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The Ranch Ch. III
by C. L. Carne

She was still plugged when they walked into dinner.

The young woman, who had enjoyed Colin so much, had come in after a few endless hours and released them, giving them a set of the suede outfits. Lissa laughed as she watched Colin put on the chaps. He always dressed so conservatively and his long dangling penis seemed un-Colin.

She was amazed that she could laugh, considering the pain she was in. The bottomless chaps helped, as her stinging bottom felt the cool air. She wished she could lean back and hold it against the tile wall for a while.

She turned and looked at her backside in the mirror. The two red welts formed an arching X at the top of her ass crack, heavier as they slanted down to her hips. The round black base of the plug protruding from her anus made the throbbing sensation even stronger when she saw it.

Colin offered his arm, and she was grateful for the support as they walked to the dining room.

They were seated at Thomas and Suyen's table, Lissa sitting awkwardly to avoid putting weight on her tender flesh. When the meal was over and the tables cleared, Suyen signaled Lissa to stand. "Our Lissa is a little sore but perhaps you all might like to take a closer look." She unbuckled the chaps, and pulled them away, the better to show the welts. The others came forward and a few stroked the pink and red flesh as Lissa bent, her back turned to them. The emotions that raged inside her surprised and shamed her. She was aroused and confused at the same time, but the dominant sensation was pride. This was something she had never had admiration and approval. People praising her.

"You're very brave." Charlie rubbed her cheek affectionately, all trace of his early brutality gone.

"Excellent stripes." Thomas pronounced kissing her cheek. Lissa was almost purring with happiness. At the Ranch you might suffer, but you were rewarded with affection and admiration. She had always thought that punishment was followed by icy neglect, if not by worse punishment. She noticed Colin watching her, an odd expression on his handsome face.

"Did you enjoy seeing that?" Suyen asked Colin.

"NO!" Then he ducked his head, blushing as deeply as his wife does. "It was...I can't explain."

"It was in part your fantasy. Perhaps Lissa would enjoy seeing

you live out an old fantasy."

Colin started to stand, unnerved at the change in Suyen's tone, but he was already in the strong hands of two cowboys. They threw him down onto a bench and pulled his hands down behind his back under the thick slab of wood. They were cuffed and a wide strap was buckled around his chest, pinning his shoulders.

Suyen leaned toward Lissa and he heard her whisper. "A prison fantasy - rape."

Josh, the slim young man with the crew cut came forward and knelt at Colin's side. "Don't fight. They'll go easy if you don't fight." He fitted a blindfold over Colin's eyes.

One of the men grabbed Colin's legs and started to lift them, only to be pushed away with a foot to his chest. Prison? Rape? Colin struck out even though he knew it would make thing worse.

He heard cruel laughter and someone said, "It's gonna be the hard way."

Two sets of powerful hands grabbed his ankles and lifted. His legs were doubled back over his chest. He heard a voice that had to be Gable. "Hold him."

Damn, he hoped he wouldn't shame Lissa, and wimp out. His insides rolled and he tried not to shake. The first blow came on the backs of his legs and a hiss of pain escaped from between his teeth. A heavy strap fell three more times, then that voice. "Hold him." His legs were forced even lower and he felt the intense pressure of a prick forcing its way into his ass. They had lubricated it but the pain and ignominy of his position made him cry out, as the strap hadn't. It sank deeper than he thought possible, then withdrew slowly. Flashes of light sparked behind his eyelids as the rock solid rod shoved through viscera deep within him. Moans of pain became sighs of happiness as pleasure gradually replaced the anguish.

Someone else squeezed in and placed a hard dick to his tightly closed mouth. The men holding him spread his legs wider and the bizarre sensation made him gasp, letting the enormous prick slip between his teeth. When the man fucking him came an even larger shaft replaced him, making tears spring to Colin's eyes. Hands began to roughly masturbate him and the feeling was too much. A keening sound forced its way from around the prick in his mouth and his whole body shook with the force of his orgasm. Still they didn't stop.

This was his fantasy. Even as the prick spurted into his mouth and he tasted for the first time the hot salty broth of cum, he knew. My fantasy. He had been jealous when they had pummeled his helpless wife. The rape - it was for him - the multiple rape.

A callused palm slapped his jaw and another huge hardness pushed into his mouth, as the reaming of his ass continued. He had never felt such pain and yet his prick was rising, thorny hands catching it and pumping brutally. He had come twice today and didn't think it possible until he felt the spasms tear through him again, as if every muscle in his body clenched at once.

After that, he was only vaguely aware as the others filled him with cum, in a painful haze of pounding, ass cleaving manhood. When the men lowered his legs and released him, he was unable to move.

He lay helplessly on the bench, his feet on the floor, his hands still bound, his eyes still covered. He should have been ashamed to be seen by the others, with sticky cum pooling under his ass and dripping down his face. Colin drew a shaky breath that sounded very much like a sob.

He loved it. It terrified him how much he loved it. One by one the others came forward and praised him, kissing him and stroking his hair. When the blindfold was removed only Lissa was there, releasing his hands and holding him as he wept silently.

He felt so...distorted. As if he had been taken apart and put back together, with missing pieces returned to the correct place. They returned to their room and slept for twelve hours, curled in each other's arms.

The next day was quiet, only interrupted by Gable, who came to 'plug' Lissa again. He had her lay across Colin's lap, and had her husband hold her cheeks apart as he slipped the plug in place and inflated it. When she gasped he bent and kissed the welts then leaned forward and kissed Colin. His tongue warred with the younger man's, as the girl lay content, happily crushed between them.

