with my help, she struggled to keep her balance, falling into my arms. "Thank You Kind Sir!" came from her lips, slightly slurred from the effects of the wine. With Carol pressing her body to mine, I could not resist the urge to kiss her. A light kiss, just to check her reaction. Carol responded in kind, giving me a short peck on the lips, followed by a longer, more pressing kiss. And then broke away, her eyes flashing, pulling me across the garage, telling me over her shoulder, that she must get to a restroom. Out the side door, into the backyard, Carol led me through the darkness, to a poolhouse. Leaving me at the door, she offered her apologies for the rush, and disappeared into the darkroom.

Standing outside, my eyes adjusting to the low light, I realized that it was a deep growth of vegetation that made it so dark. Trees, bushes, vines, were everywhere, creating a jungle effect. Through the leaves and branches, I could make out the glow of the swimming pool. The lights from below casting its eerie light on the surroundings. It was amazing!

I was startled by Carols sudden appearance, not hearing her approach. In her bare feet, Carol tiptoed up to my face, wrapping her arms around my neck, and kissed me deeply. Her tongue plunging deep into my mouth, her kiss was sweet, hot, demanding. "I've wanted to do that since dinner!" Carol whispered in my ear. Returning the effort, I kissed her till she struggled for breath. Breaking apart, I looked deep into her eyes, I heard myself asking her if I needed to call a cab, to take me back to my hotel.

Carol, breathing hot breaths down my neck, shook her head no! For several minutes we just embraced each other, no words, no movement, just letting the obvious sink in.

"Carol" I asked, "Could you show me to the bathroom?" The wine had caught up with me. That sense of being relaxed with each other returned, as she giggled a bit, releasing the tension from our impending sex.

After tending my business, I found her where I had been, standing looking over at the pool. Now in my bare feet, I crept up on her, and gave her a bit of surprise. With my arms wrapped around her, drawing her backside to my front, I kissed her on the neck. She snuggled her tight little butt against my stiffening shart, still trapped in my pants.

"This is quite the jungle you have here!" I breathed into her ear, as I looked over her shoulder, at the pool. "Hummm" I think so" she replied.

"So tell me, if its a jungle, what do we wear?" I whispered into Carols ear. Twisting her head around, drawing my face to hers, Carol kissed me, and replied, "Absolutely nothing!"

Pushing me away, Carol spun around, the wild animal within, and gave me the challenge, "When your naked, come find me!" and dashed off into the shadows. I felt the animal lust within me rise to the chase, as I stripped off my clothes as fast as I could. Then I was on the hunt! Naked I slipped through the trees, feeling my senses coming alive! Feeling the bushes caressing my throbbing, erect, shaft and swinging balls. Down the dark path I had watched Carol take, I came across the white blouse.

Soon I found the skirt I had been peeking up, followed by the lace lined bra. Knowing those two full breasts were bare in the darkened yard, made my blood race. Down a path through the bushes, I came to a pair of white silk panties. Lifting them to my nose, I breathed deep the scent of a woman, feeling the wetness left by her pussy, tasting the essence of a woman in heat. My senses alert to every sound, I felt her presence near. I knew she was trying to escape around the pool, leading me to set a trap. Taking cover beneath a large leafy plant, I waited her out. A breaking of a twig gave her away, and I was ready.

As she crept out of the shadows, I took in the beauty of her body. Her curves were divine, breasts full and ripe, nipples erect from her excitement, narrow waist, flairing hips, a tiny rise in her tummy, above a very trimmed pussy! Just a tuft of hair above the clit!

She never saw me, in my hiding, only to be surprised as I leaped out, taking her in my arms, and forcing her to the cool grass. Without foreplay, needing to satisfy my animal hunger, I forced myself between her legs, and began to search her pussy with my probing dick. Soon I found the hot, wet, spot I was needing, and plunged fully into her gash. In a mock rape, I rammed her unmercifully, till I knew I was going to erupt. Carol met my every thrust, her own animal needs rising to the moment. She cried out her pleasure, her orgasums repeating, as we thrashed about, pounding against each other. Without words, without tenderness, we fucked as starved animals. Needing to be fucked! Demanding to be fucked! With Carols legs wrapped around my waist, her pussy meeting my every thrust, her screams piercing my ears, I erupt!

Over and over I gush forth the energy from my loins, Carol filling, spilling, engulfing my spasms. Collapsing upon her, I breathed the deep sigh of relief. "Too much time, between lovers", I breathed into her ear.

Carol kissed me, replying, "No lovers since my husband!"

Letting her revelation sink in, I wondered what would happen next.

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