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The Repairman's Humiliation
by Miss Lizzy & boytoy

Oh fuck … i am caught; my hand is still wrapped around my hard cock. i am shocked that i did not go limp immediately. Miss Lizzy is in front of me and has ordered me to keep my eyes open.

How did it come to this? It was only an hour ago that i arrived at Her doorstep ... the doorstep of a total stranger … a customer that was listed on today’s call sheet for the emergency repair of Her washing machine. Now here i am jacking off into Her panties while She snarls commands at me.

How could i possibly not stay hard? i pump my cock faster; i already realize that Miss Lizzy is in control of the situation. Mistress wants to see me cum, and while i stroke my cock with Her soaked panties, i know that i will not disappoint Her.

i am on the verge of cumming. Mistress is only inches away from me. She has one hand under Her camisole; i see that. She is squeezing Her breasts. i am ready to beg Mistress to let me savour one taste of Her pink erect nipples, but I do not feel it is my place to beg for anything, as i am lucky enough to be in Mistress’s company and will do whatever is necessary to gain Her favour.

Mistress pulls two fingers from Her cunt and promptly inserts them into my mouth, fucking me with Her sweet tasting fingers. It is too much for me to bear and with a groan my cum starts to spill from my cock… my cum mixed with Your cum filled panties. i allow myself a deep moan as i continue milking my cock.

The look in Your eyes is perilous. "you were to announce that you were cumming. I wanted to hear you. I am very, very disappointed in you my new boytoy. That is not how you are to jerk off in front of Me. You will pay dearly for this insubordination!"

Mistress, i am flushed, and ashamed as i sit before you, cum on my belly, dripping into Your panties. i hope that You will allow me the opportunity to clean myself, but Mistress has other plans.


i feel that i am passed the point of arguing. Shit, i am sitting on your john, Your panties wrapped around my cock, and have just had the most intense orgasm imaginable. Who am i to argue?

As i pump my cock, still tingling from the pleasure You allowed me, Your hand finds the head of my member. Bringing Your hand to Your lips, You run Your tongue along Your fingers, slick with my cum.

"How very lovely", I think to myself. "My new boytoy tastes exquisite indeed .. and quite the cock at that. I do so admire a well-hung man … aaaah yes the more I look at that cock .. the more I am certain it is eager to please…eager to fuck."

"you are a very, very naughty boy," I tell you. "In fact, I’m not sure that you are a boy at all…those panties you so liked, I want you to slide into them. Yes, that’s nice, my little boytoy looks quite the sight in My black cum soaked panties. I see that you feel a little awkward… ashamed, even scared. I see that in your eyes, but your cock betrays you, as it is still hard….hard against the soaking fabric."

"My precious toy… you appear to be suitably humbled. Come with Me, I have someone I want you to meet."

"If you impress My guest, you may yet be allowed to savour the taste of My pussy juice … a taste I know you long for."

i am horrified as You lead me into Your living room, clad in nothing except Your panties. i feel like i am only two feet tall, wondering how i can possibly make myself invisible. Still, my cock betrays me, as it is rock hard, anticipating what will happen next.

Your friend, a dark haired woman, tall and slim, rises from the couch as i enter the room. Idiotically, i extend my hand, but Her eyes tell me immediately that i am a fool to allow myself such an indulgence.

Mistress and Her friend are obviously close. You share a long passionate embrace, seeming oblivious to my presence.

Suddenly You turn to me. "What are you looking at boytoy? Your eyes are to be on the floor, unless I order otherwise," You say. How could i not look? My beautiful blonde Miss Lizzy with your arms wrapped around a stern dark woman. My imagination goes wild with thoughts of being between the two of You and, once again, my cock begins to throb. It does not go unnoticed.

Your eyes dart from me to Your friend. You have a triumphant air about You… looking like the cat that just swallowed the canary.

"This is Mistress Anita. She is My closest friend and We sometimes share Our stables", You quip. Again, foolishly, i try to extend a greeting but instead i am met with the full force of Your hand on my ass. Somehow though it is your words that sting more, "Learn your position you fucking asshole".

Your Mistress friend looks me up and down, whispering to You. i sense that i am the target of a joke. Standing before me, You pull on the cum soaked panties i have been forced to wear. They tear away like kleenex and i am standing before the two of you naked.

