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The Ranch Ch. I
by C. L. Carne

Lissa Carne spent the next two days in barely remembered question and answer sessions, an I.V. stinging her hand. Or watching endless images flashing past on a screen with monitors taped all over her body, recording her reactions. Some of the visions made her pussy tingle and swell, making her wish her hands were not strapped down on the chair arms.

Why couldn't she feel this way when Colin touched her? Why did she stay dry and fearful, cringing at his gentle touch? Why didn't he just throw her down and fuck her. No, she sighed with a chagrined smile, that wasn't Colin and she loved him for that very reason.

Still, she was willing to try anything at this point, sometimes feeling as if she would explode if she didn't do...something.

"Are you ready, my dear?" Suyen Morgan knocked on the door on the second evening. She entered and studied Lissa. Suyen was wearing a shirt and jeans and looked great.

When the white nightgown and negligée had arrived, she thought that all the women might wear them. It was the only clothing she had except the hospital gown; her bags had not been brought to her.

"It's over." The tiny woman turned Lissa to the mirror and together they looked at the vision she made. Long golden hair cascaded over her shoulders, the waves almost concealing the soft rose of her nipples, as they stood erect under the sheer fabric. Her breasts were high and naturally firm, her hips full and rounded below a deeply indented waistline. Her legs were long and muscular with graceful narrow feet beeping from beneath the long gown. "You are exquisite Lissa." Suyen stood on tiptoe and kissed her on the mouth. When Lissa stiffened she grinned, "I know it's not 'your thing' dear. But it is a fantasy for many men, so learn to enjoy... just a little."

Hand in hand they walked through the halls, all sound muffled by the thick stucco walls. Rounding a corner she saw Colin waiting with Thomas. Colin was wearing a black silk robe so thin that it was obvious he was naked beneath, while Thomas wore simple casual wear. Suyen motioned for her to go to her husband and the older couple preceded them through a door made of a slab of thick dark wood.

"I think we're in for some sort of initiation." Colin was trying not to sound nervous and she looked at him lovingly. His sandy light brown hair was mussed a bit and his smoky gray eyes shone with anticipation, she thought. Her husband had the tall lean build of a quarterback, with broad shoulders and slim hips. He had a crooked smile and a little bump on the bridge of his nose, and she thought he was the most beautiful man on earth.

"This has to work!" She was talking to her self but he nodded and they walked into what appeared to be a dinning hall.

"Our guests of honor!" Thomas proclaimed as he led them to a table at the head of the room. "Welcome our groom, Colin and our lovely virgin bride Lissa." Lissa felt her face burn as a half dozen people looked up; all eyes focused on her. Even as the hot stares pinned her, she felt a stirring of pleasure tinged with humiliation clench at her insides. Most of the people had finished eating and sat sipping wine and watching the young couple. "Let us show them the many faces of pleasure." He clapped his hands signaling one couple to come forward.

The young man and woman were wearing thin suede vests and chaps that clung like a second skin. They wore nothing else. He was slim with a long turgid penis and a black crewcut, while she was boyishly slender, with red hair, short and curly above and below.

Thomas sat next to Lissa as two of the tall cowboys came in, also dressed in the revealing outfits, and approached the couple. They were enormously endowed, one a superbly handsome black man and the other Nordic fair. He had a remote control and clicked it toward the ceiling. Two rings similar to those in gyms lowered and stopped, as the other man skillfully cuffed the man and woman's hands. The cuffs were padded and connected by a chain with a snap in the middle. The two men pulled their arms above their heads and fastened the chains to the rings. The young man was hard, seemingly aroused by the act.

"Sarah and Josh are fond of discomfort, and find joy in bondage." Suyen leaned forward and spoke to Lissa. When Lissa looked past Colin to see her she caught sight of the swell beneath the silk robe that her husband wore. He was already excited and she could feel the dampness between her legs signal her own interest in the proceedings. The rings were drawn up and the man and woman's bodies were pulled taut, until their feet were barely touching the floor. The two men carefully lifted the girl's legs, parting her thighs and steering her onto her companion's erection. With a sigh she wrapped her legs around his waist. Lissa smiled to herself, if this was their idea of discomfort The Ranch was tamer than she imagined.

