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The Ranch Ch. II
by C. L. Carne

Lissa awoke to a knock on the door and climbed out of bed, her muscles protesting until she stretched, smiling like a contented kitten when she remembered the cause of all her aches.

A cart with covered dishes sat in the hall, the delicious aromas reminding her that she had eaten very little the evening before. Nothing, actually, Lissa giggled as she rolled the cart into the room. They had been the main course, she and Colin.

After rousing her husband, they had breakfast in bed and spent much of the morning cuddling, to sore and tired to do much else.

"I think this place is our only hope." She whispered nervously as if afraid he might disagree. She lay curled in his arms, her bare bottom pressed against the warmth of his groin.

"I never knew there could be such pleasure." Colin sighed and pulled her closer. "It's almost...frightening. Finding out that you can feel such excitement."

Lissa wondered if there was something abnormal in her, something that made her thrill to violence and pain. She shook off the doubt and let herself enjoy lying in his arms.

"Lunch is being served in the dining hall. All guests please come to the dining hall." Thomas' stentorian voice echoed through the room. "Are you hungry?" Colin kissed her neck.

She shook her head and nestled deeper into his strong, comfortable arms.

An hour later the door slammed open jolting them apart and sending them diving for their robes. Two cowboys entered pushing a heavy stainless steel cart, followed by two other men and a young muscular woman, all dressed in the suede chaps and vests. Their cowboy boots echoed on the tile floor.

"We didn't want lunch." Lissa could hear the edge of fear in her voice. The cart was different this time; it was the kind used in hospitals, with different compartments and drawers. Her eyes were drawn to the 'cowboy' who stood motionless behind the cart. He was massively muscled, with a shaved head and a brutal mien. She hadn't seen him the previous night. This man she would have remembered. The other cowboys were movie star handsome, but this one had heavy, rugged features. The cheekbones and jaw were pronounced, as was the brow, with a large crooked nose and full, cruel looking lips.

"We aren't here for lunch, you silly bitch." Gunner's voice drew her eyes from the stranger. "We're here to punish you." The blond cowboy grabbed the white robe and tore it off. "We're here to fuck you whether you want us to or not." Lissa shrank at his touch. If all these men took her she feared the pain might be past bearing, their size was so daunting. Rape had never been a fantasy of hers.

The others held Colin by the arms, and forced him onto the other bed, yanking his hands over his head and cuffing them to the headboard. Cuffs were placed on his ankles and fastened to either side of the footboard. "Lie there and watch." Gunner sneered at the helpless Colin.

Lissa's hands were cuffed in front of her and the chain was lifted over her head and lashed to the headboard, forcing her up onto her knees. The men walked to the cart and conferred, finally selecting a small bundle of knotted leather thongs attached to an ebony handle shaped like an uncircumcised penis. At the sight of the instrument Lissa felt herself grow moist even though her stomach fluttered.

"I'm going to stop this!" Colin said, and she could see that he was ready to cry uncle. He couldn't endure seeing her whipped.

"NO!" Lissa was terrified that he would do something to anger Thomas, and get them thrown out. "Gag him."

"As long as he's not the one being punished." Charlie shoved a rubber gag between Colin's' teeth then glanced at Lissa. "You can cry uncle anytime, cunt."

"Fuck you!" The uncharacteristically blunt answer came without thought, even as she realized that on some level this was all playacting.

"Later." Charlie snickered meanly.

The burly man with the shaved head approached the lash in his hand. He swished it through the air, his face expressionless. Gunner walked toward her with a wide black strap. Before she had a chance to wonder about it's purpose, he slipped it over her head and covered her eyes, pulling the buckle tight, painfully catching her hair in the hasp.

Blind now, and helpless she shivered with anticipation. It was almost a relief when the first blow landed on her bottom. She had her teeth clenched and made no sound, though the tiny leather thongs stung like a thousand wasps. Lissa tried to keep her gluteus muscles tense, to keep the thongs from the tender furrow that hid her rectum and pussy. Again and again the blows came, not giving her time to catch her breath between. Slowing, he moved from side to side, always seeming to find a fresh spot, where the pain would be the most exquisite. Now and again he would stray to the delicate flesh of her ribs, then back down to the tortured skin of her ass.

