The Best Erotic Stories.

The Ranch Ch. IV
by C. L. Carne

Once in the room, Lissa whispered something to Gable, who nodded and stepped out for a moment.

"What are you two up to?" Colin grinned at his wife as she gave him a steamy, perusing look. "Will I like it?"

Lissa looked at his half hard prick, and smiled. "I think you'll like it."

Gable came back in and handed her a box. "Do you want me tied?"

She took him in her hands and lovingly pumped his long prick, then stopped abruptly and ordered him to stand, bent over the rail at the foot of the bed. She stalked over and picked up the same lash he had used on her. She saw both men watching her and fellated the prick shaped handle looking through her lashes as the long black phallus slipped between her soft red lips.

She took it in hand and swished it through the air. Walking to Gable she trailed the leather strings teasingly down his back, making him shiver and bark. "Quit playing!"

"Shut up!" She brought the lash down on the soft flesh of his side making him yell in surprise. Stepping behind him she swung the flail, catching him on the ass. "Count! I'm going to give you twenty-five. "

"That's too many, that's...Three."

"No, it's not! Start with ONE." She swung at his ass.

"One!" He held onto the foot of the bed, a gasp hissing through his teeth.

Colin couldn't believe that his bride could become this virago. She slashed at the big man again and again, as he bit out the numbers. Even though the sight made him incredibly aroused, Colin wondered if he could bear this abuse so well.

"AHHH! TWENTY...AHHH...FIVE." Gable was almost sobbing as she finished.

"Colin! Get over here!" Her hair hung in her eyes and she looked wild.

He stood beside Gable and took hold of the footboard. He tensed as she teased his back with the flail. She left them for a moment and when she returned, ordered him to pull his cheeks apart and bend over farther. When he didn't obey he received two quick slashes from the whip, making him shout in pain and surprise.

As he bent and did her bidding, he looked back and saw that she held a rubber snake like thing about two feet long. It was as thick as his thumb, with small egg shaped bulges every few inches. He felt something enter him, his asshole griping at the narrow indentation until she pushed another of the hard balls into him. Slowly, she inserted it until he thought he would howl with delight.

He had seen a ring on the end and she hooked her fingers though it like a leash and used it to direct him behind Gable. With her slender hands she took his prick and pressed it between the hot, reddened ass cheeks. With a sigh he leaned forward and pressed into the tight ring. Gable cried out and she thought it was his sore bottom that was the problem until he groaned. "Dry."

"Pull out, and make him wet."

"How?" Colin looked at his wife until she put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him down. He knelt and hesitantly used his tongue to lave the big mans ass. When she pulled on the ring, he stood and this time she guided him as he drove mercilessly into Gable's rectum. She bent and watched with fascination as he plowed in and out of the tiny bud of muscle that stretched and took him with such apparent ease.

The two men were breathing heavily and she ordered. "Tell me. Tell me when you're going to come."

", I'm commm..." Colin panted.

She took the ring and as Gable had instructed pulled until it slithered bump after oily bump out of her husband. His knees buckled and he had to throw his arms around Gable's chest to remain standing, a scream tearing from his throat. Gable bellowed his muscles taut as he supported Colin, who continued to pound his ass mindless of the pain he caused.

When the two men could stand, they saw her standing like some pagan goddess, naked with the whip in one hand and the 'snake' in the other. She stepped toward them and with a graceful gesture lay the tools at their feet. Lissa didn't look up as she ducked her head and whispered. "I'm ready."

To Be Continued...


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