The girl tossed her head and let the young man kiss the hollow between her breasts, seeming to enjoy the fact that they had an audience.

"Would you rub some of this cream on these." Thomas pushed a jar toward Lissa, then handed her an ornate wooden box.

She opened the box and gasped. Nested on a tangle of straps were two huge, realistic phallus', identically molded, complete in every detail. With shaking fingers she rubbed the oily cream on the dildos, some ingredient in the unguent making her skin tingle.

One cowboy pulled the couple apart while the other came and retrieved the box. The blond man held the girl while his partner seemed ready to push the big tool into her pussy. Lissa drew in a sharp hissing breath when she saw him pushing it slowly into another smaller opening. The bound girl made a similar sound, whimpering but making no attempt to move away from the massive hardness. The straps were used to hold it in place. They went around her hips, and between her legs, looped through a ring on the flange at the base of the phallus and buckled tight.

Then it was Joshes' turn to stand passively as strong hands pulled his ass cheeks apart and stuffed him with the other dildo. Lissa heard a breath almost like a sob and turned, shocked that it came from her husband.

The bound couple found each other without help this time and through an amazing effort Sarah wound her legs around her lovers hips and with some difficulty impaled herself onto his penis. They finished rapidly after that and screamed with joy before parting, standing like broken puppets. When the cowboys released them they could barely stand. Holding each other, they walked to the main table and kissed Colin and Lissa on the lips, each of them, the harnesses still tight around their slim hips. Then they returned to their table, their gait awkward and unsteady.

A stunned Colin looked at his innocent bride in wonder. She was almost panting, breathing through parted lips, a bright flush staining her cheeks. He caught himself watching Josh, walking away with the monster fake dick still buried up his ass. What would that feel like, he wondered as the unfamiliar sensation of the man's kiss still burned his lips. Shuddering he looked away, conscious of his own throbbing erection hidden beneath the table.

"I think dear Colin is in distress, perhaps we can offer him some relief." Suyen glanced down and fingered the tented black silk in his lap. When Lissa caught her eye, she shook her head. "Not yet Lissa, you aren't quite ready." She signaled to the cowboys and they came and lifted Colin out of his chair. Tearing off the robe, they sat him on the edge of the table and bore him down, flat on his back. A plump brunette climbed over him and began licking the head of his prick, as she pressed her pussy against his face. He was aware of Lissa leaning in close, watching as the lusty woman swallowed his massive hard on, then walking up to study him, as he tongued the excited woman's cunt. It wasn't something he usually enjoyed but now he was ready for anything.

"Let me try, please." His wife's voice was almost a sob, and he froze. He couldn't even get her to touch him, and now she wanted to... The woman rolled away from him and was lifted down by the blond cowboy. The other man caught Lissa and yanked the negligée‚e off her shoulders, pulling the nightgown over her head and leaving her naked. With her arms aloft her round breasts jutted proudly, perfectly white and firm. Colin heard a murmur of approval from the occupants of the dining hall as she was lifted and set down, her face above his enormous prick.

After hesitating a moment, her lips closed over the knobby tip and she swirled her tongue around his hardness, drawing him deeper into her mouth. He grasped her hips and found the tiny pearl of her clitoris with his tongue, flicking it and catching it lightly between his teeth. His fingers stole around the smooth cheeks of her bottom and found tiny opening between them. Moistening his fingers with her natural essence he returned to try the tight bud of her anus, slipping his fingertip into her. He heard her shriek and felt her stiffen, the muscles of her pussy and ass clenching his finger and tongue rhythmically as he made her come for the first time.

Lissa wanted to howl as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. The brunette she had displaced was bent over the table beside her, her pussy being plowed from behind by a cowboy. The woman showered kisses on her neck and back, all the while whispering instructions in her ear.

Obediently, Lissa slipped her hand beneath Colin and stroked between his ass cheeks, finding his anus and working two of her fingers into him. He bucked and shot into her mouth, making her pull away in surprise.