The two men were so different. Colin was sleek and beautiful, his body smooth, his prick velvety and thick.

Gable was thickly muscled, with ropy veins marking the swarthy skin of his upper body, and his long knobby penis. Scars marked his cheek and chest, adding mystery to his silent, brutal appeal. He seemed reluctant to leave, but when they invited him to stay he quickly made excuses and skittishly - almost bashfully hurried out.

After Gable left, she asked her husband quizzically. "I wonder why they don't plug you?" Looking over her shoulder she studied the ugly black device in the mirror.

"I was well plugged as a little boy, in boarding school. All of the older boys buggered me until I could barely walk. Strange...I had blocked that out. Even when Thomas took me that first night I didn't remember. They never dared to force oral sex, afraid I would bite I guess. I was taken out of the school by my father, and he told me to forget what happened, that it was shameful and evil."

"My stepfather would beat me twice a week on the bare bottom." Lissa seemed to decide something. She turned her earnest blue eyes on him as if begging for understanding. "When I got older he used a heavy belt. I would lie across his lap and feel his erection rubbing my belly."

"Your mother..."

"Was drunk or stoned. She would never argue with the judge. No one would." She seemed angry and paced the floor. "Even when I went to school, he made me come home on weekends. He would quiz me about boys, and whip me to 'purify' me. He would check my virginity and cleanse me of my sins. Eventually... I learned to find a kind of pleasure in his abuse, and after he died, I couldn't find it any other way. I tried to get counseling. Shrinks, ministers, no one could help."

"Cleanse?" Colin asked frowning as if he really didn't want to hear the answer.

"Repeated colonics...enemas...before and after the whipping

Colin flinched and set his jaw. It was one thing for the adults at the Ranch to test limits. But to force someone...a take part in such things. He stroked her cheek and said quietly, "I seems we both had 'interesting' childhood's."

"To say the least." Amazingly, she smiled as they strolled out to the dining room.

They walked in, dressed in their chaps and vests, and joined the others, enjoying a lively dinner conversation. A new guest had arrived, a short plump woman with salt and pepper hair and bright gray eyes. Lissa recognized her as a popular commentator on the news channel. She was delightful and everyone listened as Cara told comical anecdotes about Washington for hours.

She asked Lissa to stand and admired her stripes, commending her courage and wiggling the plug. Lissa forced herself to stand still, fighting to conceal her discomfort with other women. Cara slipped her fingers inside of her, and stroked as Lissa opened her legs slightly and rubbed herself on the small hand.

"Dry as a bone." Cara laughed and turned to Suyen, stepping away from Lissa. "She really is a 'mans woman' isn't she?"

"If I was a man, I'd be gay." Lissa joined in the relaxed conversation, relieved that she had done nothing wrong. "But if you want to...I'll try anything."

"It is one virginity your handsome husband can't have, isn't it." Cara smiled. "We'll just have to think of some way to introduce you to it. I am furious to have missed that first night. My God, a VIRGIN!"

Lissa looked down at the small woman, and blushed. Cara wore a skirt made of the soft suede with a vest tied shut over full breasts. Feeling exposed in the chaps, she sat back down next to Colin.

"Shall we welcome back Cara?" Thomas put his arm around the woman's shoulders. Lissa soon discovered that the skirt was simply two pieces of suede sewn to a waistband that overlapped in back and front. The material was thrown aside and Cara was pushed down onto Charlie's prick. As she sat on his lap Suyen knelt between her thighs and nibbled at her pussy.

Before the evening was over the little woman had been with everyone, including Colin who had slammed into her pussy as she managed to swallow Gables prick entirely. Lissa herself had taken the men in her hands and guided them into the woman.

Finally, the little woman stopped working on Gable and directed him to Lissa. He pulled Lissa face down onto the table and directed her to suck his wet prick, which she eagerly did; trying to achieve the mastery Cara had shown. His big hands stroked her back and released the plug, the relief making her whimper. She could still hear Colin fucking Cara somewhere behind her.

Lissa felt someone slap her ass and slip their fingers inside her cunt. Then a hard prick pushed into the wet softness, and began to fuck her - hard. She gulped and gagged on Gable's prick and heard Colin shout. She wondered deliriously if it was her husband who was plowing her so endlessly, so violently.

When Gable shot a huge amount of cum into her mouth and moved away, she turned eager to see who was fucking her. She saw Cara with a huge dildo in her hands, hammering it into Lissa as Colin pummeled her in turn.

Suddenly uneasy, Lissa started to pull away, but was stopped by Gable. He bent over her and ran his tongue down her back, roughly parting her ass cheeks and tonguing her there until she came in spite of herself, heaving back onto Cara's fake dick.

Lissa was amazed at the elder woman's endurance. By the end of the evening Cara had the same rubber prick up her ass, strapped tight, and she insisted that Gable give her stripes like Lissa'.

She was lashed to the ring and lifted until her body was taut. Gable gave her one slashing strike, eliciting a shriek as she spun away. He had to have Charlie hold her steady for the second.

When he held the rod to her mouth she pulled away and spat. "I'll never do that again. Christ that hurt."

Gable looked at Lissa with a look of such admiration she blushed. She was proud that she had taken his best and come back for more. When they retired for the night, they asked him to come with them. After a glance at Thomas he agreed.

To Be Continued...


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