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Tiffany's Revenge
by Arial

This never would have happened if he could have just minded his own business. But he hadn't and now there was hell to pay. Tiff's brother, Rich, had caught her making out with a boy when she thought no one was home, and said he would tell their parents on her unless she didn't clean his room every week, and do all of his chores around the house! Like hell she would, that's the last thing she'd do for him! She planned to get him back somehow, she just didn't know how.

One day while searching the kitchen for an afternoon snack, she came across a bottle of root bear flavored liqueur. She thought hard and long, and came up with the perfect idea for getting back at her brother! She would get him so drunk he couldn't walk and then she would set it up so he would get caught by their parents and he would be finished with his blackmailing, unless of course he decided to stop blackmailing her or she would tell on him. Tiff knew the plan would work wonderfully, it had to.

Her brother usually snagged everything she got from the kitchen, so she decided to make herself a root bear float, which he would definitely take from her. She mixed the liqueur in and was ready to go. Rich was sitting in the living room watching tv, so Tiff went in with the float and sat down, setting it on the coffee table. Her brother saw it in no time at all, and quickly grabbed it. Rich was quite cute, he had wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice body, he just liked telling on his little sister.

Rich drank the float quickly, saying, "This is pretty good, go make me another one you little brat or I'll tell mom and dad". She gladly went to it. Soon two spiked floats turned into 4, and the bottle of liqueur was gone, luckily he never asked for another. Rich began to look glassy eyed, and when he stood up, he stumbled back onto the chair, he knew what she had done, and he wasn't too happy.

Rich grabbed her by the arm, drunkingly, and said, "you think it's funny to do this to me you little bitch"? He set Tiff over his shoulder and stumbled with her upstairs into his room. She kicked and screamed, but he kept a good hold on her. He sat down on his bed and pushed her onto his knees face down. He pulled up her skirt and pulled down her underwear, bearing her cute little behind. He brought his hand down hard onto it, which made a loud smacking sound. He continued this for about five minutes and then lightened his smacks, realizing how cute her rump was.

Tiff was crying, so Rich rubbed her ass gently, trying to make it feel better. Tiff realized how turned on it made her to have her older brother spank her ass, and then begin rubbing it. His hand crept between her ass cheeks, rubbing gently against her virgin butt hole. He was drunk, and he knew it. But this little fox was driving him wild. He slid his hand to her pussy and rubbed her slit gently.

Rich laid her on her back on his bed, taking of her skirt and blouse. He rubbed her little breasts, teasing the nipples with his thumb and finger. She whimpered gently and pushed her pussy towards him. He said, "why should I be doing anything for you bitch, you can either fuck me or I tell mom and dad". she agreed out of horniness and unzipped his pants. She started licking his hard cock, eagerly. He forced her mouth over his cock and pushed hard on her head, forcing his prick down her throat. Now his cock was a little too big for that, and this gagged her, but he held her head there until she got used to it.

She sucked it hungrily, taking it into her throat just to hear him moan. She plunged her mouth farther and farther down his cock, rubbing his balls. He grabbed ahold of her hips and positioned her dripping pussy above his mouth. He licked her cunt lips gently, spreading them with his fingers and sticking his tongue up into her. She moaned against her cock, which she sucked at a faster pace. His tongue found her clit and he sucked it hard into his mouth. She cried out as her pussy clenched in orgasm, covering her older brother's face in her pussy juice.

He then began to lick her pretty butt hole, kissing and tonguing it. She moaned gently around his cock. He spread her wide and pushed his tongue into her butt, making her scream. Tiff was in heaven with her brother rimming her asshole. No one had ever been so naughty and nasty with her, and she loved every minute of it. He rubbed her little butt with his finger, pushing gently against it. It hurt but felt really good at the same time. Feeling a finger in your ass was like forbidden taboo to little girls, but Tiff was getting all of it and more.

Rich wanted pussy bad, his cock would blow any second if he didn't get it. He pushed her hips down away from him, forcing her mouth off his cock. She knew what he wanted and she would gladly give it. She scooted down with her back to him, and raised her pussy entrance over his cock, lowering her hips onto him. The pain was intense for her, but soon it subsided and she moved up and down his cock. It was like heaven feeling a cock in her pussy, and Rich was enjoying every minute of watching her glide up and down his cock.

She moaned loudly as he pushed her hips up and down him, harder and faster. He was too close, but couldn't stop. He needed to know what it was like to blow his load in his little sister. She continued moaning loudly, until she felt herself gripping his cock, orgasming hard. Rich couldn't stand it any longer and pushed her harder, shooting his load into his little sister's pussy. She continued riding him slowly, her pussy was even more sensitive, and it made her moan every time she slid up and down him.

After her fun, she moved down beside him and snuggled up against his side. Rich said, "Would you know..let me put my your...". "In my ass"? Tiff said. "Yeah, would you"?

"I guess so, does it hurt"?

"A little, why don't we try it".

She got on her hands and knees, and Rich stood behind her. He spread some of her pussy juice onto her ass hole and cock, and gently rubbed the head against her tight opening. He thrust his hips hard, jamming about a quarter of his cock in her ass. She screamed loudly, it hurt like hell, but made her increasingly turned on. He pushed the rest of him into her, and waited for her to adjust to his size. He pushed himself slowly in and out of her butt. She groaned as he moved himself inside her. It felt amazing. He moved harder still, rocketing her into another orgasm. He himself could go any time and he slammed his cock up her butt. He started coming in her ass, it felt amazing.

Tiff laid down beside Rich and kissed him gently, curling up against his side. Rich thought, maybe revenge isn't so bad.

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