"Swallow it!" The brunette woman grunted as the cowboy pummeled her. "You'll learn to like it."

Lissa caught a drop of cum with her tongue and smiled. "I think I'll learn to like everything." She turned her attention to the woman, and the prodigious rod of the blond cowboy as it stretched her narrow slit.

"I'm and...and learn." The woman struggled to speak as Lissa and Colin slipped off the table. "Hey...Charlie. Let's show them...everything." She signaled to the black cowboy, and leaned further over the table laying across it to suck on the accommodating Charlie's prick.

"Watch Gunner," Charlie nodded at his blond partner. Lissa fixed her eyes again on the huge dick pistoning in and out of Betsy's pussy, the silky haired lips seeming to cling to him as he pulled completely out of her.

Gunner leaned forward and aimed higher pressing slowly into her ass. Betsy wailed as the two men skewered her, as if on a spit. Her large breasts flattened on the hard wood of the table, and she flailed with her arms, finally catching the edge of the thick planks. Lissa watched in awe as the woman somehow took the huge prick into her tiny puckered anus. When Gunner began to pump in and out forcefully, the impaled woman grunted, seemingly in pain, small moans escaping around Charlie's penis.

Lissa watched the woman, amazed that she could take both men. Amazed that she could find pleasure in what Gunner was doing to her. Betsy screamed as her body thrashed and the men tensed and groaned in unison. Lissa actually heard a little pop, as Betsy's body ejected the softened member of the cowboy who had been reaming her. She glanced at Colin and bit her lip. He was breathing hard and excitement burned in his eyes.

"I think our boy needs a little help if he's to carry out his tasks tonight." Suyen slipped a rubbery ring over his penis. "This will slow things down a bit."

Lissa was ready to jump out of her skin and Colin was already getting hard again. "I think I'm ready." She was standing, naked in front of a half dozen strangers and all she could think of was Colin's big dick inside her pussy, and her mouth, and (she shivered) her ass.

"You should be SURE you're ready." Thomas growled and started directing the people in the room. Lissa was laid on the table and spread wide, her legs held by two of the women. Another woman buried her face in Colin's groin, causing him to groan, and sink into a chair. One of the men knelt between Lissa'a thighs and began to tongue the narrow opening until she started to moan.

Just as she started toward satisfaction he left and another man took his place, this time, licking her belly dipping his tongue into her navel. It was Charlie and he bit at the hard erect tips of her breasts, stopping just short of hurting her. His powerful hands caught in her hair as he kissed her, then he too was gone.

"Please..." She sobbed as another man began nibbling on her clitoris. "I want...I need!"

"It's time, Colin." Thomas had barely gotten the words out before her husband bolted out of the chair and scrambled onto his bride.


He caught her ass in his hands and lifted her a little, even though the avid women still held her legs. Trailing his fingers up the silky flesh of her sides his hands cupped her breasts and he teased the tips with his thumbs. Nudging the narrow opening with his cock, he leaned forward and pressed himself into her. She felt a painful pressure and bit her lip.

"I can't stop, I love you...I love." He thrust hard and tore through all the barriers between them. He rested a moment then began to stroke into her. She winced at first, the size of his member making her feel as if she were being torn asunder. Yet even as she forced herself to be silent, she started to relish the pressure and the pain. The driving, pulsing, rending sensation overwhelmed her and she began to move with him. The women released her legs and she wrapped them about him trying to draw him even closer. Again and again he slammed onto her wet softness, until she screamed her release into his mouth as he kissed her.

As she tightened around him with hard spasming muscles he still mindlessly drove into her, unable to find ease himself. Knowing the band on his cock was making him stay hard, he withdrew from the tight, rhythmically seizing sheath. "I want to come now."

"Not yet!" Thomas leaned close to them. "Other men will have your wife in this place, but I think that you should claim her every virginity. Still purring from her last orgasm Lissa looked up and started to speak, but Thomas cut her off. "You can't refuse my dear." She took his hand and let him help her from the table. Her legs were wobbly and Thomas decided she needed some support. Calling on Josh he made him lie face down on the table with his feet on the floor.

