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The Rendezvous
by Tom

We planned on a rendezvous in London - specifically Heathrow - we had little time and wanted to make the most of it so we decided to meet in terminal 4, go to a suite for 24 feverish hours of lovemaking - or so we hoped. We had to consummate our love.

Your were coming in after me so I met you at your gate - the flight from the US was on time. Suddenly you appeared. I should have known - you were the most beautiful - it was an electric feeling that went through me - the same feeling I get when I see your letters, read your notes, hear your voice.

Once you saw me, I think you had the same feeling - at least a nice smile came over your face. We embraced - uneasily at first and then more firm and we both kissed each other on the cheek. Your body was firm, but soft - feminine. Your eyes were dancing - light blue and big and when they looked at me spoke softness, warmth, friendship, anticipation and perhaps a touch of lust. You were wearing a comfortable, full-length skirt - comfortable for you but it clung to you as you moved, highlighting your nice long legs and held the form of your hips and ass nicely. You had a few inches on your heels, so your hips swung nicely as we walked. Your panties were visible, but not overly - just the outlines and they were skimpy - bikini most likely, maybe French cut. Your blouse (light blue to highlight your eyes) was open a few buttons down and at times I could see your bra - lacy and frilly and but more for decoration as it was clear your firm breasts did not need support. You had a small handbag with you - large enough to hold the essentials for what we hoped would be 24 hours of passion. All in all, it was a struggle to concentrate and act normal. Quite simply, you were one of the most beautiful women I had ever met. The phrase, "took my breath away" was written with you in mind.

I was in polo shirt and Khaki's - not tight, but well fitted so that my muscular, trim frame was obvious for you to look over and, from the look I saw, admire. I had already checked into our suite, so I was showered and fresh. Our hotel was in the airport - perhaps noisy at times with the planes, but as time was short I wanted you in my arms as soon as possible.

We passed the 10 minute walk to the suite with conversation about our trips, current events, weather etc. As we approached the suite we both got quiet and the talk was a bit nervous as our anticipation grew. Outside the suite you mentioned you wanted some time to freshen up, change and the like. Sure, I mumbled not wanting to say that it wasn't necessary and that I couldn't wait any more for a moment I had been dreaming of for months.

We stepped inside and you took your view of the suite and almost gushed - it was luxurious, but I wanted luxury for our moment together. Unconsciously, we drew together and our lips met in a long passionate kiss. You tasted so good, your lips so soft and sweet, but before our hunger could build, you broke off slowly and gently.

"Not yet, my love" you whispered gently with a finger to my lips.

Nodding slowly, I released you and you swiftly glided into the bathroom with your bag. Over the next 30 minutes I could hear you preparing yourself - the shower, the hairdryer etc. I paced, stared out the window, did everything I could to take my mind of you. I wasn't upset, just out of my mind with anticipation. You were more beautiful than I had ever hoped or fantasized and now I was soon to make love with you for real and it would be better than anything we had ever written or dreamed of in our year-long cyber affair.

I was pulled out of my reverie by the click of the door. Startled, I turned and after catching my first sight of you, I'm sure I gasped. How you could look even more beautiful than you did before I have no idea. It's a talent women have, I guess. You were radiant, you glowed, you were angelic - I swear you floated when you walked.

Where do I start....Your hair was short, light makeup, a simple gloss on your lips with hint of spring flowers for a perfume. The blouse and skirt were replaced by another set equally beautiful, same design, different pattern and color. You looked exactly how I hoped you would. I was not looking for wild sex (although it would clearly happen at times). I wanted to make love with you and the way you looked spoke about love, not lust. The most exciting part of making love to a woman is the time before I enter her. The foreplay the seduction, the caressing, the gentle kissing and touching, the exploring, the undressing. With your hair up I would be able to caress the back of your neck, I could unbutton your blouse, unfasten your bra, slide your panties off...I wanted to do it all.....

"You're beautiful", was the best I could muster.

"Thank you, darling", was your generous reply. In your gentle way you knew you would have to carry the next few moments while I got over my cave man like lust and became human again. You close the distance between us. Of course you were not exactly helping me with my hunger. As you approached me, you did your best to sway your hips while you came towards me and you knew that it would send me over the edge.