At last, she let herself cry out. A strained sob pushed past her lips, and when the lash fell again she screamed. The room fell silent and she shivered again, this time in terror as she gave herself over to the pain and the man with the whip. The only sounds were the harsh gasps coming from Lissa, and the men who stood around her.

"She should see this." One man growled as the blindfold was yanked off roughly. Her face was caught in a big hand and turned toward her husband. Colin still lay bound and gagged, watching as she was beaten. He was also totally aroused. His prick was towering, and his face flushed as their eyes met; hers filled with tears and his with shame.

The blows fell with precision and force, making her rock back and forth. Charlie stepped up next to her face and grinned down at her. "No sense wasting all this motion." As if she were a doll, he lifted her by the waist and slipped under her. She gasped as his strong fingers sank into the soft hypersensitive skin on her hips, even the slightest touch stunningly painful. He centered her over his massive hard on, and pulled her down.

A low moan came from deep within her, as the hard flesh cleaved through the swollen lips and pushed deep inside her. She felt the broad tip touches the center of her and something was pushed aside as he went even deeper. The sensation caused Lissa's insides to go molten, and well out a creamy lubrication that made her sink down even more profoundly. The fine blond hair on her pussy mingled with his coarse black pubic hair as she settled her knees spread wide on the soft mattress.

Lissa wished that she could lay forward and rest on Charlie's wide, smooth chest but her hands were still bound to the headboard, her breasts dangling inches above him. As if reading her mind, he took them in his hands and toyed with the erect nipples. A sound from the next bed drew her gaze to Colin. The muscular young woman had removed the gag and was kissing him. She climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto his penis, driving up and down, as he lay helpless.

Suddenly the lash struck again, the pain making her thrash violently, causing her to tighten around Charlie's giant dick until she could feel every bump and vein. He moaned and arched up to meet her. The bald man stepped up beside them. His erection was not quite as thick as Colin's or Charlie's, but was at least an inch longer. "Hold her!" He grunted and climbed onto the bed. Charlie took her by the waist and lifted her, withdrawing almost completely. Lissa knew what was coming and knew better than to object.

Harshly grabbing the very flesh he had flogged, he pushed into the furrow of her cunt, gathering the cream that flowed there. He seemed to fence with Charlie as their dicks bumped and rubbed. Then he raised his sights, and she forced herself to relax, letting him in even though the pain was great.

Evidently he and Charlie had done this before because as soon as he withdrew, Charlie thrust upward, only to retreat and let the bald man bury his long hardness in her ass once more.

When they began to buffet her with increasing speed her eyes watered. "Easy ahh...go easy...ohhh!" An anguished wail issued from her open mouth. "Owwwww!"

"Hey, Gunner. There's a hole here that's open." Charlie was grinning up at her pained expression. Gunner awkwardly knelt over Charlie's head, his muscular chest forcing her arms apart, straining against the padded cuffs. She was helpless as the other two men positioned her, using her as if she a plaything. Lissa was shocked and horrified, not at what they were doing, but at the profane delight she found in it.

Lifting her between them as if she no part in the proceedings, they held her so Gunner could push into her mouth, raising her chin so he could shove deep into the yielding membranes of her throat. Then, the three men pummeled her as a team. There seemed no end to their endurance as first one then the other withdrew, then plunged back into her body. The pleasurable agony of this was too much and when the man reaming her ass pinched the sore flesh there, and rammed home once more, she came so violently that all three men had to grab her to hold their places.

"Jesus!" Charlie gasped. "She's like a vice man, her ass must be unbelievable."

The man behind her grunted again and fucked her like a man possessed. Charlie bucked under her and then lay still, slipping out of her even as she felt the tension start to rise again. Charlie played with her clitoris and nipples as Gunner worked her mouth. She raked the sides of his prick with her teeth and sucked as hard as she could, desperate to make him finish. Gunner's pendulous balls must have been hitting the other mans face because she saw Charlie's big brown hand creep up over his head and move behind the kneeling man. Whatever he did to Gunner's ass made him lurch toward, resulting in an orgasm for him and an aching jaw for her. Thick salty cum filled her mouth and throat, and she sucked him dry as he clutched her hair in his fists. Gunner jumped off the bed, glaring at the grinning Charlie who lifted his head and kissed her sweetly, stroking her back and sides.