Pulling Lissa down on top of him, he made her bend forward her arms extended above her head, held in Joshes strong hands. Her toes were just touching the floor and her breasts were pressed against Josh. She could feel Colin's hands on her ass and her back rubbing her with something oily. Soon the tingle started and she realized he was using the lubricant from before. He worked his finger into her, all the way this time.

She tried not to say anything, but drew away from the uncomfortable sensation, and heard Josh sigh. Her belly jolted against the hard flange of the phallus he still wore and Lissa knew he felt it keenly when she pushed on it.

Then Colin removed his finger and began to push something much, much larger into her. At first she refused him entry, but he was not to be denied. While uttering a stream of incoherent apologies and pleas, he leaned forward with all his weight and inch by inch he forced his way inside.

The pain was startling and tears sprang from her eyes, as her skin seemed burn, a flush racing up her back. "Relax!" Josh ordered and she obeyed before thinking, hoping to ease the anguish Colin was causing.

When she finally let the tense inner muscles slacken Colin slammed into her, his belly rubbing her ass. His balls were tapping against her aching pussy and that slight pleasure combined with the pain of her stretched rectum made her writhe, seeking some relief.

She realized that the dildo was protruding slightly from Joshes bottom, his internal muscles fighting the straps, and whenever she moved she drove it deeper. Some masochistic thread of pleasure began to uncoil deep inside her. It was the pain she found exciting she thought shamefully, that and hurting Josh at the same time. No wonder she shrank at the thought of gentle normal sex with Colin.

"How does it feel." Colin leaned forward and breathed in her ear. "Am I hurting you?"

She had bitten Josh on the shoulder and let go long enough to look around. Thomas was watching her face intently and seemed to read the thoughts in her tear filled eyes. "Shall we show him, my dear." He whispered to her, then got up and unzipped his fly. A long handsome penis sprang out and while it didn't compare to Colin's or the cowboys it was of a very good size. "A night to claim virginity where ever one finds it. Charlie...Gunner! Hold him for a moment!

She felt a renewed weight as Colin was pulled forward and held down. "What? What are you doing?" She heard him shout as Thomas moved behind him. She clamped down on him and helped to hold him despite the pain it caused her. "Hey, that hurts, easy...easy." The last word was a hiss of pain. After an endless moment he began to thrust into her even harder, and she pushed back until the three of them achieved a sort of rhythm and struggled toward release. The cowboys released his arms and Colin straightened withdrawing from her almost completely. "Please take this thing off." He begged Suyen who was watching with interest. She reached between them and Colin felt her release the band.

Driven half mad by the pressures within and without he leaned forward and sank into the hot tight channel that even now began to clutch and milk his prick with amazing, almost painful vigor.

He yelped and pulled back only to impale himself on the iron hard prick buried in his ass. He came harder and longer that ever before, his body jerking like someone being shocked. The current of pleasure somehow arced through him and into her as his excitement communicated itself. She arched her back and taut as a bow, screamed again in pain/pleasure as a second orgasm followed the first almost immediately. He collapsed on top of her and Josh, on the bottom of the pile bellowed too.

Colin didn't have time to wonder why, because Thomas was far from finished. Resting against Lissa's velvety back, he was surprised at the stirring of pleasure that had nothing to do with his cock or balls. Each time Thomas withdrew he felt expectant, then sighed with joy when he slammed back in, burying himself to the root.

Could this be the reason he was only mildly attracted to most women, although Lissa was the exception. She touched him in a way no one ever had. He had never thought he was gay, and he wasn't. He kissed his wife's shoulder and considered as he enjoyed Thomas reaming him, I must be bisexual. Finally his interior walls were bathed with cum and he smiled in contentment even as he flinched at the burning sensation. Thomas leaned down and kissed his neck, whispering in his ear. "I knew it was what you needed."

"Thank you."

"I'll say 'thank you' too if you get off and let me breathe." Lissa grumbled and wiggled causing Josh to groan again theatrically.

To Be Continued...


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