But I caught myself.....I gently slipped my arms around your back, drew you next to me and our lips met lightly at first and then more fully. Our mouths opened as we slowly explored each other's - not deep tongue probing, but a little bit. What was most exciting was just slightly open mouths and lite flicks of the tongue on the others lips. My hands moved to your face, caressing it and holding it lightly as I moved my lips over your face and neck. Your breathing picked up as I found the most sensitive parts of your neck and ears - your ear lobes were so sensitive, you shuddered and gasped when I took them lightly into my mouth. By now you started to explore with your mouth and our hands got into it also as they roamed over our backs.

Soon, ever so perceptibly, our hips began to grind ever so lightly into each other. I found I could not control my hands as they found their way to your firm, tight ass. Once I locked on, we inevitably began to grind into each other more and more - my bulging penis on your thigh and your pelvis grinding into my thigh. There was nothing frantic - we were still in control, but barely. We whispered love passions to each other mingled in with moans and quick pitches of excitement as we urged each other on. Soon my hands were all over you from the back of your thighs up to your face all the while kissing you lightly, fully, my tongue exploring your mouth, lips, face and neck.

To change the pace, I slowly moved you around so you faced away from me, my hands sliding up and down the front of your thighs. Fingers first, starting with your lower thighs and then teasingly moving up and into your inner thighs until I brushed over your pussy, mound and pelvis. I kept this up while applying more pressure over the next few minutes. Meanwhile my mouth and tongue explored the back of your neck and teased you until you thrust your breasts upwards. Immediately I cupped your breasts through the sheer fabric of your blouse. You gasped at this and began slowly moaning my name..."Ohhhhh Tom, Ohhhhh my love..."

Once I cupped your firm breasts, you brought your chest back in, so I moved back down to your thighs to resume caressing them. By now you had begun grinding your ass into my cock drawing moans of pleasure from me. Not containing yourself, you pulled yourself around and launched into a full open mouth kiss, your tongue as deep into my mouth as you could get it.

Determined to tease you more, I swung you around but this time, while moving my hands up and down your thighs, began to slowly work your skirt up so that eventually my hands were under your skirt. I began working over your silky smooth thighs and teasing at the edges of your panties. Leaving one hand up your skirt, I moved the other to unbutton your blouse, one by one. Slowly I worked my way down the front, pausing each time to gently caress your breasts - in and through the sheer satin bra - all the while continuing to caress your neck with my lips. Meanwhile, I was more adventurous with your panties as I used one, then two fingers to rub your pussy. First on the outside of your panties and then once it was clear you were wet and open, I moved under your panties and began sliding my fingers in and out of your very wet, very warm mons.

Anyone watching would have exploded on the spot. Your blouse open, , back arched, skirt hiked up around your hips with a hand in your panties - you were an amazing sight. Your eyes closed, your breath short, shallow and fast, with moans, sighs, love whisperings coming out. You began to urge me on as I found your clot and massaged it as it grew. Moving towards a first orgasm your voice took on an urgent tone as you began to softly , then more forcefully .." Yes... Yes... OhhhhGod, Tom, Please don't stop...Yes, Yes, Oh God your good, please fuuuuck me"