"I am sick of looking at your disgusting cock. If it remains hard for another minute, there will be severe consequences to pay!" You shout. i wish i could will it to shrink, will myself to another place .. another time.

i am ordered to stand at attention, while Your friend lifts Your black camisole, exposing Your beautiful breasts. my mouth is filling with saliva, as i wish it could be me who takes Your pink nipple. i fidget, aware that my cock is giving away my filthy thoughts.

Mistress has Her hands buried in Her friend’s panties. It appears as though You do not notice that i am still bowed before You.

i am mistaken. As You pull Your fingers from Your friend’s wet cunt, my hand jolts to my cock as if it had a will of its own. Immediately i sense that You are disappointed with my lack of discipline.

"On your knees you fuck!", I demand of you.

How I love to see you like this. Diminishing you now to my cunt sucking boytoy is a pleasure beyond any realm I can imagine. You look so helpless and vulnerable and you are making me so incredibly horny. I haven’t felt this way with any of my slaves in a long time. It makes me wonder my sweet toy just who is the slave … I crave so to see you like this. I want and need to see you at my mercy … serving my random pleasures and my wicked desires.

I soften the tone of my voice. "That’s right my boytoy … that’s right … now bend back your head my darling, my toy, and open that luscious wet mouth of yours so that you may lick Mistress Anita’s sweet dripping pussy … aren’t you the lucky one toy". "I would first like to see how you bring Her to orgasm before I allow you near My own precious cunt. I want to see how many times you can make Her cum. I will be counting toy. "

With a knowing glance in my direction, Mistress Anita removes Her now damp panties and straddles your face.

Steadying Herself with one hand on your belly, Mistress Anita hovers over you. Her fingers hold Her pussy lips apart as you strain to taste Her, but She lingers just out of your reach. Mistress Anita rubs Her soaking cunt.

i feel the drops of Her cum dampening my cheek… i must taste and i eagerly stretch for a chance to satisfy my hunger.

i feel as if i am enveloped in a fog. The only constant is Mistress Anita’s pussy, inches away from my yearning tongue, when i feel my arms, tugged above my head, and the cold steel snap of the cuffs. i am truly submissive to You now. Naked on my back, cuffed, with Mistress Anita undulating, forcing Her fingers into Her pussy, so close that i can not only smell but also taste Her with my outstretched tongue.

i shiver, and my back arches as i feel a hand wrap around my cock. i cannot see, as Mistress Anita has planted Her wet pussy on my lips, but i know that it is You. What have i done to deserve this mercy, as You rub my cock from its head to the base of my swollen balls. i feel Your silken blonde hair, and the warmth of Your breath. Although i cannot see You, i imagine You straddling my thighs, bent over my cock, examining it, so close that You could easily swallow it. Your hair is cascading over my belly…if only my hands were not cuffed, i would guide my aching cock into Your beautiful mouth.

Suddenly i am once again made to understand my position. i can feel the pain as you squeeze my balls. At the same time Mistress Anita releases a piercing scream as She reaches Her own orgasmic peak.

You straddle my chest now. With Mistress Anita’s cunt so firmly planted on my lips, You force Your fingers into Her, raising Her from my waiting mouth. Embracing passionately, Your hands and tongues eagerly explore each other. As Your bodies grind together, i feel almost abandoned until a moan escapes, and i know all too quickly that Mistress has not forgotten Her cunt sucking boytoy.

Suddenly, You are no longer on my chest, but have settled Yourself between my thighs. Mistress Anita is standing above me, mocking me, as you squeeze my balls and work up and down my shaft. With an evil look in Your eyes, You force two fingers into my gaping mouth. "Lubrication My boytoy", You chortle menacingly. Suddenly and without warning, i feel you invade me. Your spit soaked fingers stretch at my ass. i feel mortified. i cannot believe this and yet, as Mistress Anita watches, my cock continues to grow harder.

Once again Mistress Anita lowers Herself. Although my mouth is not as anxious, Her firm grasp of my hair reminds me of my position, and i avail to serve Mistress. You are pulling at my cock now, teasing me, holding it between Your heaving breasts, and then squeezing my balls until i almost cry out in anguish.

Finally, and without warning, my hot cum spurts across my chest. i am soaked now in my cum and sweat, in Mistress Anita’s cum, in Your wonderful juices, and in my tears of humiliation.

Still cuffed, i wonder how long it will be before the cum hardens in a pool on my belly. My ass has been severely ravaged. If Your friend Mistress Anita had a cock, she could not have fucked my mouth any harder… and dear, sweet Miss Lizzy…. i still beg of you…beg you please, please allow me a taste of Your rapture.

For now, though, i am at your mercy and in no position to barter.


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