"Gable takes his time," he whispered as his hand reached between them and played with her clitoris, stroking in time with the bald man's fucking.

Gable slapped the heated flesh of her bottom and the blows made her shriek in anguish even as an orgasm, more powerful than the first ripped through her.

She stared over at her husband and saw that he had not moved. Colin was still being fucked by the girl, staring at his wife as three strangers pummeled her. She saw him shake and yelp as he came, the same moment that Gable filled her clenching, painfully stretched bowels with a hot stream of cum.

It was as if Colin had been the one fucking her, in the mouth, in the cunt, and the ass. All at once, as impossible as it seemed. Tears filled her eyes, this time out of love.

The girl hopped off the bed and caught her eye. "Your man's one hell of a lay."

Charlie slipped out of bed and threw his arm over the cowgirl's shoulders as they strolled to the door. "Rachel, he is one lucky cowboy, she's got a puss... like to kill a man."

Gunner followed as he punched at Charlie playfully.

Gable watched with a slightly disapproving expression on his craggy features, until they left. "They don't understand 'discipline'. You are a true daughter of the rod. I can see it." He held the lash to her lips and she kissed it, before moving her lips to the tanned flesh at the base of his thumb.

His eyes were the pale cold green of heavy bottle glass. Lissa seemed to reach an understanding with him as she met his icy gaze. "You are too back. I am leaving you bound and I will plug you, to keep that path open and undamaged when used in the future." He got something from the cart and showed it to her. It looked like a large pacifier with a balloon on the other side of the flange. It was black and the sight of it made her shiver. A plug?

He parted her butt cheeks and slipped in the little phallus. Her hole was so sore, even that made her eyes water. He pushed something and the phallus expanded to several times its original size as the air from the balloon was forced through a valve, then locked in. "I'll leave this in for a few hours every night, until the passage is more accessible. Say thank you!"

"Thank you." It came out as a sob, so strong was the ache in her bum.

He kissed the tears from her eyes, blocking her view of her husband. "I would ask a great favor. The lash is most painful but leaves almost no mark. Even now the red is fading slightly. I would ask...I must ask your permission." When she didn't speak he continued. "I would mark you, twice, with a rod?" She swallowed hard, her bottom was just easing its aching and he wanted to mark her. Mark her! Was he crazy? Was she? "I...I give you permission." It came as a whisper.

Slipping his hand under her sweat soaked hair; he tipped her face up and kissed her long and deep. He went to the cart and when he returned he carried a long flexible rod as thick as a pencil. This time when he held it in front of her she knew to kiss it.

He walked away and as she waited she reluctantly looked over at Colin. He seemed appalled. "Don't!" He mouthed the word and she looked away.

The blow came and was so sharp that she screamed as tears literally sprang from her eyes. She fell flat on her stomach and Gable had to lift her to her knees again. She huddled there shivering as he walked around the bed and waited until she was ready to pull away and beg for mercy. Then he struck, harder than before, causing her to fall flat, her full breasts flattened, tears wetting the sheets under her cheek as she sobbed as she never had before. There was such release in her tears; it was as if the pain had released her to let go of all control. It was painful and humiliating and yet...

Gable knelt at her side and stroked her hair gently. "I love you." He whispered it so softly she knew he was breaking some rule. She was crying too hard to answer. Gable looked at Colin who strained at his bonds. "I will teach you to make her this happy. She deserves no less." He left the room.

Lissa, sweetie?" Colin had never seen anyone sob like this. "Are you in that much pain. I'll stop this now. I'll call for..." "No!" She choked out the word. "I'm fine. I've never been fine."

"You let him, you let him mark you." She followed his eyes as they went to her backside. He seemed to like the picture she made, if his half-erect prick was any indication, even if he couldn't admit it to himself yet. "Will you be repulsed by me, now that you see what I'm really like?"

"Never!" He looked at her with such love she caught her breath. "I've discovered a few things about myself lately and...well."

"I will always love you, no matter what."

"Would you want me to beat you?" He sounded curious.

"No!" She gave a soggy laugh. "Never in anger. Strike me in anger and I'll break your face." They lay in separate beds, bound and uncomfortable and strangely enough, they laughed.

To Be Continued...


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