Then I stopped and turned you around. Not content with stopping, you grabbed me and within seconds ripped my shirt over my head and off and began massaging my muscular chest, arms and abs and then moved your hands around my neck and began passionately open mouth kissing me. After enjoying your released passion, I gently pushed you back, slowly finished slipping your blouse off. Without any bidding, you unsnapped the front of your bra and let it fall to the floor. As God is my witness, your breasts did not move. Your perfect firm breasts did not need any support at all - the bra, while beautiful, was not needed. Once again, I was awestruck and speechless - but son caught myself and moved in- I moved you gently around and did one of the more pleasurable things a man and woman do before making love. While you arched your back , I massaged your breasts and nipples from behind, sucked and kissed at your neck and listened to you purr with pleasure. I soon dropped to my knees, turned you around and took one of your breasts into my mouth. Your nipples were large, very pointed - again perfect. I sucked on one side and tease and massaged the other. Moving back and forth over your breast, one hand slipped down under your skirt again and into your panties. With a better position from down on my knees, I easily slipped into your ever wetter pussy and quickly drove you into a frenzy. With both hands I reached around your skirt and gently slipped it to the floor and then stood up and admired your beauty. Perhaps the most lovely sight in the world is a woman framed by nothing but her panties. Vulnerable, desirous of her man, covered only by the skimpiest of satin, you were a sight to behold. I quickly dropped to my knees again and with my tongue, began to work your pussy on the outside of your panties. You grabbed hold of my hair and began shoving my face harder and harder into your mons, desperate to be released from your pent up sexual energy. In a ploy to get what you wanted you pulled me to my feet and then slowly started to rub my chest and abs with our hands and mouth. I gasped as you sucked on my nipples and squirmed with delight as you began to work on my pants. Expertly you pulled off the belt, unbuttoned and unzipped them, sliding them off with ease. I stopped you there and let you gaze with wonder at my body. Proud of it, I smiled as you looked and felt with your hands and lips the whole of my body.

Feeling we were ready, I drew you up to me, held you gently, kissed you fully, but lightly and drew you to the waiting bed. Sliding you onto your back , I stood next to you on the side of bed and slid off my briefs. Now as I'm writing this I get to describe what happened next, but when asked you would remember it later. You gasped and said Oh My God when you saw my beautiful penis, 15cm. rock hard and thick. Reaching up, you stroked it lightly and expertly took it into your mouth, swallowing it whole before pulling it out. I slid on top of you as we began passionate, almost desperate kissing, hugging, clinging to each other grinding our pelvis into each other - you the more separate as you absolutely had to have me inside of you. One last time, I slid my fingers under your panties and into your gasping wet pussy and drove you to the edge of a climax before I stopped, rose on to my knees, reached down and gently grasping the sides of your panties, slipped them slowly off your bottom, down your thighs and off your legs. By now your legs were in perfect position as you had lifted them up for me to slide those delicious panties off. In one smooth movement, as if we had been lovers for a lifetime, I moved in between your legs, you grasped my penis and after wrapping your legs around my back, drew me into your waiting pussy. I slid slowly, but firmly into you and soon our lips met and your arms went around my back. Our passion was now complete. We were entirely joined, we were one person so perfectly did we meet together. I pulled back and slowly began a rhythmic smooth, slow pumping motion and we finally made love. As I moved in and out of your perfect velvet pussy I moved up on my knees so I could gaze into your lovely face. We smiled at each other and then hugged so tightly in joy that I thought I would never breathe last we were lovers. Over the next 15 to 20 minutes we never changed position as this was the most intimate. We controlled the pace and kept it slow and loving. We kissed or simply looked at each other. Our breathing and moans and passionate sounds picked up of course. We professed our love for each other as we made love with the passion of soul mates. Feeling myself moving towards a very intense orgasm, I moved my hips up slightly so I could apply more pressure to your pelvis when I thrust into you. As evidenced by the sudden increase in your moans and repeated calling out my name in passion I was now in control of our orgasms. In a matter of a minute I took both of us to a place we had never been before. Shuddering, shaking, screaming, moaning, it was the most intense moment of our lives as we came with a passion and force we never felt before. Wave after wave swept over us until we finally ran out of energy. Worn out, we collapsed with each other and cuddled gently for a few minutes, murmuring small words of love to each other. We were in love, had made love and were now soulmates.

After some time, you began to move on me. Moving towards my penis, you took me into your mouth and sucked smoothly as I grew, swirling your tongue around and up and down my shaft until I filled your mouth. Not stopping, your head bobbed up and down as you repeatedly moved to the tip, paused to lick the head and then with your lips around my cock and tongue underneath the shaft you swallowed my cock whole again - and somehow you were sucking the whole time. Somehow I managed to standup off the side of the bed and you complied by dropping to your knees. What a wonderful sight, my lover - her head in my hands - going crazy over sucking my cock on her knees. Quickly I felt weak from the pleasure and urged you on in more frantic voice. Finally I exploded in your mouth, cumming repeatedly, but you kept swallowing until I was dry and then came up and shared some of it with me....we were now in the wild animal sex stage of our night.

