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The Repairman Cumeth
by Miss Lizzy & boytoy

It is getting very difficult for me to concentrate on what I have to do today. I am impatiently waiting for the damn repairman to arrive. He is going to fix my washing machine ... the fucking spin cycle is out of whack or something. I don't have much of a head for mechanical things.

I am incredibly horny though ... none of my slaves are available at this time of day so I am left to amuse myself.

I lie down on my big four-poster bed and start fondling my breasts. How my slaves always love my breasts. I love teasing them with my low cut dresses and flimsy tops ... shoving my tits up against their faces ... and then innocently turning around and walking away ... leaving them with their tongues hanging out .. fuck that makes me so hot.

My hand slides down to my damp black silk panties .... ohhhhhh that feels good ... my clit is swelling now and becoming very sensitive.

It is then I hear the doorbell ring. "Fucking bad timing", I think to myself as I jump out of bed. I hastily throw on my silk robe and run to the door.

And there you stand ... shorter than I usually like my men but with a raw and untamed sex appeal that I can't help but notice. You are dressed in jeans and a tight black t-shirt.

you slowly look me up and down as your gaze wanders over the short thin material barely covering my breasts and thighs. My nipples are protruding menacingly. I can see from the bulge in your snug fitting jeans that you are getting a raging hard-on. you finally manage to stammer "Hello ma'am .. i'm myke .. i'm here to repair your washing machine ...".

"Yes myke .. please come in ... and by the way I hate the term "m'aam" ... would you be a dear and please address me as Miss Lizzy from now on". You bow your head slightly and nod.

"Yes Miss Lizzy". I feel as if somehow you know your place ... know where it is you belong. "Ah, my sweet repairman, you do learn quickly" I say with a sly wink.

You descend the stairs to the basement and toil with my washing machine for about an hour or so. Of course, I use that time to continue my self-gratification in my bedroom. I love playing with myself under my panties. There is something very sensual about the feel of silk next to my hot dripping cunt ... I sense you standing by the doorway staring ..

i approach the door to your bedroom and knock lightly as i noticed that You had an air about You, something that told me that a common man should be in his place...i knock lightly .. no reply ... a little harder, nothing. i really need to get i inch the door open, hoping to find you inside, going over the bill or something....

i heart stopped... seeing you there, unaware that i was watching (or so i assumed). You are wearing a black silk camisole, leaning over on the bed, leaning, with your silk covered ass towards me. i see one hand steadying yourself, while the other hand rubs at the crotch of your panties.

i watch, as You lie on you hand slides up to Your tit, and i watch as You squeeze Your nipple hard ... the other hand buried in Your panties...rubbing Yourself. i can see that You are forcing Your fingers into yourself...and i see how wet Your panties are becoming...

The doorbell suddenly rings and You are on your feet. You must be aware of the smell that lingers from Your silken panties, so You lower them and, with a kick, they are sent to the bathroom floor, across from where i watched you.

You have left the room, to answer the door. i hear You talking, so i hope you will be gone for a few moments . i head straight for the bathroom, feeling secure that I will not be caught.

i quickly undo my pants, and squeeze my cock hard... the show You gave me has me ready to explode. As i stroke my cock, i notice Your black panties on the floor, and the thought of how close they were to Your pussy sends blood flooding to my swollen cock. i must .... i pick them up delicately, and glance over my shoulder, assuming i am alone... i hold them to my face, and inhale deeply.

my cock becomes harder still, and cum begins to swell, as i imagine that it is not only Your panties under my nose. Daringly, i stick out my tongue, so that i might be able to taste Your sweet pussy...i tongue the crotch, where Your fingers had been probing ...the taste and smell are overwhelming.

i sit on the toilet, and wrap the silk panties around my cock, and rub myself, wishing that it were the panty owner's hand pulling at me. my eyes closed, i imagine You, bent over me, displaying your pussy, holding it open for my eager tongue...i pump hard and fast, wanting to finish, when i feel a draft. The door has opened. In shock, i am afraid to open my eyes. i know You are standing, watching me....

I am not very shocked by what I see before me. There you are fucking my soaking panties ... fanatically fucking them .... fucking them as if they were the hottest most erotic place your cock could ever imagine being.

"Sooooooooo my repairman ... you like My panties ... you like to wrap them around your big hard cock while you jerk off I see. Does that feel good? Does it make your cock feel good ...mmmmm .... very nice .. very nice indeed to watch you like this."

"It makes Me think you want a glimpse ... a peek ... a whiff ... a taste of My precious little pussy ... hmmmmmmm ... I will consider it in due time. You just might make a good little cunt sucker at that ... "

"For now though let Me watch while you play with yourself ... pump harder now my sweet repairman ... keep your eyes open though my toy. I want to watch your face while you climax ... shooting your fucking hot load all over My black silk panties. I want to see your cum saturating them."

I want to observe while your cum mixes with my own. I am pleased, My sweet toy, to see My cum is a fragrance you have already grown to worship."

"I want to hear you ... hear you cum .... cum loudly my new boy toy ... shoot your huge sweet sticky load for Me."

"Cum for your Mistress ..."


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