You were wild by now, but I was completely spent. Still I was I able to minister to your needs. Dropping to my knees, I ran my tongue up one thigh then the other, pausing slightly to work on your pussy. Moaning for me to stop teasing you, I relented and began to work on your delicious, dripping cunt. By now I had gently pushed you back onto the bed and had my head buried in your pussy. Sucking, lapping, probing with my tongue, it was easy to push you towards your next climax. Your clit was huge, easily sticking out from under its hood so I focused all my attention it. With my hands on you breasts, massaging them, tweaking your rock hard nipples and my tongue doing its magic, it was easy to send you screaming over the edge. Your pussy gushed into my mouth and it was a wonderful delight to lap up your pussy juice.

As I said, it was wild sex time and a pattern started of one partner existing solely for the other lovers pleasure. Now it was my turn again - rock hard from having my head in your pussy, I rolled you over and pulled you to your knees and drove my cock into you as hard as I could - no soft lovemaking her - I was going to fuck your brains out. The best position in the world is to fuck a woman from behind and you willingly submitted yourself to me. Driving, pumping you as fast and as hard as I could I wanted nothing more than to hear you beg for me to fuck you, hear you scream my name in pleasure..." yes fuuuuck me Tom oh God please...pump my ass..."

I'm pumping you rubbing up against your firm ass, my hands on your tits rubbing your nips while screwing you. I pump hard and listen while your breath and moans are shoved out of you in short bursts in rhythm to my pumping you....then I slow down and lean back and watch my cock as it slips in and out of your pussy...God its moan as you feel the whole length of my cock move over your clit - its clear your all wound up again as you start bucking and pushing back against I drop you off your knees and flat onto the bed. The angle of my cock and with you flat on the bed, my cock is now pushing hard on your clit each time I thrust into you - I have complete control over your pussy and your orgasm. So now I tease both of us - I change the pace of my fucking - fast and hard, low and long. Sometime I stop and just move my pelvis into your hips and grind into your clit teasing you mercilessly. I bite into your neck and shoulders causing you to cry in pain and delight. Soon you beg me to finish you off. Needing to climax myself, I'm more than happy to drive you into happy oblivion and with 10 to 12 good thrusts drive you and me over the edge, filling your sweet pussy with more of my cum.

Exhausted again, we collapse and drift into a short sleep. Short because I awake to the wonderful sound of you sucking me off, your head bobbing up and down frantically trying to get me hard again - luckily you did not need to wait long as I was soon full in your mouth. A treat was coming as you pulled me out and swung a leg over the top of me and slowly dropped your pussy over the whole of my shaft and slowly began riding me. You leaned forward so you got the best feel of my cock and also so you could deliver your firm beautiful breasts to my mouth. You rode me for what seemed like hours, altering your pace - slow, fast, straight up and down with your breasts moving up and down in a sight I shall never forget. Leaning back on your hands so we could watch my cock slip in and out of your wet, hot pussy. In time of course, neither of us could hold back and we both came. What was different this time was your need for me so quickly. You pulled me out and then threw yourself on top of me and began grinding away, driving your pelvis into mine. It was clear you were not going to wait for me to get hard again and had an absolute furious drive to reach more orgasms - Grabbing hold of the head of the bed you drove and pulled yourself over me until you cam again and again. Over the course of the next 10 to 15 minutes you came 3 more times, each with more force than the last. Finally spent you collapsed on me and after a few minutes of whispers and gentle cuddles, you were asleep....of course the animal in me was awake and your sleep was short. We spent the rest of our time together in long slow gentle lovemaking, short breaks for rest and then resuming our lovemaking. We spent much time focusing on pleasing the other partner and more than once I simply focused closely on your clit rubbing it with my fingers and tongue bringing you to countless orgasms.

Finally we had to finish, so we retired to the jacuzzi and shower for more lovemaking and positions people only dream of. Our parting was sad, but we vowed to see each other soon.

Bye my love.

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